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    Melodie Knight

    wow. sad to see i'm not the only person unhappy with results from Meritage. just moved into a home in san tan valley just over a month ago. with the virus going around everything is being put off. return calls don't really happen, excuses are now easily made and this brand new home is so cheaply made it never should have been bought. the kitchen sink has leaked since day one, now the center island cabinets will have to be replaced which means the counter top will have to be pulled up. looking at a huge mess and a huge fight to get this taken care off. the promise to have the laundry room sink and cabinets put in before move in day - never happened. everything is sitting in the garage. Backyard has so many nails in it ive been constantly picking them up on a daily basis. the stress of allowing the dogs outside is overwhelming with hoping they come back inside without anything sticking in them. The list can go on. BEWARE of this company. Things are very made very wrong. Are people working for this company really licenced??

    38 weeks, 3 days and 20 hours

    Victoria Linder

    This company is morally and ethically corrupt. Our home was built in Phoenix, Az and would never recommend this building company to any friend or family member. During the building process this company installed damaged infested wood and did what we thought was minimally required to responsibly correct the issues pertaining to the wood; Additionally, they had contractors who would drink on the job and leave there beer cans throughout the house that we intended to make a home, another contractor vomited or coughed up blood on one of our walls, and urinated in our guest bathroom on the lower level of the home and you can still smell hints of the urine because it was sitting for days before our family took notice. Heather Joy, the sales agent from the Vistancia location in Peoria was miss leading about our Ernest deposit being returned and conducted herself extremely unprofessionally during our communications with her. When speaking with our neighbors who has been in their homes ranging from 7 months to 2 years, they are all dissatisfied and some of them even regret trusting this builder to build their home. Neighbors have had electrical issues resulting in the total blackouts of their home, and have also had there air conditioning units shut down on them, because this builder doesn't build there homes ethically or responsibly and installed smaller units that don't support the homes square footage. Several homes that we have visited had massive cracks near or along structural support walls; Lastly, the design details where completely miss-communicated, from not actually having our flooring in stock, to painting our house a completely different color and my husband consistently asking for the proper number of lights being installed. If what you want is a nightmare of a home that you have to pay $300,000 - $550,000 or 1,900 to 3,100 a month and question the homes structural integrity and your kids safety, then this is the home for you. If not, there are more valuable and ethically responsibly builders out there in the valley.

    1 year, 9 weeks and 4 days

    Aggravated homeowner

    Had my home inspected prior to 1 year warranty expiration and 12 deficiencies were identified. Have contacted the warranty folks over 7 times. The items were reported 1 year and 3 months ago and not one has been fixed. Some are so simple: tuckpoint, caulk. Cannot get Meritage to fix these items. I will be seeking legal retribution. Very disappointed and aggravated.

    1 year, 19 weeks and 17 hours

    Jan Doe

    What does one got to do to get a phone call back from this company????

    1 year, 20 weeks and 48 minutes

    Jan Doe

    Do they even respond to these reviews??? You hit the nail on the head! We have had the worst **** experience ever with this company!

    1 year, 20 weeks and 17 hours

    Happy Desert Dweller

    Touring homes, drawn to Meritage because of your website and it seems you are an environmentally responsible builder. But your agent gave me a tirade on how solar & wind turbine is ruining the planet, killing eagles and bunnies, scorching the earth. Claimed my solar panels are not saving me money. Hmmm, saved me on average $150 a month last summer. I know he wanted to make your property more attractive, and I love your energy saving features, it's why I was there in the first place. But he totally turned me off. I felt like I was at a Trump rally, pure negativity and anti-climate change rhetoric. He wasn't especially friendly and I would never purchase a home from this man. He reflects badly on your company. Is this what you actually stand for? Is what you have on your website there only to get people in the door? I am thoroughly disgusted because I would most likely have purchased in the Mission Royale neighborhood. I love the neighborhood and I know from Las Vegas experience that you are a good builder. I would have enjoyed staying in Casa Grande. On to plan B.

    1 year, 27 weeks and 2 days


    To whom it may concern, my name is Shirika Suazo and we signed a contract to build a home in Preserve at mirmR lake s and the house was raking from us as we agreed to repair our credit ww had an offer letter fe pro m the loan company and the loan was still taken. I credit had been checked weekly since the beginning which caused our credit score to go down monthly. We have 12 children and since the deal was not done and the house was sold we have been requesting our r eww fund back thru our sales agent Carina Leeks who has not been helpful and does not initiate a refund supposedly until June 30, when I had been requesting this but qhe went on vacation and stated alot of homes were taken from people by meritage. Since then Mrs. Bonita has been assisting me and I am just requesting a refund and I haven't received any emails or mail from corporate concerning this matter.


    Thank you,

    Mrs Suazo

    1 year, 38 weeks and 5 days

    Meritage home buyer

    The phone number you have listed (PHONE) is no longer in service.

    1 year, 44 weeks and 5 days

    Pravin Ghael

    I bought a model home from Meritage homes in Bridges of Las Colinas in Irving, Texas. So after moving I noticed there was a water in Garage, When I complained to them they sent plumber under warranty to repair so call outside garden faucet. Apparently leak did not go away because that was not the problem. Since, then I found out that upstairs guest bath room has a leak behind the wall. Now they refused to honor warranty because it was sold model home "AS IS" To me as is means no physical changes when I bought a house. They do not even answer my letters anymore.

    1 year, 47 weeks and 2 days

    scott hogan

    Today we live in a world where salesmanship is more like "got ya" rather than genuine real caring service. And when hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake you would think honesty and transparency would win over just getting the sales numbers on the board. Meritage is a perfect example of the disconnect between corporate higher ups and the boots on the ground agents who pedal the products, in this case homes. The executives live in mansions and an opulent corporate office but have no idea the struggle regular buyers go through to save thousands for down payments or persevere to keep a job to pay the high rent. On top of that we have the Californians and Washingtonians swooping in with their millions just buying up homes like donuts and those of us who have been here 40 years wondering what is going on. My story has two parts both of which illustrate corporate greed gained through duplicity and incompetence in this company. First, we went to look at a 5 bedroom home in Zanjero Trails in Surpise and were told by the agent, Greg, that he could get it for us for $337,000 although it was listed at $347,000 because we had excellent credit and were pre qualified. and there was lots of wiggle room, as we would do the back landscaping ourselves.. It already had the upgrades installed so we couldn't change anything. Through our lender we offered $337,000 and asked for $2000 in closing costs. . Meritage countered back at $342,500 and no closing costs. We offered $345,000 and $2000 from them in closing costs. The agent claimed this was still a good deal but I well remembered his sales hyperbole that we were sure to get the $10,000 off since we were doing the back landscaping ourselves. They want to hold the buyer hostage so they will not give any closing costs if you go with an outside lender. We finally refused to accept the offer and I went back to pick up my $1000 earnest deposit check. . This begins the second part of the story. As I walked in the door two days later, another agent, agent Martin (associate of Greg) said he had a lot/house for $327,000 that had not had foundation poured......same specs as house we didn't buy at $342,000 that was ready for move in mid Dec. So we spend bizarre 2 hours looking at lot and signing a contract. At end agent realized he had made a mistake after my asking a number of questions. My wife had picked out flooring and carpet she liked, unlike the other house that had upgrades we didn't pick. If you recall from the first transaction, Meritage wouldn't budge on giving closing costs. Well what started out at $327,000 ended up at $331.500. It was a major error on Greg's part. He had not calculated the upgrades correctly and told us when we started out "The $327,000 includes the upgrades you want to pick.!". I was appalled at his incompetence as a salesman. I will go tomorrow and get my earnest money back. I'd like to call the head of Meritage and say "you have incompetent sales people working for you who care only about closing the deal but can't get the details right and make statements that don't match the final numbers." My wife was very disappointed. I left with a feeling that you are truly on your own in a new build. I almost called you but figured it was too late, about 6 pm. I generally feel customer service across all industries and services is riddled with incompetence and you are on your own when it comes to figuring things out because you will be lied to or be subject to sheer incompetence, as we were at Meritage, and there are no consequences for the sales people's actions..

    2 years, 5 weeks and 21 hours

    Candela Community

    We moved into our new home and noticed faulty tiles in our master bath. Brought it to our project manager's attention to no avail. During our one year walk through, the customer service representative acknowledged that faulty tiles were installed and recommended to have them clean as a first oprion. However, he needed approval from is supervisor. She denied the request. We had several companies to come and give use quotes and each company stated that the builder should have replaced the faulty tiles.

    We have contacted the corporate website and immediately got a response to contact the warranty office. Again no response. Meditate Homes lured us in with the exception of receiving excellent customer service. We have not received it to date. Please think twice before choosing Meditate Homes as your builder.

    2 years, 11 weeks and 3 days

    Jay Grondine

    I am writing to let you know and try to fix a problem I had with your company. I recently put a$2500.00 deposit on a house in San Antonio Texas address 8553 rolling stream ( converse texas) in which the purchase price was $260,000 and was told the mortgage was going to be around $1,500 a month so we put deposit down and was told we could pull out and receive our money back so we pursued this house with your mortgage lender and the mortgage went to $2,300 a month at this point we said this was to high of a payment to mata toro you sales guy he said no problem we could get the money back but he had some more house at a lower price so we went back and still decided not to buy we called mata toro to get refund and he said seeing we were approved for loan were not getting money back I hope you can solve the problem and reputation for I feel I was mislead to his profit for the properties were amazing but we did not feel comfortable in making that kind of payment when we were told$1,500 a month

    Sincerely Jay Grondine

    2 years, 39 weeks and 2 days