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    I am so disappointed to say the least! First of all, I purchased a 2019 Chevy Traverse, and within less than 1 year it broke down with engine/transmission problems. I could not drive my vehicle, it had to be towed, and then once Chevy serviced it, they said the issue could not be duplicated and that it was just "dirt". I didn't want the vehicle anymore, and told the dealership I wanted to trade it for a different vehicle, preferably a Suburban and one that did not have the start/stop feature. I told them from the beginning I wanted a Suburban LT, and they sold me an LS. I did not know it was an LS until just before going into financing, but they assured me I was making a good decision and that I wouldn't need all the extra features. On top of it, they sold it to me for $6000 more than what I would have paid for an upgraded LT!!!!!!! So all in all they basically rolled my Traverse into the car loan, jacking up the cost of a base price Suburban that was a loaner car with over 3000 miles on it. I have been screwed over, paying well over what the car is worth, and I'm not sure they are willing to make this right. They don't care to make the customer happy, and if something isn't resolved, I will be reporting them in many ways including to the Federal Trade Commission, consumer financial protection bureau for fraud and misleading information!!!! John Cleves regional manager, if you read the reviews.... this dealership is no good, your people should try being more honest instead of pulling a fast one and then trying to continue selling a low grade vehicle for more than it's worth!!!

    50 weeks, 4 days and 23 hours

    Richard Early

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    1 year, 10 weeks and 17 hours

    Derrick Aldinger

    Midway Chevrolet is by far the worst dealership I have ever involved myself with and I regret doing business with them everyday.. Its not just their aggressive and relentless sales strategy.. Its their service department that will quickly teach you the full meaning of disappointment.. Let me elaborate.. I get unwanted calls just about every month from someone trying to get me back into their dealership to trade in my new truck, they NEVER stop calling.. God forbid you shop around and happen to give a salesman your name and number you will get robotic calls for the rest of your life.. BUT that's not what's prompted this rant today.. The real problem, the service department, is that they can't seem to fix anything right.. Just about every time I have taken my truck for service they have failed to fix the problem and even one time damaged the windshield pillar and scratched my window tint (which they paid to replace after waiting for more than 2 months).. The last visit I had my truck was in for an oil change and a rattle in the dash.. The dash rattle they "fixed" when I had it in their for my last oil change.. They said it was fixed by putting some felt tape behind one of the panels however it did literally nothing for the rattle.. When I took it in for an oil change last Thursday I told them that the rattle had not been fixed on my last visit, they agreed to fix it this time.. I got my truck back today (Tuesday), they said they found the problem and fixed it by tightening 4 bolts under the dash.. To my surprise, not more than a mile down the road, the dash is rattling just the same as before.. I am super frustrated with not only the fact that my brand new truck sounds like **** BUT that I have to waste my time and gas, not to mention the gas in the cheap and uncomfortable loaner car to not have anything resolved.. I mean.. I have to spend gas in my truck to get them, drive the loaner back home (across town) and pay for the gas to come back as well.. I have been calling service and leaving messages, chatting with Midway on Facebook and even their online chat option to try and get someone from service to call me and make this right.. I have left 9 messages over the past 9 days and NO ONE has contacted me.. My truck is a 2018 Silverado but the dash rattles like an old beat up 1981 pickup.. I literally hate my truck and its no ones fault but Midways..!!

    1 year, 10 weeks and 1 day

    Midway Chevrolet in Phoenix I purchased a previously owned vehicle from this dealership and have been having the same problem with it since purchased. They have tried to fix it 3x and all of them were a big fail. Now it is doing the same thing and I am trying to talk to someone about this issue as it something that could endanger my children. I am getting the run around and I have no idea what to do or who to talk to. It is falling on deaf ears. I am very disappointed at this point but I cannot give up. I just need help. Purchasing a car is a big investment for me and I need my vehicle to be reliable.

    1 year, 32 weeks and 11 hours


    My fiance bought a new car from Midway chevy arrowhead in Arizona and he went sat and traded his car for a deal the salesman got him the. Signed out a down payment and went on his way. 1 week later on vacation we get a call saying they reported the car stolen because the paperwork wasn't all done. So we called and it wasn't supposedly, yet we could still keep the car and no signatures were needed. It was there end that wasn't done. Then the price/ month that was told rose over $100 then what we signed for and the interest rate rose over 15% and there was nothing they could do. I will never go back they dropped the ball and now we're car less

    3 years, 10 weeks and 1 day