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    Katelyn R

    My husband and I don't have good credit, but we are working with a company to help us get our scores up, and we have seen some improvement, however, with our identity stolen a few years ago, it's a little bit longer of a process. We have a fully paid for vehicle, that we wanted to use as a trade in. We had no money down at this time, but we are both employed, full time, and we have open, current, and in good standing checking accounts. My husband has also paid off two vehicles in the past. We stated all of this before even entering the building. Fred Ginnetti said all of this would not be a problem, and offered us to come inside to get started on the details.

    Now, let me say, I'm not upset that they couldn't get us approved, I honestly expected it. So please don't take this review as me just being disgruntled.

    During our time with Fred, in the beginning it was "No money down, not a problem", quickly turned into us being treated like scum, being shamed, like no money down would ever be an option for us. We went through a two hour process of sending bank statements, pay stubs, even looking a vehicles! Then when he got back our credit reports, he sat down and told my husband "well first problem is YOU have a re-po".(My husband has never had a re-po, we've been together since we were 14yrs old, I would know if he had a re-po) When my husband told him that, his response was "Well the reports don't lie, I dont really care what you have to say". Then turned to me and was shaming me for having things on my report that I "should just pay off". That's when I reminded him, we had our identity stolen, there are things on there that weren't us, which is why we are working with a company to dispute negative items, but the credit company is who recommended we get some positive credit on there to help increase our scores faster. He again treated us as if we were lying and scum. Then told us "because I like you, I'll let you keep the front page of your credit report, but I have to keep the rest". As if he were doing us a favor, or being a friend. Then persisted to say our car value is only $300. It's older, yes. It has some miles, yes. However, the value is far more than $300.

    We have both gone through a lot, and have overcome homelessness, and other challenges, we realize that we still have a ways to go with our credit scores, we just were trying to get an idea of just how far that was, or what we needed, in order to be able to get into a vehicle. The way we were shamed, disrespected, and talked down to was extremely demeaning. I work in customer service, and would NEVER treat people like this, no matter what the situation is. No, I may not have the credit score or money to pay your paycheck, but I have plenty of family and friends that do, and if you think that I will recommend your dealership, your sadly mistaken, ONLY due to how I was treated. How you treat people is the absolute most important thing in any business, or even just in life in general. I will take my down payment that I do have tucked away, and take my business elsewhere. Your loss.

    1 year, 1 week and 4 days

    Angel Moore

    I have worked with this location since 2010. From the beginning and every time since I was told come back in a year with on time payments and we'll refinance you for a better rate. This is never done always a reason.

    I finally upgraded last year so I received a call to come in to refinance. Pretty happy because my payment is high. I get there and put through the same horse and pony show that they can't because I was so upside down but I could refinance with Nissan by getting in a newer car. I said ok let's see. Unfortunately the payment would have gone up. My husband and I agreed we can't do that right now. This was the 17th. Gaspar and Juan contact me on the 20th asking for our paystubs again. I asked why and was told they were going to submit them to the bank because they didn't on the 17th to see if that would get the payment where we managed. I specifically asked if they were going to run my credit again and was told No. My husband thought it was pointybut gave in. I sent them and by the end of the day we were hit with numerous credit inquiries dropping our credit scores drastically. When we were there we confirmed we were only trying to be refinanced by NMAC so wasn't sure why it was sent to other banks anyway. We were just going to wait until we moved and could get a good down payment and come back in a couple months for the vehicle I wanted. Now, after working with midway Nissan since 2010 and 2 great cars, I won't be doing business with them anymore. This had just impacted us because we have been doing great with our credit and brought it up a lot and now it's like starting over again. Very disappointing

    2 years, 15 weeks and 5 days

    Un happy customer

    I was happy with my vehicle at first. When it came down to getting my tags it was horrible. They were very un professional. The tags they sent did not match my registration, I kept getting the run around from multiple managers. I don't know how they got to be managers in the first place. They were rude and of course I was rude back and frustrated. Four days away from my tags expiring and multiple promissedyof we'll call you back two days ago. The managers don't answer their phones. They are just like used car dealers once they sell you a vehicle they don't care about you. Never will do business with this company again.

    3 years, 12 weeks and 5 days

    Richard Jordan

    Yes I would like to write a review on how I am displeased with Midway Nissan since 2014 of the year that I bought my versa from them I was told that I would receive $500 for every referral and I yet received anything every time that I've referred someone and they purchased the vehicle there was always some excuse of the reason for me not to receive what I was told now granite I was financed through Nissan acceptance and I will admit I was late a few times but when I was told what I needed to do to make that right and I could refinance or get a new vehicle it's always that my credit is too low or had to put down a large amount of money I'm not too upset about that but what I am upset about his I never received the money I was told that I would receive and this is the 4th time I have my daughter come in and purchase a vehicle and I was told that I received my $500 and I received nothing again plus I co-signed for and I was told that it would not affect me in getting a vehicle that was a lie same excuse from the past and if that doesn't beat all I was told that if I made all my payments for the 12 months and not late my percentage rate would go down well I haven't been late and that's a lie so if anybody ask me about Nissan I'm definitely not going to give a good rating anymore or refer anyone because they're not true to their word

    3 years, 23 weeks and 1 day