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    Marjorie Sonneborn

    This company is the worst. They hang up on you when you tell them something they don't like. The try to charge you a security hold that is more then the value of the device you have. I'm very upset with this company right now.

    27 weeks, 2 days and 19 hours


    This Companies customer service is TERRIBLE ! spent hours on the phone calling.. No one speaks English

    and you can not get to a supervisor. I will never buy another PRODUCT OF THIS COMPANY.

    1 year, 23 hours and 56 minutes

    To:Joe Norton your Moto E5play phones are not good phones im not happy with this **** it's like having a hunting dog that want hunt.....yours truly.. Old Country Man.....

    1 year, 4 weeks and 4 days

    Pissed off customer

    I started new service with cricket wireless and I noticed with in a couple months my phone was having issues. The screen would freeze and I could no longer use it. It has gotten to the point that when I try to send a text it will only allow me to type a couple letters if at all. I have to turn the screen off and then turn it back on. Type a couple more letters and do it again till the message is complete. I have other issues with it but this has made the phone to where I can not use it to do anything. I use my phone for work so it has effected my job. I have been trying to get this fixed or replaced for over 6 months. I have been jerked around and hung up on time and time again. They told me I could take it to a retail store but it had to be at an authorized location . The closest one is a 12 hour drive from me or I could send the phone in and they would fix it and send it back. This could take up to a couple weeks. My last option is to pay them a deposit and they will send one to me and then I send in the defective phone back to them. The first time I asked about this option the told me $125. I didn't have the money. So when I got the money and called back they changed amount to $175 plus shipping. I paid it today because my 1 year warranty is almost up and I have no choice. I am sick of cricket and Moto. I will never buy another Moto again. I bought one a few years ago and had a couple small issues with it but overall I liked it. This time it has gone to far. I am filling complaints with the BBB as well as FTC on cricket as well as Moto. I hope you all do the same as well. If they get enough complains with the FTC and BBB then a class action lawsuit can be filed. This needs to be done.

    P.S. To all the other people writing complaints. PLEASE proof read your complaint before you post it. I can not believe how bad the spelling and grammar is. I may not have perfect grammar but at least everyone can understand what I am trying to say. How do you expect anyone to take you serious if you cant even spell serious. lol

    1 year, 6 weeks and 2 days

    Jim Britt

    I bought a Motorola G7 plus phone about 6 months ago went back to my mobile provider what is having problems with the phone in one of the program's preventing it performing like it should the microphone was not working properly I found out it was because of this program that Motorola has on their G7 do some research I personally did anyway my provider told me my phone was under warranty and that they would give me an order me a new one through Motorola I received the phone which happened to be a reconditioned G7 that is room worst condition in the phone that I bought brand new was they are telling me that's how Motorola guarantees their product if you have something that goes bad under warranty they send you a piece of **** reconditioned foam to replace it I'm going to file a complaint with the FTC next week about this and I hope other consumers will follow suit and filed a grievance with the FTC also is wrong to replace a product that is under warranty with a a reconditioned product that was not working properly to begin with I'm very disappointed in product and your service

    1 year, 7 weeks and 4 days


    I have the same issue. I was told they would fix it then after it was sent in they treated like **** and just sent my broken phone back.

    1 year, 9 weeks and 4 days

    im trying to access ur information and its telling me web pg unavailable

    1 year, 9 weeks and 4 days


    *** Remember when,

    Cube yid head Regis Philbin of the "everyone wants to be a millionaire" TV gawk show apparently complained that there are too many male honkies grabbing off the goodies. That's the same complaint we've been hearing for years - about everything - and the solution is simple. Rig the show like it has been for years in education, job promotion, grants, special rights, etc. Weez all ekills ain't us?

    1 year, 26 weeks and 3 days

    I have a problem with the warranty policy I do not like the fact that I am being treated like a criminal when it comes to your phones. There seems to be no problem with the collection of my money for my bill. But I have to put down $ to receive a replacement phone from the battery running hot. And things turning on and off on there own. Someone contact me at this number (PHONE) urgently .

    1 year, 26 weeks and 3 days

    William S. James

    Dear Motorola,

    I was disappointed to read recently that your company will no longer be supporting the Z2 through Z4 line of phones. I have owned all three of them Z2 the Z3 and the Z4 (current).

    I was looking forward to continually trading up. The idea of using mods to boost performance and variability of features is a very good idea! I believe the reason you are having difficulty in increasing and, or maintaining your sales objectives is not a result of the concept of self, but rather your lack of taking the concept to the limits! When the phone company Huawei can produce a zoom feature on a single phone that is 50 times the norm, it's hard to understand how a camera that is a mod could not perform as well. That add-on camera should also be a 360 camera, excetera.

    I also am wondering why you only use 16 pins for your moto mods. I would have loved to have seen a phone that had 512 pins.

    I once read that the famous mathematician Andrey Nikolaevich Kolmogorov proved that a neural network of approximately 500 neurons could calculate just about anything in the universe. (I think I read this in a book by Patricia Churchland.) My point is that by using 512 pins you would have been able to significantly extend the functionality of the Z-Force line.

    It has been my experience that in life, you tend to get what you pay for and that under buying can be very expensive in the long run.

    Thank you

    William James

    1 year, 27 weeks and 3 days


    I have issue with my new motor g7 power it's less then three weeks old i bought the screen protector suppose to be unbreakable but it's not my phone was dropped off the couch to the carpeted floor less then two feet and shattered the screen the protector is in harmed I paid good money for this phone I expected it to be durable Verizon's won't take back because screens cracked and if u can't make people stand good by your products u shouldn't sell them phones these days cost more then our cars and I am have cancer and I work real hard I can't afford a new phone it won't work right because screens cracked so I'm paying a bill on a phone I can't use and no one will do anything about it Laura Neal (PHONE)

    1 year, 28 weeks and 2 days

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    1 year, 29 weeks and 5 hours

    Paying customer

    So I have to make eye contact with my phone in order for it to stay on. Not very practical when I'm out in the field and I need to set it down momentarily. Send out an update with a screen time-out option for the settings app that can be downloaded and installed permitting the phone to stay on without me having to make eye-contact with her.....

    1 year, 41 weeks and 5 days


    My Moto 3z stopped working after a month and a half. I contacted Motorola support and was told to return my faulty unit. They told me that a new phone would be sent out as soon as mine arrived and that I should receive it within 4 business days. I could see that my phone arrived at their Texas facility on Mart 8th 2019. By March 19th I had not received a new unit nor any communication from support. I called and was told that something had gone wrong but that they had replacement units in stock and would expedite shipping. I received no confirmation email on the 20th of March, so I called again. This time I was given some story about bad weather in China where the factory was located and that it would take several weeks to receive a new shipment. I did not want to wait that long so the rep I spoke with told me that I would be refunded my money once I sent a copy of my receipt to him. I did so at once but since the phone was put on the Verizon payment plan, it showed 0 dollars. In the email that sent I asked if this receipt was adequate. I checked for a reply on March 21st but none was there.

    Communication and service from Motorola was far from what I expect of a vendor.

    I also react to the heavy accents of most of the reps I spoke with.

    1 year, 49 weeks and 3 hours

    Ray Jeschke

    Have recorded phone calls and texts virgin mobile is claiming defective motorola is claiming virgin mobile is selling there phones illegally i have tried returning them asking for replacement and all the while no one will do anything but blame the next in line for responsibility and tell me thanks for your money sorry for your loss $270 gone while both companies say just hand us more we will see if your gable with us pays out this time. This is looking like bad leadership and a very poor investment of time, money and worst of all serious lack of trust

    1 year, 50 weeks and 2 days

    Ryan Chesmore

    Contact sprint corporate office first....If they refuse to do anything for you, then file a federal lawsuit in your area...You can get the fees for going to court waived if you are indigent

    2 years, 1 week and 5 minutes

    Ryan Chesmore

    You have the right under federal and state laws to get them to repair your phone or replace it underneath the federal warranty laws and state uniform commercial code that every state has adopted

    2 years, 1 week and 10 minutes


    G6 sometimes works. There is really no one to talk to. Phone was replaced 0nce but no better than before.

    No corporate email phone #, or heart!

    2 years, 1 week and 4 days


    I purchased G5s unlocked phone at Moto.com

    Withing 3 weeks a lot of problems including power up issues, returned phone, replacement arrived again same issues, spoke w/technician

    Begged phonr be checked before sending same problems again, contacted customer serviced demanded full refund ANSWER: No refund, basically 3 phones withing 3months of puchase and I incurred additional cost , activation fees my carrier and shipping fees. initial delivery loved phone recommeded to a lot of people had planned on buying two more holiday gifts, now hell no , HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE LOST A LOT OF MONEY ! MOTOROLA EMPLOYEES YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF WORKING FOR MOTOROLA !

    2 years, 14 weeks and 2 days


    Agree having exact same problem here and now!!!

    2 years, 16 weeks and 1 day

    Pissed off customer

    Yes I got a phone from Sprint and place I got it from refuse to replace it and I purchased it I hate 3 days and realize that it never made a sound or rain or anything I just been texting and just too busy didn't notice well no one seems to want to help me with this at all I love Sprint I came back to Sprint this phone is only one month old and I've tried to reach out to your place to get it repaired no one wants to repair they want me to send it to them and wants me to pay I'm not sending anything I've already read up on how things get lost I shouldn't have to pay for a phone that I've already paid for it I shouldn't have to pay for it again I've got a really bad taste for Motorola for Sprint and where I purchased the phone the phone is paid off a zero balance and you guys even won't send me a phone that doesn't have a lock on it Sprint pay that phone off because it didn't work and to get me to come back now and already having to argue with them now I'm arguing with you all over your broken device I've asked for a mediation on this dispute and no one still wants to get back to me I will get social media and everyone I can involved in this I want my money back or I want a phone replaced for this one it's a Moto 4 e

    2 years, 27 weeks and 1 day

    This is Douglas Dean Crawford a Motorola specialist by the name of John contacted me at my home and. Every app on my phone and now my phone don't work properly I'm calling her friend and I get an answer from someone in India I don't know nobody in India someone's going to place my phone are I'm calling my lawyer I've already called my lawyer thank you very much Motorola specialist you couldn't fix my

    2 years, 29 weeks and 6 days

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    2 years, 30 weeks and 6 days

    Patrice Horton

    Sadly I was forced to purchase a new phone. The Verizon store I went to was no help looking at phones. I purchased the Moto Z2 Play mostly because of the cost. I picked it up at the Verizon store. I HATE this phone but I'm stick with it for two long years! It's too big for small hands. Loved my Droid mini - hate this one. Unless Motorola has a smaller one in 2 years I'll be looking for a different make

    2 years, 38 weeks and 4 days


    Jackie, I have been a Motorola user for over 30 years. My first cellphone was a Motorola bag phone. In general I have had good service with my phones. I bought a Motorola moto g4 and it has given me problems I have tried for over a year to get the problems resolved and to no avail. now the phone isn't working at all. I am still making payments on a phone I cant use. I believe that I got a defective phone when I bought it. I am very disappointed. was told that for $125. they would send me a new one. REALLY. I still have 2 moto g phones that are fine so I am sure it was defective from the beginning. Very disappointed.

    2 years, 47 weeks and 22 hours