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    Ronald Cameron
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    Cody Harold works at mountaire farms Siler City North Carolina and he's a registered **** offender 20 years old taking pictures of 13 year old little girls

    39 weeks, 21 hours and 25 minutes


    (URL) works as a second shift manager for white meat suppose we to minors work in the building too.

    39 weeks, 21 hours and 27 minutes


    The lumber bridge office and their management team horrible they all have bad Attitudes and everyone not punished by rules established by company. When comes to firing employees for sleeping

    With each other they

    Cover for some but not all. Their management team and HR sends certain individuals after employees report them and they are fully

    Aware she's sleeping with different men and they do nothing

    To her as a supervisor she became a supervisor may and was sleeping with employees am even they were sneaking around in parking they thought placing

    Her on night shift was going work and

    Didn't they still sneak

    To be with her but any other supervisor they let go and fired so why do take her for her.

    Everyone aware who she sleeps with

    Now and nothing was done and they advised they don't care so if your going enforce rules needs be enforced and everyone needs to be punished she's slept with all many ppl out there but that's what you want to keep on your management staff Just nasty D Smith your day will come

    43 weeks, 6 days and 31 minutes

    Mountaire in Siler City NC is prison and slavery. There's so much unfairness and prejudice going on it's sickening. Management talk to you in ways they wouldnt speak to their own child and we're all adults. Management needs training on communication, leadership skills and interpersonal skills. Eliza in HR is so unfair and prejudice. If you're not of her race then you dont stand a chance. She bend over backwards and bend the rules for some amd everyone else she folliws the rules and quick to fire them. Without warning or a second chance. The workers are very unsatisfactory unsanitary. Use the bathroom and don't wash their hands, come from outside smoking onto the floor and don't wash their hands, everyine entering the floor should wash hands. Using PPE that's not clean. Example taking gloves into the bathroom and going back on the floor to work with those same gloves. Maybe a surprise visit will be good because when management know you're coming ohhhhh EVERYBODY walks on egg shells and TRY to do what's right!

    1 year, 2 weeks and 8 hours

    Our vehicles are being hit in the parking lot even though we have cameras they claim the can't see anything. We work hard to pay for our vehicles to get to work just to have them damage while at work.. Can y'all please upgrade the cameras. Thanks in advance.. Lumber Bridge Mountaire

    1 year, 24 weeks and 2 days


    I agree 100% , very well put

    2 years, 15 weeks and 23 hours

    Mountaire is a great place to work but when it comes to being fair and actually listening to problems you may face on the job the head people in charge talk at you and not to you. Everyone has a voice and should be given the opportunity to be heard. With that being said all leads and upper managements needs to take classes on how to speak, inner act and manage employees. In order to be a successful company it takes dedication, determination and hard work which comes from both you and your employees.

    2 years, 17 weeks and 14 hours

    J.H. Huber

    Ronald, my name is Huber and I had occasion to observe the sludge removal operation at Millsboro Del. Having worked on huge drainage projects removing fly ash for the Tennessee Valley Authority, I don't think I've ever seen a so-called 'contractor' in my career making such a mess with so little headway. They're uncoordinated and what appears to no direction toward a fruitful end. Are they a bunch of farmers thrown together to make an appearance to DENREC?? If so they and you will be ran out of the St. of Del. If you know what 'throwing good money after bad' means then you need to channel some of it toward competent construction management because what they're doing is going to bite you in the **** and have to be DONE OVER. Thanks for your time in exposing this Chinese fire drill. JH Huber

    2 years, 22 weeks and 6 days