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    Reed Hastings please read this. I sent one of my books to the corp. office in Los Gatos this morning for them to consider my true life story for a movie. Seeking Rainbows End True life story about me from 5 years old until now and I am 70 years old now!!! Can you forward this email to whoever would make a decision on turning my true life story into a major motion picture. 100% of it is absolutely true.
    It's only been on Amazon for 90 days and I already have 30 five-star reviews and on Barnes & Noble I have eight five-star reviews with nothing less than five-star reviews on Barnes & Noble or Amazon.
    I've been told by several people that read my book that it needs to be turned into a major motion picture. I've already copyrighted so if you would have somebody get back to me would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
    "During an attempted robbery of my jewelry in 1991 at Los Angeles international Airport, I was stabbed and almost died. I needed six units of blood to stabilize my condition. I insisted on being released permanently from the hospital so that I could attend an NBA game including my favorite team, the Golden State Warriors."Why waste the season tickets? So begins the memoir of Aly Bruner, an avid entrepreneur who never liked playing it safe. As a boy he took great glee in shooting BBs twice into the Fanny of an adult family member who had harmed a sparrow. In elementary school his success enterprises forced the principal to shut him down so that his classmates would stop spending their lunch money on his tasty snacks. Later, when he was humiliated by high school jock twice his size, Bruner didn't hesitate to take revenge on his nemesis the cause-and-effect of nature of karma. Early success in the diamond trade fueled Bruner's joy of supporting charitable causes and expanding his fund as a prankster, thrill seeker, treasure hunter and champion race car driver. Bruner's insatiable appetite for high stakes living saw him daring highway patrolman to catch him as he sped down a California two lane highway in his Ferrari. An ugly divorce inspired him to pay his wife's attorney by dumping 17,000 one dollar bills on a conference room table. If the rest to find a legacy that took Bruner around the world buying antiques, selling art and making deals that made grown men cry, they also took their toll. When Bruner began to suffer the effects of post traumatic stress disorder he left California to seek a more peaceful way of life in Idaho. Yet his compassion for others took him on another journey in 2011 when he and his wife Nancy Del Colletti, founded a coed dual diagnosis facility that provides treatment for people suffering from drug, alcohol, and co-occurring psychological conditions. Rainbow"s End Recovery Center. My email address is (EMAIL)
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