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    Yea when we get Old Navy donations cloth we throw them in ben and pass them .cheap made ,walmart clothes are better .

    3 years, 5 weeks and 2 days

    They said I missed a payment in September. I have a email that I save and they charged unconfirmed it was a payment then I go back and lock and they charged my payment to Old Navy. I can't send the email I got. But you should be able to see it. I never missed a payment.My number is (PHONE2)139612 old navy card my phone # is (PHONE). I have been on the phone all day. And now my old Navy app will not let me pay. Please help

    3 years, 15 weeks and 6 days

    Why in the world would your company employ a gay man use in your commercials...thats represents you kids clothes....I am going to press this issue all over...the internet....its not fair to kids to see a man in drag....its sad that your company would even go down this VERY negative road....This lifestyle is for adults to choose....not kids.....This is VERY WRONG....PLS THINK ABOUT THIS ....GET READY FOR A BATTLE...I DO LIKE YOUR STORES...

    3 years, 15 weeks and 6 days

    I am quite disappointed in the material used to make the Men's soft washed thermal long sleeves in present day. In 2018 they were made with 59% cotton 40% polyester and 1% spandex. Since 2019 - present they are now made with 59% cotton 39% polyester and 2% spandex. This very minute change is actually a huge difference in the feel. The former material for these shirts were thick and the latter material make them very thin. Thermal is supposed to be warm not cool. I live in Michigan and we have very cold winters. This year is supposed to be bad, lots of snow from December 2020-February 2021 and very cold. I've had to resort to buying men's thermal shirts at Gap which I don't like bc the sleeves are slightly shorter than Old Navy and they are 100% cotton which is little thicker than the latter material used to make the thermal shirts at Old Navy, but I like the men's clothing at Old Navy better. I am a female with long arms and a long torso as I am 5"11" and men's clothing is the only winter clothing I can wear.
    Please please can you go make to making the soft washed thermal longs sleeves to 59% cotton, 40% polyester and 1% spandex or however you can make the thicker?

    3 years, 16 weeks and 1 day

    I accidentally placed an order on Old Navy.com and immediately tried to cancel this order by online chat and was told by Carlos he can not help me. I then telephoned customer service and spoke to Ross who also claimed he can not cancel the order because the order number I was provided apparently does not show up on there system. I was told by Russ to try my call later and then he rudely and abruptly hung up on me. I have been an Old Navy customer for 21 plus years and never was treated so morally outrageous, disgraceful and disrespectful. I certainly will never shop here again.

    3 years, 16 weeks and 2 days