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    Just went to PJ's to pick up in NC (where there's been a mask mandate for a while). All 3 team members not wearing a mask while preparing and boxing food. When i yelled (politely, never cursed, just loud to be heard over the pizza ovens) from the door to "PLEASE bring out my food since no one is wearing a mask", i was told not to talk to them like that or i wouldn't get anything. I Have it all on video. Also one of the members (the who didn't have the mask on at all, the other 2 had it below their chins) walked outside to his nissan 370, got something out and tossed his hands up at me when i left. so they are trying to intimidate and fight me, because I asked "Can you PLEASE BRING MY FOOD OUT.." VIDEO COMING SOON, I WANT MY MONEY BACK AND AN APOLOGY...

    3 years, 17 weeks and 1 day