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    Michael Tucker
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    fred bamborough

    I have been subcontracted to this company for the past three years,, parker Hannifin team valley trading estate, Gateshead, u.k, all I have to say about this company, is they have **** management, never thinking about the feelings like myself, have, I work as gateman, security, signing in and out all vechicles to the site, also when doing nightshift, we monitor,, all machines which are on test, then we found out from a factory operative, that they were doing away with security, if that's loyality, then this company stinks, and I would,nt even buy a screw off them, the employees were even this year, all given a free xmas dinner, not security we don,nt even get a merry xmas or a card, parker wants to remember that, that if we did,nt monitor the gate, i.e traffic control, nothing would get done, I myself being a ex armed forces, having done eighteen years, blown up, losing the sight in one eye, fought against my medical disgharge, and won, stayed in the army,, seven years later, shot in the legs, a few years later took well had to take early demob from the army, hence the government we had, saving money the papers said, ****,, just like parker hannifin

    5 years, 47 weeks and 2 days