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    We drove our truck in and now can't drive it out!!!!! This guy tells us it takes hours for a diagnostic test...we had one on the truck but took it to this place and now...they damaged the truck more and now we just want it back and they should pay the tow to our home since they did more damage....we will not take our Ministry van back to this place or any pep boys.

    Good Customer service is vital!!!!

    20 weeks, 6 days and 10 hours

    D Randall Back

    Around 5:30pm I purchased a great deal of parts and consumables from the Pep Boys on RT 202 in Wilmington, DE . After today's purchase I was about to leave 5 gallons of waste oil. as we consulted with the tech in the first stall he was most unfriendly and called us out stating we could only leave 2 gallons per person. He was most stern and unfriendly and stated that the this policy was the directive of the area representative. Wow, I suppose Pep Boys doesn't do much customer training, his attitude equated to a 1/2 star at best. So my wife and I left with the remaining bottled oil when we witnessed the technician reinstalling the customer's engine oil drain plug with an impact gun. Apparently the techs are not well trained in customer service nor proper too use. Even my wife too notice. Good news is Advance auto 5 miles north (just before (Rt1) is friendly and accepts 5 gallons of oil at a time and the automotive professionals we friendly and excellent, and they gained a new customer today, Bye bye pep boys....seems like the management does't care

    21 weeks, 3 days and 17 hours

    Jeff W

    Visited a Pep Boys store just around the corner from me in Atlanta Georgia Piedmont Road. Took my car in to have oil and filter change as well as tire rotation and pressure check because of warning light sensors on my dashboard. About 10 minutes into my drive I noticed that the tire pressures on each tire steel read below standard level all tires had a PSI of 30 and below when I took the car back and explained the problem. It technician look at my car gave me back the keys and said there was no warnings. When I spoke to the service manager he explained to me that it was a minor detail and do the covid his store was down 10 technicians and they still had 50 cars to go that is the wrong approach for customer satisfaction it's a problem would have been solved in the beginning then I would be satisfied with their service now I am sending corporate a letter of my dissatisfaction and refused to visit that location ever again

    22 weeks, 2 hours and 4 minutes

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    22 weeks, 2 days and 53 minutes

    Coronavirus promoter

    I was in pep boy in a Baldwin NY. The guys that work there are very nice. However they are leasing out a section of they're building to hertz. The people working for this company were NOT wearing masks. I asked the gentleman if he would please put on a mask, he pretended he did not hear me. I took a picture of him. Then ive minutes later he yells at me telling me you better not take my picture. I told him the law in NY IS TO WEAR A MASK!!! I told both of the guys who work for Pep Boys that those guys are not wearing their masks. Their response to me was it's a different company. I don't get it!, I will no longer put my life in harms ways by going into that building

    22 weeks, 2 days and 5 hours

    Beverly parr

    The service is terrible going on 4 transmissions in and out the shop for 3 month and the same thing they can't get it right we spent over 3,000 dollars and have no faith in there work ur company is a joke and they still have my Jeep and won't tell me nothing have no faith in your company

    22 weeks, 2 days and 7 hours


    I went to pep boys on Military Hwy Norfolk Virginia and paid for a service in which they never touched my car after sitting there for almost 5 days all they did was spray paint to check for leak which they never did because I bought it somewhere else and it was fixed in a day Manager Mike Anderson lied and technicians.

    23 weeks, 2 days and 6 hours

    Christina hitt

    Omggggg me too..but started out from getting ac fixed...900.00 to overfilling with oil ...now oil leaking to pan gasket....to nope oil still leaking after 300.00 charge for gasket to 250.00 new oil pan didn't change with gasket because they knocked a dent out????????? Thinking that would help and now it's worse pouring out oil and they say sending unit is 600.00

    24 weeks, 6 days and 10 hours


    I realize that the accepted standard of the day has fallen to atrocious levels in the last 10-20 years or so, so many of you may not find this any different than your experiences here. I have generally had good service with my local store / service center, nothing has ever failed after they have worked on it, but their service, or should I say a lack thereof is what I am not happy about, and will remedy that by never going there again. I took my truck in for a wheel alignment after a lift was installed, simple operation, so I made an appointment, no problem I said. Well when I took it in, 15 minutes early they said it would be about 2 hours to do as they still had not gotten to the 2 o'clock and 2:30 appointments as yet. WTF? Are they seriously that poorly managed and or do their staff not understand time and resource management, well apparently not. But I had to relent as I needed this within 3 days after the lift and could not secure one within that time frame. I will be emailing the manager and the corporate offices as well, because I live in a fairly small town and there is way too much cronyism and incompetence to insure that the problem will be handled properly.

    25 weeks, 4 days and 22 hours


    While I understand the need to turn a profit, This company is borderline criminally negligent in the callous disregard they have for the Abuse that their employees report to them. I was yelled at and called stupid and worthless numerously I was under so much stress by this manager and fear that I had a miscarriage. Not only is this man still employed with the company but he is treated like a rock star and nobody including my area director took my complaints and concerns seriously. I put in my 2 week notice I left 2 days shy of my 2 week notice because I was tired of being yelled at and demeaned. I have since been banned from returning to this company even though it wasn't the company I had a problem where there was the abusive tyrant of a manager. Perhaps if Pep Boys dealt with these problems they wouldn't have such a turn over rate I should be able to come back to work for a company that I enjoyed working for. But I don't get to do that because this tyrant is treated like a rock star and my abuse is treated like an annoyance that they just want to go away. Everybody else I worked with was like family, it truly broke my heart to leave and I miss them very much but since I couldn't count on anyone having my back I've now been casted out and I'm not able to return because of it.

    25 weeks, 6 days and 22 minutes


    Please fix your website. I have had good experiences at my local store on Northlake Blvd, but your website is often not working. Today, I am unable to schedule an appointment for service.

    26 weeks, 1 day and 10 hours


    26 weeks, 3 days and 5 hours

    my name is Ronald Copeland I went to a local Pep Boys in Fort Walton Beach I probably live only four blocks from there previously I taken three other vehicles to have work done and I was happy with the results this time I felt like I was ripped off an overcharged for things that weren't done! On on the other occasions that I went to Pep Boys I was treated very fairly and told what the cost would be before any thing was done to my vehicle! I went in the end the night before and left my vehicle I talked to the woman about just getting new plugs and wires done she gave me an estimate on a 94 Toyota Corolla of $200 so the next morning I get a call at 7:25 in the morning stating that they didn't know exactly what I was having done to the vehicle so I explain to this woman everything that was being done and that I had an estimate of $200 so she said we'll look let me look this up and somehow the estimate was wrong so she said no it's $295 I told her that's fine go ahead and put the new plugs and wires in about an hour later a call come again that I needed a new distributor and cap the estimate went up to $350 and I asked them if it was running still running rough and I was told no we fixed it the only other issue she said was asking me if the gas gauge worked and being that I just bought the vehicle I knew it had issues with the instruments on the dash but I wasn't sure about the gas I bought this off my roommate and he told me the night before that he had filled it up with gas so needless to say I was confused about this situation and was explained to me that I needed to bring a 2 gallon of gas so I could get the vehicle home because they said that every time you hit a bump it would go off and motor would stall! so I asked if the vehicle was done and they proceeded to tell me yes it was so I go down there and the next thing I know it's $447 and some odd cents! now mind you it's $247 from the first time that I got an estimate was the amount that I had to pay to pick it up I couldn't go into the garage because of the Cove It **** and the mechanic tried to put the gas into my vehicle as I stood and watched him pour it down the side of my vehicle I realized that the tank was full so I asked him why didn't the gas fit if the gas tank was empty he said that he didn't understand that either that when he tapped on the tank it sounded empty so after much frustration I decided to take it to the gas station down the road and I put $0.63 and it before it turned off needless to say they had no idea what was wrong with my vehicle and they had no idea how to fix it I spent $447 and never fix the vehicle I would like to have my money back because I can't even drive the vehicle to another place now because of what was done to the vehicle it's just a huge paper weight at this point

    26 weeks, 6 days and 2 hours

    Dana Milligan

    I use to work at Pepboys at 1223 Ringwood ave in Wanaque nj I had a manager get in my face swearing at me and I made a report to Jamie cradle at Human Resources and I also made a report to the general manager about this and nothing was done so I continued being harassed and just recently they told me to come back to work and so I did for two days and on my day off the gm manager ray kept calling me to tell me he needed me to come in to work so I did and when I got there I was told I was terminated so I feel something needs to be done about this

    27 weeks, 4 days and 8 hours


    I ordered a steering wheel cover through your website. I was not given the option to have it delivered to my residence. Then they cancelled my order. Nothing was explained so I contacted the lical store and was told that they don't receive merchandise at the stores. I was totally frustrated at this point so I bought one on Auto Zone website.

    29 weeks, 11 hours and 38.43 seconds

    J. Dalton Greene

    CONCORD PIKE, Wilm.DE Store: Customer Service Failure JUNE 2020.

    Walked into store, ordered 4 tires, made appointment for mounting and balance. On the appointment date, service writer could not find my appointment. Then he kept asking for my name over and over (??? couldn't find me in the computer)

    Then, he finds the tire order and tells me they were ordered, but they have not arrived.

    Multiple failures here. This created a problem for the customer----could NOT TELL ME when the tires would arrive??

    PRIMARY ISSUE: unskilled service writers, communication failure, management responsibility for training employees

    Employees not accountable for mistakes that result in financial damages to company

    What role does the manager have with the employee compromises a customer experience??

    $700+ SALE and service compromised

    This store location has huge potential.


    I drove to the Goodyear Tire Store in Claymont DE 30 minutes later

    they gave me a better deal--installed the 4 new tires, free mount and balance. DONE

    29 weeks, 1 day and 7 hours


    0 stars pepboys sucks donkey balls

    30 weeks, 2 days and 5 hours


    i am very disappointed with the service that i received from the Pep Boys service department at store location 2500 Arden way, Sacramento, Ca. Store #753. The service Manager David Randell is very unprofessional, rude, provided terrible customer service and should find another career. Here is my story: on 05/30/20 i went to pep boys store#753 to purchase & have 4 brand new tires installed on my vehicle. the tires were installed within a few hours and I left and went home. on 06/11/20 i went to do laundry and when driving to the laundromat my drive there felt shaky like something was wrong with my tire. i pulled over and noticed my rear driver side tire was flat. I immediately went to the gas station and re-filled the tire to the correct air pressure and went home. when i woke up and went to get in my car on 06/12/20 I noticed the driver side rear tire was flat again. So I back to put air in the tire and drove straight to Pep Boys store #753 to get the tire checked. After the service dept. checked the tire they advised the tire had 2 small nails in it and it would need to be replaced. i was advised they didnt have any more of my tires in stock and could not get it replaced until saturday 06/13/20 and they would call me when the tirre arrived so i could come have them install it on my car. So they kept my tire & rim and put my spare doughnut tire on my vehicle and then i left. On saturday 06/13/20 i stayed home all day waiting for a phone call until about 3:30 p.m.. Since i didnt hear from David in the service department i decided to call him and check the status of my tire replacement. After 4 attempts to reach the service department David finally answers and I identify who i am and my reason for calling when David said he was going to put me on hold and call his driver to see where my tire was at. after being on hold for a few minutes the call was disconnected so i called back and someone named Eric picked up the phone and put me on hold again and never came back to the line. I drove to the store only to find service manager helping another customer. there was no attempt by David to call me back after our call was disconnected and he continued helping others and ignored my call for help. When i asked David why he didnt call me back he responded and said that i hung up on him and why didnt i call him back, which i did. i asked him why he didnt call me to come get my tire and David tells me that he has been busy all day and had not had time to check on the status of my tire. then i asked David where is my tire and he then tells me in a very abrupt tone it wont be here until Monday 06/15/20. i asked David why he didnt call me and tell me that. David then tells me he was trying to call me but again he was to busy. his voice was loud, firm, aggressive and very upset. he was rude and unhelpful. I will never use this location again. Buyer beware!!!!

    30 weeks, 5 days and 23 hours


    No wonder the El Centro California store is closing. Their customer service. Sucked and I stopped shopping there after many years of going. So sad I had another bad experience the other day at the store that reminded me of why I don't go.... after spending over $300(50%) they couldn't even get the **** receipt from the register. The problem is I had already paid for it, and they would not let me leave with my merchandise. I had to call my bank to stop the payment process because you was a point-of-sale with a pin number.. I called the store manager who I dealt with at the store, to give him a **** chewing on the phone. His demeanor sucked. I get it, they're closing. But **** it dude, you're in retail business I know I will see you again somewhere else, it's a small Valley. I had been going to AutoZone for that reason, their personal services are way better. Hey Pep Boys, work on your customer service, and you will get many of us back.

    31 weeks, 1 day and 34 minutes

    No Pep

    My cig lighter was not working, should be simple fix..made an appointment for diagnostic in Cicero,NY location, which is 1 1/2 hrs away and earlier in morning than I wanted to go, but I did; after waiting a week. After waiting 2 hrs, they tell me I would have to go to electrical place because it wasn't the lighter. The place they suggested had a wait of 3 wks for appointment. Meanwhile I cant charge any devices in vehicle and had planned to go on trip. I found a place that looked it over in one week, They found it wasn't electrical and it was the lighter itself. So, all this could have been solved 2 wks ago!! They didn't charge me; but whats the point of doing business with a company that sends you away with a misdiagnosis!? Now I call for customer service and get no answers. Now I know why I always thought this company was a joke and had never done business with them before.

    31 weeks, 1 day and 4 hours

    Denise E

    I would like to acknowledge Richie at Pep Boys store #120...

    After taking my car in for a simple repair, it turned out not to be so simple. I immediately started stressing by trying to come up with alternative suggestions that would better suit my need, so that I wouldn't miss work the following day. Little did I know 5mins later, Richie had the best idea in that moment and solved my problem immediately. I appreciate him for going above and beyond, for customer satisfaction. Some may think , this isn't a big deal. To me it is, considering I had a horrible experience 2 months prior at another pep boys location. Where I was double charged because I was a healthcare worker. I say this because, the guy said , I can afford it since I work at the hospital and we were very busy, because of the Co-vid 19.

    Thank you Richie for being my angel on May 31,2020 and reminding me, good people still exist.

    32 weeks, 5 days and 5 hours

    Jeff H

    I have been a loyal customer for 30 plus years and I am really sad to see you closing stores and going out of business. I have been watching the inventor disappear service becoming weaker by the day. It has been a long road and I have really appreciated your years of commitment to your customer.

    33 weeks, 1 day and 2 hours

    Joan Clayton

    Never leave vehicle there unless you can watch who and if it"s touched. You will be billed. went in on an a/c freon check to be told it was a leal behind the dashboard and they could fix it for a $1000. Must be hard pressed with the pandemic. The car has 94,000 original miles and will be 10 yrs old 6 cylinder, runs great, I've trusted the oil changes tire rotation every 3000 miles, cabin filter, motor filter etc no more I am a 73 yr old widow under the care of Hospice with maybe 6 months.. Don't go there unless you can watch. GOD bless stay safe

    34 weeks, 3 days and 3 hours

    Peter g

    This is in reference to store number 1014. Bridgewater nj. I drive a large Dumptruck and blew a radiator hose on the highway yesterday I walked about 3 miles to hopefully get something to temporarily get me off the highway radiator hoses for big trucks are not commonly available at auto parts stores. I walked in and a man with a smile greeted me" how can I help you "? I quickly explained the situation and handled him the damaged hose. He went to the back of the parts storage to see if he could find something close. Within a minute he returned with a hose that was almost identical to what I needed. I was completely blown away. Typically in a store run by a major corporation the employees don't have any interest in helping above and beyond. This mans name is Guary Rodriguez- the store manager. I will absolutely frequent his store any time I may be in the area. Very nice to see there are still really good people out there just doing the best they can do for the customers and the company. I can only hope this reaches upper management

    35 weeks, 1 day and 21 hours

    Manuel Ybarra

    I went to Brownsville store on Mothers Day (Sunday), to diagnose a problem with my truck and they asked if I wanted an oil change and I said yes , so they told me that Rudy the diagnostic team member was not answering his phone, so my wife and I waited 1hr and 40 mins, yes they did oil change but no diagnostic so with that said I spent the time being out with a pandemic in our world and the time it took us away from family celebration, the bald headed man told me a huge elaborate story about why Rudy was not there. And that they were waiting in which we had to wait too, but in all honesty if Rudy called in, they should've been honest and created another appointment for us and not did the oil change, yes they gave us a free oil change, but the time it took and the risk we were taking by being out in a pandemic was not worth just a free oil change

    35 weeks, 4 days and 3 hours