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    Also my request: STOP selling bettas !!!!!

    3 weeks, 5 hours and 58 minutes

    Peta sucks!!! Responsible pet ownership is fine. You are crazy!!!!!!

    5 weeks, 21 hours and 43 minutes

    My Daughter purchased a Dwarf Hamster at the Folsom Bidwell CA PETCO, the clerk talked her into buying a 20 Gallon Aquarium plus cover for it. After dragging it in the house and realizing it was way to heavy to handle for 1 tiny Hamster 2 days later, she tried to take it back. PETCO refused COVID 19 return rules won't allow it. They said they didn't want to expose there staff, customers although they can clean them if worried. "What do they do on stock deliveries?". I've filed a Consumer Complaint with California's Attorney General's Office, if the get a lot of complaints they investigate and bar them from conducting business in California.

    5 weeks, 4 days and 11 hours

    Sai Varsha

    You have to stop selling betta fish. Please consider this.

    26 weeks, 6 days and 20 hours

    Penelope Gerlach

    Please stop selling betta fish. Do the right thing.

    26 weeks, 6 days and 20 hours



    27 weeks, 17 hours and 5 minutes

    Steve Alexander

    My wife just saw a Paws for Pride sign in the local Petco store. We thought it was a store for animals. We didn't realize the clientele for Petco were gays and lesbians. We have been buying products for our Chihuahua for years now. We will be looking for a petstore.

    27 weeks, 1 day and 20 hours

    Anna Jonnes



    27 weeks, 3 days and 1 hour


    Hello my son went into the store to make a purchase in Shawnee Oklahoma. He wanted to buy two mice. The cashier refused to sell them to him. He then asked to speak with a manager. The manger then told him to leave. My son felt like they were racist so he left. A few hours later he sent his lady who is white to that same store. Not only did they not question her but she purchased with no problems. Ena is the GM and Leslie is the Manager of that store Please help me understand.

    27 weeks, 5 days and 18 hours

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    28 weeks, 1 day and 16 hours


    stop selling bettas. Stop caging animals

    28 weeks, 1 day and 20 hours


    Stop caging animals. Covid has taught us how frustrating it is to stay inside a closed rooms.

    28 weeks, 4 days and 36 minutes

    Edwin Pieterse

    Do the right thing and stop selling betta fish !!!!

    29 weeks, 51 minutes and 43.52 seconds


    I was recently let go from Petco and its not the matter of me being let go, its how it lead up to it as well as how the termination was conducted. I would like an email to write my statement. Thank you

    29 weeks, 1 day and 23 hours

    Beta Fish and all other Animals deserve to be treated with love and respect. Their lives matter.

    29 weeks, 5 days and 12 hours

    Cherie Eastes

    Placed an online order at store in omaha at the store at 7110 Dodge St. Went in to pick it up only to find it had been handed out to someone else earlier in the day. They did not ask for verification because when we walked in they walked up with an aquarium and simply said "is this your order?" Had we said yes, we could have walked out with someone else's aquarium. The store manager simply told me they are dealing with some kinks in the system. UNACCEPTABLE!!!

    29 weeks, 5 days and 20 hours

    No employees

    No employees easy to steal at Glastonbury. They all break at the same time. There's no employees to help you when you want to pay. What a terrible store to shop. Walked around the whole store no employees! What a waste of my time showing up. Don't go to this store.

    30 weeks, 21 hours and 28 minutes

    M Hebert

    My mother in law took her baby into Petco in Calallen Tx at 9:15 & called her at 12 noon saying that they couldn't groom her baby without any explanation on y. They waited 3 hrs & then called her. There is a girl there named Emily that is very mean to the dogs.

    30 weeks, 1 day and 21 hours


    The manager Renee at the petco store in Santa Fe, NM is the most unprofessional person I've ever met. She is ride to customers and other employees. I will not be going back to petco if she continues to be employed. A horrible person to deal with.

    30 weeks, 4 days and 13 hours

    JoJo Gutierrez

    Your Office located on 2722 N. Josey Ln, Carrollton, TX 75006. The grooming employees are very rude, unprofessional and disrespectful. They messed up my dogs appointment 3 times. After calling to schedule and confirm. My dog Max had an appointment scheduled for July 26th, 2020 @2pm. Carly told my mother they didn't want to groom him and I quote "he's to big of a dog and we don't have time to groom big dogs today." I called to speak with the manager and she hung up on me when I asked why they couldn't groom my dog. Very unprofessional.

    30 weeks, 4 days and 17 hours

    Hannah Sowter

    Stop fish cruelty!!!!!!

    30 weeks, 5 days and 4 hours

    sara rahbar

    Please stop selling betta fish. Animals are not products please stop selling live animals in your stores.

    30 weeks, 6 days and 23 hours


    Stop selling BETA Fish!!!

    31 weeks, 1 day and 23 hours


    Shame on Petco for its refusal to stop selling bettas. Do the right thing..stop the cruel profiteering and abuse of fish. My friends and I have stopped shopping at Petco for any products!. We will continue to spread the word to boycott Petco.

    31 weeks, 6 days and 20 hours


    stop selling betta fish

    32 weeks, 5 hours and 39 minutes