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    Chewy was sold out to PetSmart 2017 to PetSmart. Which I just found out. PetSmart needs to know the rest of this review.
    Prior to knowing of the selling of Chewy to PetSmart,I called Chewy Supervisor Carl the night of Feb 12,2021. I asked why they stopped selling M.Lindell's product? I stated it must be a democrat tactic. He stated he cannot discuss politics. So there was the answer. He became rude and said a foul word for which I called him out on it. He kept interrupting and became verbally aggressive. I said so this company belongs to the Cancel Culture group. The double standard is in play with Chewy. I asked then why are you ok with getting some of your products from communist China? He stated he did not know that. is the Cancel Culture with China??? I stated there are 74 million republican people that are possible your customers. He was going to cut the line at this point. I said if you cannot respect the 74million republicans then people should know this. It will go worldwide on facebook and other sites. This behavior targeting anyone that has a different political view cannot sell on Chewys. What is happening to our Country. No republican has done this kind of injustice to the democrat party. I believe this information needs to be know by the complete public that purchases to now PetSmart who owns Chewys. Feel free to copy and paste this, so people know the Double Standard and the Cancel Culture PetSmart that is their policy!!!

    3 years, 12 weeks and 1 day

    I am a long time PetSmart customer and this was my first ever online, home delivery order & it will be my last. It provided an extremely bad impression especially for a first time order. I placed my order 2/4/21 in the morning. On 2/5/21 in the afternoon I still had received no word that my order had been processed or shipped so I checked my online account to see that the order was still being processed so I checked my credit card to see that I had billed for the order so I called customer service to see if this was a typical process, I spoke to Nancy who was very nice. She explained that it can take up to 48 hours to process, then up to 7 days to deliver once processed. A few minutes later I called customer service back, speaking to Lavita who appeared to be genuinely concerned and tried to be helpful. I expressed my displeasure and explained that I could not wait up to 9 days for the order (2 to process & 7 to deliver) and wanted to just cancel it. Lavita genuinely apologized and assisted in the process, explaining that she would send a notice to the warehouse to cancel it (who at the time was still processing it). She also explained that sometimes it is very difficult to impossible to reach the warehouse and that possibly I may still get the order but she would do her part.
    Next I explained to Lavita that I would like to talk to a Supervisor so that my complaint regarding a first time order would get recognition and hopefully leave room for improvement. Lavita transferred me to Raquel.
    Upon speaking to Raquel I thanked her for taking my call and explained that by doing so hopefully it would improve possible issues for other customers. I immediately got the impression that my complaint was falling on deaf ears. Her attitude was very smug and scripted. She offered an apology which seemed less than fake and told me that all shipping and processing information was "fully disclosed on the website" (which I still cannot find that disclosure; nothing on 48 hour processing and the website clearly states most orders arrive within 2-3 days). Raquel egregiously told me that she would take my complaint and pass it to the "higher ups" but "likely nothing would ever be done". I explained to Raquel that I could not wait for up to 9 days for the order; that my animals would be without food by then. I explained that I really needed to be assured that the order would be cancelled and that my money would be refunded so that I could just go to the store to buy it myself. She explained that even though the order was still being processed that she could offer no guarantee that I still wouldn't receive it and have to return it myself for a refund.
    I explained that since the order was still being processed that it was absurd that I could not be assured that it would be cancelled and that I wouldn't receive it and have to take my time and effort to return it on account of the warehouses poor service and the company's lack of ability to communicate with them. She again offered another seeming smug, fake apology which and we ended the call.
    On 2/6/21 at 7 am I logged onto the website to see if the order had successfully been cancelled so that I could just go to the store to purchase the items myself. The website said that it was still being processed. At 11:38 am I received an email from PetSmart saying my order was on the way so I logged back in to check the tracking which stated that on 2/6/21 at 7:45 am shipment information had been sent to FedEx, that my expected delivery date would be 2/11/21 and that the delivery date may be updated WHEN FedEx RECEIVES the package.
    At 11:45 am I called Customer Service yet again speaking to Jennifer who was genuinely apologetic offering to try to help. She was at a loss of what to do and asked permission to put me on hold while she spoke to a Supervisor for a resolution. She said that she spoke to Allie who explained that the warehouse is nearly impossible to get a hold of and that the best they could do was once the package was FINALLY picked up by FedEx they could "try" to have it rerouted back to the warehouse BUT there was still no guarantee that I wouldn't still receive it and have to take my time & effort to return it for a refund. She again was very sincerely apologetic and we ended the call. This entire process is completely absurd and as a valued pet parent I cannot believe that this is the standards offered to me or to my pets. As of 4 pm on 2/6/21 I logged back onto the website and tracked the order again to see that it STILL states that the order has YET to be picked up by FedEx, that my expected delivery date will be 2/11/21 and that the delivery date may be updated WHEN FedEx receives the package yet NO ONE can reach the warehouse to have FedEx not pick it up? This is just completely unbelievable, crazy and extremely poor service.
    Additionally I would just like to add that on the day that I placed my first time, online, home delivery order from PetSmart, moments later I placed another order from a competitor for pet items which PetSmart does not offer and I received that order in its entirety in 24 hours with just standard shipping so from now on the competitor will receive ALL of my future online orders, not because their process is faster but because their customer satisfaction is far superior and less time will be wasted not only for me but for your company as well. I have several pets of my own, am heavily involved in pet rescue and the feral cat communities but after this experience with its lack of customer appreciation and satisfaction and lack of concern for my pets doing without because of poor service from the warehouse, the ability to communicate with them and the misleading 2 to 3 day shipping information, not only have you lost my online business, I am seriously considering not making any further purchases from any PetSmart affiliates either whether it be online or in store.

    3 years, 13 weeks and 1 day