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    Harold & Sherri Burleigh

    Just left Piggly Wiggly in Church point Louisiana. Employees and several customers were not wearing mask. I took pictures of some without mask and told them I would report it. Said they cannot tell customers to wear a mask. Dollar tree is a cooperation and they can tell people to wear a mask or leave as with many other businesses. I would like a response to this. I will be reporting them and hopefully they will get fined. We buy all of our meat from there each week but if they do not have to wear a mask I no longer will shop there. Or any other Piggly Wiggly.

    24 weeks, 5 days and 22 hours


    Piggly Wiggly in Apalachicola FL employees are not wearing mask. Do not shop there. A sign on the front door say mask are required. I guess it does not apply to those who work there. The local COVID-19 infection rates is through the roof. This is a very small town. If you are staying on St George Island, stop at Walmart in Crawfordsville, FL and buy your groceries. Even Walmart understands. The management of the Piggly Wiggly in Apalachicola evidently does not.

    26 weeks, 1 day and 14 hours


    Wow!!! While on vacation we were treated terribly by a woman who would step aside in doorway with a vacuum cleaner so we could safely enter without climbing over her or the vacuum as well as consider there wasn't 6 feet total in the doorway, we messaged corporate that this woman was aggressive as she followed us the parking lot yelling at us, a very scary encounter and the corporate office FAILED to respond in anyway! Not customer friendly and not respecting 6 feet at Piggly Wiggly

    27 weeks, 4 days and 7 hours


    I have been shopping more often at Piggly Wiggly in Saraland. The thing is that sometimes it's a little hard to get down the isles due to the stocking going on. There are usually a lot of boxes in the isles. What happened to the day when they stocked at night after the store was closed? Wish they would bring that back. Less dangerous and a whole lot easier to shop and I'm sure it would be easier for those stocking too.

    27 weeks, 5 days and 7 hours

    No mask by employees. Do y'all care just Wondering. From NEWPORT NEWS VA.


    28 weeks, 37 minutes and 56.35 seconds

    Larry Kraemer

    Piggly Wiggly here in Boscobel Wi is a rotton store. No one wears masks, Dirty place, Snot nose kids run amok in the store, Employes are rude, Managment does nothing. I have emphysema and if i get this Virus its going to be from Piggly Wiggly here in Boscobel WI. And the corporate elites will do nothing about enforcing masks. People will start dying from this store and you will laugh about it. You people are sickening

    28 weeks, 6 days and 9 hours


    My name is Shelia I live in Talladega my problem is I need my watermelon cut in half so I can transfer to and from my car but they wont do it they told me headquarters said they couldn't do it any more so now I have to go else whear to buy my watermelon I'd rather buy from the Pig

    31 weeks, 7 hours and 42 minutes

    Piggly wiggly in Riegelwood nc has a lady who goes to work drunk and she is very rude to customers. I've tired reporting her to the store manager but he laughed in my face because he's best friends with her. How can I get help with this.

    31 weeks, 4 days and 21 hours


    I have been to the pig 3 times to do my grocery and I had to deal with the most rudest employees I have ever seen and that store is located in Watertown Wisconsin

    33 weeks, 23 hours and 49 minutes


    I have to tell I have been shopping at the national ave. West allis location wisconsin for many years, since it switched from sentry to the pig. But this is the second time in 2 weeks that there card readers dont function, cant even swipe it to pay for groceries. The check out girl said some other customers were having these issues also. So this has been going on for some time, it's not my card, it works fine everywhere else, so my options were to wait in another line and see if the card reads there, I dont think so, couldn't even go to the customer service counter and pay the amount there, they said they cant do that, I guess they dont want my money very bad. So I left the cart full of bagged groceries there, wont be shopping the pig anymore, I will give my money to meijer from now on.

    34 weeks, 3 days and 5 hours

    Same way at the store iWork at I'm on the verge of quitting too

    37 weeks, 4 days and 21 hours


    Apparently the Piggly Wiggly brand as a whole doesn't respect its customers. It certainly doesn't spend time training and monitoring its employees in how to treat customers. I should say the employees only seem to show respect to customers who have a lot of money to spend, especially in the wine department. I have all but stopped shopping at the Piggly Wiggly nearest me, in Homewood, Alabama. For years I endured their sour looks, lack of response when I said "hello," and at times borderline rude behaviour. Finally I had enough, and started shopping at Publix, which is not as close, but the employee are much friendlier. Then a new Piggly Wiggly store opened in Crestline Village, a section of Mountain Brook, Alabama. It has a wonderful seafood and fresh meat section. Much better than other stores in the area. I have to drive much further to get there, but felt it was worth it to get quality seafood and meats, and to deal with friendly people. Apparently something has changed, though. Today a woman manager ignored the cashier's request for more quarters and pennies so that she could give me change for my purchases, and instead turned and walked over to join a conversation between another employee and a customer who was buying a lot of wine. My guess is that the woman buys a lot of wine from them, and therefore rates higher on the customer scale than I do. When someone finally brought the requested quarters and pennies, the cashier continued checking out other customers, totally ignoring the fact that I was still waiting for change. When I reminded her, she said she didn't remember that she owed me change, and when she found the receipt did not offer an apology for making me wait while she checked out other customers. I was patient and was not rude at any point. But it was obvious that neither the manager nor the cashier valued me as a customer. So it's back to Publix I'm headed.

    39 weeks, 23 hours and 44 minutes

    Piggley Wiggley in Greenville Alabama, stays out of hand wipes at the front door. Don't want to even touch anything in this store..They need to tighten up.

    42 weeks, 1 day and 8 hours


    I live in Columbus, GA. The store location is 1345 13th street, Columbus GA 31901, and the incident took place on 4/8/2020 at or around 6 pm. On Wednesday, I went into the store, I grabbed a cart and proceeded to the juice aisle, where I observed two male employees and a female employee detaining a Black female shopper. At the time, I had no idea what was going on because I had my headphones in my ears with my music playing. However, I did mute my headphone once I saw the male store manager tell the woman to empty her bag, which she did pull out what appeared to be food items from the store. The female shoplifter became very combative, and I did tell her to calm down, you have been caught stealing. Again, I told her you are caught; stop resisting. I also stated that they should go and get a law enforcement officer because this lady is combative. The female produce worker (Tina Jacobs) asked me if I was with the female shoplifter, to which I stated no.

    After the employees were tussling with the female shopper lifter, the female tried to get away, and the male manager than used my cart to block the lady. The shoplifter, three male employees, and the female employee had the shoplifter in the stock room area. I observed one male employee leave the area standing there as the tussling continued in the stockroom area. One of the male employees suggested to the male manager to "take it easy" regarding his handling of the female shoplifter. I was in observation mode only. The employee that stated the manager should take it easy step out of the stock room and hand the door ajar. I said to him, man, that is crazy, and I was observing. He had a very concern look on his face, and I stated again, man. I lean to look at the scuffle, and the male employee standing to the left side of me said, go, and pointed me in the direction of the stock room. I did observe all three employees detaining the female. The Female employee shouted, I should get out of there, and I stated no problem. The male manager recognized me as being a regular customer and said: "you can stay and observe." I did. I thought I was going to be a witness against the female shoplifter. The female shoplifter had gotten away and fled to the back of the store where the employees usually cut meat.

    As I stood with the male employee, Tina Jacob stated again, screaming in my face, "are you with her, and I was going to get arrested?" I said to Tina Jacobs that she was a "dam lie, and she needs to know the law." The male manager stated to Tina Jacobs that "I was not with that lady, and this lady is the shopper who wears the reflector clothing at night after running."

    As I was checking out my grocery items, I was asked by the cashier, "was I alright?" to which I replied, "yes, and I would like corporate's number, and I wanted to speak to the manager. I observed Tina Jacobs walked back and forth in a pacing motion. I saw her go into the office with the mirror behind the customer service counter. She then approached me, "stating here is corporate's number." I never received an apology from this woman based on her accusations. While standing at the end of the register, a person who does not want to be on the record or her name known, stated: "she always get complaints about the same thing" and "everyone states she doesn't know how to speak to customers... but nothing ever happens to her."

    Well, the issue I have is why did she accuse me of being with the shoplifter? I frequently shop at this location, and at no time do I ever come into the store with someone. The three individuals observed the shoplifter way before I got there. There was no logical reason for her to ask me that question several times. Let me be clear; I do not know that woman. No, I do not know the female shoplifter. The only thing the shoplifter and myself have in common is we are both African American and female.

    I am troubled concerning the accounts that took place on 4/8/2020 at your Piggly Wiggly 1345 13th Street location. The fact remains that disciplinary measures should be done and employees should take an extensive class on interpersonal relations of diversity. I am appalled by her accusations and her lack of ethics to apologize because she falsely accused me of being complicit with a shoplifter. I am a well-educated woman. I pride myself on being an upstanding citizen, with the accolades to support them. I have my BS degree and graduated summa **** Claude, I have my MPAJ degree, and will graduate in May of 2020 with my M.E.D degree all from Columbus State University. I have worked with several established law organizations, and I was thoroughly disgusted by Tina Jacobs' (she works in the produce section) actions.

    42 weeks, 6 days and 15 hours


    In the ad for the Waupaca Wis store there in the ad for the week of Feb 26 till March 3 fir Sara Lee Whole Boneless Honey Ham for .99 cents a pound I went On Thursday the 27th and they were out but was told that they had some coming in on Friday the 28th but they would be frozen and with and expiration date of Feb 14 2020. Who is going to buy outdated hams and they were not given out rain checks that is no way to run a store. I can see running out but give out rain checks for when they get some in not frozen and not outdated. I someone wanted to slice and freeze for for later use you can not slice a frozen ham and you can not refreeze meat.I was wondering what if anything can be done about this?

    48 weeks, 4 days and 5 hours

    Philip e smith

    I have been shopping at the #427 Columbus Ga store since it opened (>20yrs) it is poorly run since the refurbishment of the produce section and change in managers. they fail to keep stock in cold boxes and dairy area up to date, I went today to get milk (Barbers) today is 19 Feb the milk ran out yesterday ! this happens a lot ! I told the Manager (or asst mgr) he said OK, I went back 3 hours later and it was still there. the store is dirty, freezers are to warm (I can see the thermometer) people not very helpful and they don't seem to care about the customers. I went to another store #444 on Woodruff Farms Rd that is about 4 yrs old. Its a giant store, super clean no out dated stuff, very friendly staff (also very clean cut and looking good ) this will be my new store, just a great store.

    49 weeks, 6 days and 23 hours


    The Gordon,Ga Piggly Wiggly is absolutely disgusting. The meat,ice cream cases are not working most of the time but they still sell the product thawed and refrozen. They sell ground beef 95% fat they don't have ground chuck .The parking lot is like a trash dump baby diapers,chicken bones and papers. The manager walks around and smiles and does nothing. The cashiers are another story One boy wears a stocking cap summer and winter and looks as though he just got out of bed . They keep their phones next to register and don't hesitate to pick it up and text while waiting on customer. Only problem this is the only grocery store in the county and the prices are way higher than other stores.

    50 weeks, 2 hours and 38 minutes


    The store in hampton county South carolina is terrible. The some of the manages are very rude. Especially the one they call Mike. The meat cooler in the back need to be fixed. A lot of times that meat be spoiled. And y'all really need some reliable bag boys. I ALWAYS have to bag my own groceries.

    1 year, 4 weeks and 2 days

    Disappointing Ex Customer

    I come to my 2nd home in Graceville Florida and every time I visit this store most of the food is expired and the meat smells spoiled. I do not have anything positive to say about this store. Poor quality of food.

    1 year, 5 weeks and 18 hours


    I just went Do Piggly Wiggly on Tuscaloosa Avenue store number 263 I had the most pleasant experience I've ever had shopping at a small retail the staff was extremely courteous and kind very helpful and very friendly I will be going back

    1 year, 9 weeks and 3 days

    Keep algoma wi store open.

    1 year, 15 weeks and 5 days


    If y'all service store in Wrightsville Georgia there is this employee that works in the back the person is rude as hell. Not friendly to the customers . Something needs to be done .

    1 year, 20 weeks and 4 days

    Yall need to do something about management in the Foley Alabama store. The management team leaves alot to be desired. The store is being run into the ground. They dont give raises like they should. They run it like a elementary school. They make people lose days and money because they dont report that they come back from break. Do you hear how childish that is. You dont report that you come back from break amd they send you home. The see you come back nit they choose to make it hard in everyone because they cant quit crying about how someone cuts a box. You know how to do the job. Your doing the job but you have some one breathing down your neck tell you how to cut a box. The job is getting done. What difference does it make how it gets done. Having to report when tou go on break, when you come back from break, even though they see you come back from break. There are too many complaints about the manager and stocking manager. No one should have to work under these conditions. We know what time our breaks are we know what time they end. No elementary students work there. You fire people and hire them back. Lol why. There is a reason one gets fired. But you tuen around and hire them back. You people need to get it together. Other wise you will never be able to keep anyone at that store. All the good workers left or they leave. Leave a person alone and let them do there job. The job gets done. Get rid of the people who are not management material. Names TRA and ELAINE. THEY ARE WHY NO ONE WANTS TO STAY. Yall send some one to that store and ask anyone there and thwy will tell you you need new management there. Store manager and stock crew manager. She is the one fired and rehired. She is 74 years old. She needs to retire her butt right on out the door. Someone will get their hands on her and it wont be good. If you dont want anything bad like that to happen then you better wake up and realize. They are killing the business. They cant keep anyone. I quit because i will not be treated like a child. Ive done all this kind of work before. I dont need to be told how to do my job. I dont need to be told to report when i go on my breaks. I dont need to be told to report when i come back from break. And i **** sure dont need to lose a day of work because i didn't report that i came back from break. That is about as low as you can go. And petty. Please i beg yall to check things out. Dont let them know whats going on because they will hide stuff and lie about stuff just to keep things the way they are. I am speaking for the people who have been there for 3 or 4 years and never got a raise. Thats wrong. People get done wrong and yall let it happen. You want a good store, tou better get someone in there that knows how to run a store. Who knows how to be a manager. Im telling you. You will never be able to keep good people with people like TRA and ELAINE be children. You need adults working there. Not children. Better get them out while you can. Something has ti be done. Someone has ti stand up for the people. Im the only one who will.

    1 year, 20 weeks and 6 days


    I need 2 KNOW if i get cash back on my debit card BUYING groceries,can i get money back in mulitipuls of 10?

    1 year, 22 weeks and 4 days

    Jennifer Lenz

    I worked at Piggly Wiggly and had to quit due to poor management.I worked in New London,Wi. I had 4 days of vacation left and Pete said that I would get paid right out.I haven't received anything and it's been 2 weeks.Can you help me?

    1 year, 23 weeks and 5 days