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    Hi my name is Shira Adair and I am currently getting my vehicle fixed at your service center. I was pretty depressed that I was told it would cost me $4300 to fix my car. I not only just bought it after being without a car for 3+ years, I have also saved every penny for it. See I was homeless the past 4 years dealing with emotional issues from childhood ( I am an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse). I have came out of that a much stronger woman but due to that my kids moved to Austin, TX. I have been able to save money to move there as well and I was planning to go Sept 1st. All I want is to be with my kids ( Quintin is 14 and Kaydin is 11). They are so great and both are in gifted classes. I do not want them to have that hole created from not having their mom. I promised them I would go wherever they are and they would never loose me. Its been almost a year since they moved and we talk daily. Since Covid 19 I haven't been able to work so I am asking Charlie Cashen, Joey Johson, Cody Bates, Noel Estrada, Billy FerrarI and of course Mr. Larry Van Tuyl to please help me bring down this bill so I can have a nice, safe car and still reunite with my kids. I do t ever tell my story to anyone or ask for help but I am asking all of you to please help me. I know there are things such as pro bono work. I would also be willing to come and work off the bill. I can wash cars, do office work..ANYTHING. I hope this message gets to the right people and a miracle can happen for my kids and me because we sure do need one. Thank you for your time.

    23 weeks, 4 days and 3 hours


    I have never experienced a more tyrannical service than the one I experienced in the hands of your sales supervisors today. As I'm writing this I am still in complete shock, and I'm wondering if this review gets to the ears of Pinnacle Nissan upper management or anyone who cares. If that is the case, I would strongly recommend that the store is never left alone a Sunday in the hands or people like Ricardo.L. I think that's his name. At the beginning of the conversation I actually thought we were talking and being cordial to each other until he said something where I actually realized that was not the case. I had to actually stop & told him he was being rude and didn't appreciate it, but that was good for nothing because I feel after that it actually got worse. I never raised my voice, cursed, used bad words, or disrespected him, but me not wanting to get a Nissan product irritated him so much he started raising his voice and asking multiple times if someone put a gun on my head for doing business w Pinnacle Nissan in the past. I was trying to explain my past experience and an accident I suffered a couple of years ago on a Rogue. I never blamed him personally per se, but he got even more rude, and despot that he just said " we are going to cut ties with you! " What kind of people does that unprovoked in a business environment? He pretty much walked me out of the place. I have a history of buying multiple cars from this dealership. And even when things got tough, I can say there were good salesmen, people or management that carried me thru the process successfully, and got me from vehicle to vehicle. I've been a customer of this establishment thru thin &thick. I have bought my last 3 vehicles from here -which I'm still paying for by the way. I never complained, sued, reported or even asked for upper management before, but what happened today should be absolutely unneceptable from every level. To feel discarded, disrespected, and treated subpart because you guys feel you're done with me, or maybe he didn't like the color of my skin, or he thought it was ok to treat me wrong for whtvr reason, is something I am finding deplorable. And I would like to please have Charlie Cash or anyone in upper management to please contact me asap!

    24 weeks, 17 hours and 16 minutes


    I put a deposit of $2000 on a used car and got car insurance card which I gave them a day before on this vehicle received full finance from them could not come down when they wanted Sunday put said Monday would be okay came down Monday morning they said sold car they never called me found out Monday morning very poor business practices

    27 weeks, 5 days and 22 hours

    Don Motley

    I have done several referrals and always have difficulty receiving the referral fee. I currently am owed one. Can some contact me. Thanks. Don Motley..(PHONE). Sells person Charlie Hill also have reached out to Dorthy in accounting.

    41 weeks, 2 days and 23 hours

    Steve H

    I will never consider buying another vehicle from Pinnacle Nissan or a Nissan and encourage everyone to do the same. Sale persons did not know their product or just lied. I found the Certified Pre-Owned program to be a scam. I should not have believed anything they said. Terrible experience.

    1 year, 37 weeks and 3 days

    Yes there are a like . I will never go there again

    Joe doe

    2 years, 39 weeks and 7 hours


    Pinnacle nissan liers **** liers never buy a car from u any more Matt GM is a lier.

    4 years, 31 weeks and 1 day