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    I live in Florence Alabama and the Pizza Hut here is horrible and have bad customer service the managers and workers are very disrespectful and they are calling threatening me and I feel like something should be done a lady just called from (PHONE) at 840 this morning and refuse to give me her name and steady calling to I guess try to curse me out when I already consider Pizza Hut a no go for now on I'm never ordering her again and I guess they feel some type of way I feel people with home training should work and if u lack respect and skills to do the job u should take a step down also Tina and Steve are some names of very disrespectful people that takes part in this on florence Alabama

    3 years, 34 weeks and 3 hours

    Wow. I live in Round Rock, TX and order pizza all the time from our local Pizza Hut. Which is located on South A.W. Grimes Blvd. I have it delivered. This would be the first time I drove to go pick it up. I ordered our pizza and wings online and it told me it would be ready in 14 minutes. I live about 15 minutes away so I left right away to go pick it up. It was also supposed to be curbside service. We pull up 15 minutes later and park in the area reserved for curbside service. I called the store when we arrived like it said to in the app when I ordered. I called 3 times and there us no answer. So I get out of the car to go ask about our order. A young boy comes out and asks my name and phone number and goes back in to check on our order. He comes back out and says there is no order under that name and that they have recieved. So I show them my order on my phone, that I ordered through the app and he goes back in. Then comes back out and said they never made the order and something must be wrong with the online ordering thing. And they are sorry but didnt make it. Well my roommate told them we want our order cooked please and we should get a discount or something and if he can please get the manager on duty. A young girl with blue hair came out and we explained the situation. She apologized and said it would be 15 minutes. So we were hungry and decided to wait. Fifteen minutes later, still nobody came out with our order. They brought other orders out but not ours. So my roommate gets out and goes up to the door and asks the young kid if our order is almost ready. He asked for the name on the order again! We told him and he came back out and said they never started the order and if we would like to order again!? We were fuming by then. We asked for him to please ho get the manager again. He went inside and 10 minutes later..she comes out and tells us she us the general manager and she just didnt make the order.!! Awful customer service skills and terrible management!! I dont understand how the store makes any money with the online ordering not working, them not answering the phones, and then not making orders for carryout??? We love pizza hut and are cert disappointed and will not return to that location and will let friends and family know as well. Signed Pissed off in round Rock Texas

    3 years, 34 weeks and 2 days

    To JC, Why would you go back to a place that you claim made you sick? Not just twice, but three times?? I don't want to call you a liar bra, but that doesn't make sense. There has to be other pizza/sandwich places in your area? You also said you ate a sandwich that made you sick? Nobody in their right mind would eat the other sandwich after getting sick from the first one. Just don't go there anymore and tell everyone you know to stay away. If the store doesn't make money, they will be forced to close the doors.

    3 years, 34 weeks and 4 days