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    Wife of hard working employee

    Correction below GREENEVILLE PLANT!!

    Cannot even get ahold of anyone, I mean what's it take to file a formal complaint!!!!!!!

    40 weeks, 5 days and 20 hours

    Wife of hard working employee.

    Jimmy Cope, with the Morristown plant loves to cuss out his employees. Punish one but not the other. Is nothing more then a bully. Also tells other employees a driver is fired before legally notifying the employee! They are nothing more then a "GOOD OLD BOYS CLUB". Horrible attitudes, poor leadership conduct. Awful plant! Something needs to be done about this overall plant!

    40 weeks, 5 days and 20 hours

    Ex employee of ready mix usa

    The Stockbridge plant is a joke. They have drivers heat up pee in microwave in front of employees and managers right before drug test and don't get fired even though they can hurt someone else or themselves. But one of the white guys got fired. The managers are rude and disrespectful they make fun of people and tell them because they are white they aren't allowed to use to restroom in the office but all the black people can. They complain about trucks being dirty and suspend white people for trucks being dirty but not the black people. They pick and choose who makes more money and all the white people are making less money. You get the run around mangers tell you if you have a issue with your pay to call main office main office never answers phones or return calls. They don't care about their employees if they did this stuff wouldn't be happening.

    1 year, 26 weeks and 1 day

    Shaunn smith

    The service from this company is horrible hands down. Using the online ordering app is the same as never calling them, the time one selects will never be, if you call in to complain no one has an answer. After this pour, I will find different vendor.

    2 years, 7 weeks and 1 day

    Your online ordering system sucks to high hell. Several times I have scheduled a specific time and not once has my order been delivered on time, normally 2 hrs late.

    2 years, 7 weeks and 1 day

    Jeremey G Pemberton

    Mr.Tyson I really want to put the spotlight on the Alexander City Alabama plant and it's whole team, gotta say that Harold Sanford that runs the plant all in all great guy and what he tells you you can bank on it, considering the road system around here and that lake I seriously don't think other plants realize that, but will have to say too that Desmond Benson and Willie Benson and Hoyt Smith class A fella's not to mention hell of some concrete truck drivers, myself being a finisher that means a lot when you don't have an experienced driver and can hurt you , but those guys are great drivers don't have to really tell em or signal them to do anything. It'd be great if you could possibly consider helping ol' Harold Sanford with a couple of more drivers, I love the service and the concrete is by far the best around here but the service speaks volumes and thought I would put the spotlight on those guys.

    2 years, 13 weeks and 3 days