• Redstone Federal Credit Union

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    220 Wynn Dr NW
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    Gerald E Toland
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    Have read reviews. Most are VERY negative. I would be surprised if I had not already been a customer and quickly HAD ENOUGH. The account is CLOSED forever and i would not recommend Redstone to an enemy. One of the most unpleasant experiences in my life. Description of operations: Slow, indifferent, too impersonal and overly automated/computerized. The new systems are not reliable, employees for the most part are rude, smart-assed, and snarky. Banking with Redstone is like going into the Outer Limits. Do not like logging in. On several occassions it did NOT work. Left me standing around for 30 minutes. Tried to deposit $500 at a drive up. Well, the **** electronic wonder spit out the cash onto the sidewalk. Had to put driver's lic. in machine to scan. It fit so tight I had to use a pocket knife to get it out. If you get a representatives # and call later THEY NEVER ANSWER. If you call the 800 # you will wait, wait, wait. I do not like and WILL NOT TOLERATE doing transactions and getting someone on and electronic connection at an off-site location. 100% impersonal. They will cut back on employees and raise fees on customers and offer lower interest rates. And who is at fault? The **** board, CEO, President, etc. This is the worst bank I have ever used and there is no close second. If you bank here you WILL regret it.

    1 year, 35 weeks and 3 days

    Angry customer

    I'm actively trying to speak to FRAUD about my Child account being used for FAKE check deposits, yet the rep is laughing about the situation.... this is real SAD!

    3 years, 13 weeks and 1 day


    At the current moment i'm totally angry as hell,i cant get into my account ,I input the my member # and it says it doesn't exist .Now why im so pissed is because I know my check is direct deposit.Well tell me what im suspose to do......

    5 years, 27 weeks and 6 days