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    My concern is that it's a real feel of 109 and I worry about my husband being out in this heat. I feel that days like this should not have a lot of trucks scheduled to be loaded. Keep it for the night time crew. Machines are down now which happens pretty often so that means my husband has to work even harder in this heat to get stuff done. He loves his job and plans on keeping it but I love my husband and look forward to him coming home at night!! These men def don't get the praise that they deserve for the work they are doing in this heat.

    1 year, 20 weeks and 3 days

    Concerned Applicant

    Attention : to who it may concern at the headquarters in Stuttgart, Arkansas concerning job applications online. The computer screens are not allowing applicants for several days to post complete applications. because your computer sceen is not working and taking all information concerning applicants application. My name is Randal Riddick and I have been trying to get this application to work at the Stuttgart, Arkansas public library for several days . but no way to complete your forms. They are terrible and will not take all information to complete them properly. I hope you will correct this problem soon. i would like to apply as soon as possible and have probably missed some chances because of these computer gliches . It has not only happened to me but several people here the last fews days that could not complete their applications also. I hope you recieve this information to correct it soon. Thank you , Randal Riddick of Stuttgart, Arkansas. my phone # (PHONE)) if interested in talking to me about it or job applications I have tried to put on computer for you to review.

    3 years, 3 weeks and 5 days

    How can I find out price of rice by the pilot can somebody please get back in touch with me my phone number is (PHONE)

    3 years, 34 weeks and 1 day