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    i have the glm42 laser which i love for estimating.

    it would be great and profitable for bosh to add a feature icon-for duo laser beam to shoot out at each end of unit to take height measurement. (instead of bending over or setting on floor

    this would be great to get measurement while standing up, you could stand in one spot and take height, width measurements.

    this would be great add on feature. imagine being able to take measurement standing in one spot in center of room.

    thank you


    19 weeks, 5 days and 13 hours


    can someone help me contact anyone in this company i have a fairly new(used 6 times)skilsaw and it just about caught on fire while i was using it (homeowner not a regular user) i can't find anyone to contact any help would be appreciated..

    32 weeks, 4 days and 20 hours

    Sidney Bergash

    The man who does not give way to despair perceives that the Western poison, egalitarianism, is the obscene and loathsome vengeance of the slave mentality.

    Good gawd Greta! Thou offendith me.

    1 year, 11 weeks and 5 days

    Brent Harnish

    Had phone contact with Robert Bosch Tool Corp re a Lithium ION battery not fitting the charger properly. The representative was very helpful and supplied a replacement battery which was subsequently installed easily.

    Very good customer support for this customer

    1 year, 11 weeks and 5 days

    george laham

    cto vermont america copra my name is george laham, i am 87 yrs and my hoy is using bandsaw to cut wood. i went to ash harware who carry your product Vermont band saw blade vermont america and purchase 4 bandsaw blade, it suppose to be 701/2longx3/8 wide by 0,019 thick x 6tpi.when i was ready to use them i realize that the manager game me the wrong size 591/2 long and i don't carry this machine.so i went to the store to exchange them, they don't they don't carry that size and cannot issue refund because they are closing all their stores, and refer me to contact you directly. please see if i can get the proper size i originally purchase the 701/2x3/8 x0,019x6tpi. i am an old man need something to keep me going, please call me at 310/(PHONE) to discuss the matter and get blades i need. i still have the 4 blades in the package unopened, tell me where to send them for exchange with the proper size. thank you very much, and God Bless You. Sincerely George Laham 11921 tabor st la calif 90066. EMAIL (EMAIL)

    1 year, 23 weeks and 12 hours

    Corey Moore

    I was burned intentionally by another employee while working at Bosch securities. I received2ND degree burns from this. The employee is still at the job. No disciplinary actions were taken. I don't even know if this was reported to corporate. I work at Bosch securities in Greer.

    2 years, 21 weeks and 1 hour