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    Robson Ranch AZ Resident
    We have lived in Robson Ranch AZ for 11 years and have proudly promoted our community at every opportunity. We also proudly told others how Robson stood behind his product, correcting issues once he was made aware of the problem.
    That however has NOT been the case regarding our tile floors or the tile floors of nearly 50 other homes in Robson Ranch AZ.
    Approximately 2 years ago we finally had the loose floor tile in our master bath repaired. Speculation at that time was possible faulty installation as there was very little indication of the tile being in contact, or adhering to the Thinset. Then our back hall had similar issues including tenting. This again, because they were fairly small areas, we had repaired. Then, about a year ago, we had numerous tiles near our back slider suddenly pop followed by the tile tenting or pushing up. This was followed by a large area of our dining room popping loose and tenting. This past summer we had most of our kitchen tile suddenly come loose and tent and this past October a strip approximately 15-20 feet long suddenly popped and tented. Needless to say we have used all our spare tiles to make repairs and are now faced with replacing nearly 2000 sq ft of tile.
    Several tile experts have speculated faulty installation, however Robson will not acknowledge the faulty install issue, nor come forward with any assistance (we offered to share the expense) citing our expired warranty even though our issue began while under warranty. Robson will not address the possibility of faulty installation even when faced with approximately 50 additional Robson homes having similar issues. Buyer beware!

    36 weeks, 6 days and 9 hours