• Safeway, Inc.

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    Dominick's Finer Foods
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    Carr-Gottstein Foods
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    Genuardi's Family Markets
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    Randall's Food Markets
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    5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.
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    Steven Burd

    This is a scammer ... do not call them

    2 years, 49 weeks and 1 day

    Lol had it happen to me I told guy when he asked if he had change I could use he looked at me said no I was asking you .,guy then left every time I came back he didn't ask me. I remember years back a guy glued a half dollar on cement in front of a store and put a camara there so others could watch as people try pick it up. Just tell them don't carry change or cash use plastic .once you give them they will sniff you out like a hound dog and be at your car door every time asking for money.

    3 years, 4 weeks and 6 days
    Lori Romero

    Dear Mr. Burd,
    Last night, 12/16/2020 at the Safeway store at 2798 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302, the manager wearing black pants and a black shirt attacked me. He was a large middle aged man. I didn't get his name. I was in shock. I haven't been in a store since April. I am high risk for severe outcome if contracting the virus. I went out because the water I use was at a huge discount at Safeway. Unfamiliar, low on stock, reading labels and trying to substitute. My cart was full to the brim. Hundreds of dollars of merchandise that took me 2 hours to collect. Got frozen pizza then ice cream. Next isle over from frozen was my last thing to collect, jumbo tp, paper towels and dish soap. Came out of the isle with mega packs to find my cart gone. Walked to the front to get help. I said to this man, can you please help me, someone has taken my cart, I can't imagine why, it is full to the brim. The man literally came at me screaming and I really thought he was going to put his hands on me. Screaming and scolding about how many ways that it was my fault that he had a worker take my cart to return my items to the shelf. Nothing I said would calm him. He did not want to remedy the situation. He was unstable, and not in the mentally ill kind of way. He was just a lose cannon that felt justified in attacking an older woman. Late at night, and no other shoppers, I didn't feel safe. The young man looked mortified and left. He returned with ice cream and wanted to help me. I told him that I really needed most of those items for basic survival, but that I couldn't get past being attacked. I said I can't give this store hundreds of my dollars after that. I thanked him for his decency and left. I sat in my car for awhile taking it all in. As a woman, I am used to men like that. He would have never came at a man like that. What I am still sitting with today is being vulnerable in a new way, getting old. This man should not be in your employ. The incident greatly affected me, and he is a liability.
    Best regards, Lori Romero

    3 years, 8 weeks and 1 day

    Dear Stephen Burd,
    Your 2600 Willow Pass Road, Concord, Ca. Is pathetic. 2 years ago, one of your bag packers there was rude so I never went back even though it's the closest store. I month ago, I stop there and many bums are in the parking lot hassling customers. Tonight my wife and I went there and she was accosted for spare change while she was getting a grocery cart unbeknownst to me. This same bum subsequently came over to my car where I was sitting waiting for her and he asked me for spare change too. This is the worst Safeway by far I have ever been in. Good luck.

    3 years, 15 weeks and 1 day