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    The Howards


    We recently purchased a 2020 Chevy Traverse from the dealership in Surprise and we were treated with great service. They worked with us and insured that we got the vehicle that we wanted. We are genuine happy with the vehicle we purchased and the service provided. I was assisted by Will who worked with me and my wife to insure that we were able to get interest rate that worked with us and Dom was really helpful with making sure that we picked what we wanted. Earnest was helpful and oversaw the deal to make sure that the deal happened. The only issue or concern that we currently have is that when the survey was sent our granddaughter completed it and sent before we were able to review it and we are hopeful that it was expressed the satisfaction we have with the service provided. We will recommend to friends and family that they the long ride much like we did from Gilbert to get a vehicle.

    34 weeks, 12 minutes and 57.68 seconds

    pissed off customer

    they suck,sold a van to them and never received my money as of yet I keep getting the run around from them .The person I started with Alfonso (Fonzy) was a no show when we made an appointment with him and now the guy that took over for him Chris ,charles is now a know show after giving us the run around.these people are terrible they keep blaming it on their corporate office in surprise which we found out was a bunch of bull.So stay away from these guys,and don't sell your vehicle to them

    2 years, 17 weeks and 8 hours


    Extremely disappointed. Trade it in 2016 Toyota 4Runner. 01/08/2018 at 5p.. Called salesperson Mike at 8 a.m. on Tuesday January 9th, to cancel the contract. We were told it was a done deal and they would do nothing about it. Call the general manager Chad tried to get him to undo the contract. He would not. Major buyer's remorse will never ever recommed Sands Chevrolet to anybody. All I want is 4runner back...

    2 years, 43 weeks and 3 hours

    Christina Hernandez

    Don't buy from this company cause they will say nothing that happens is their fault and just blame it on the bank. They will sign contracts with you for a certain price, then change it up on you after you have the car then tell you to return the car and cancel the contract on you like nothing. The whole time they have you thinking everything is going good just wasting your time, just off of lies. Worst experience and they need to be more organized have a checklist on what you need not just start bringing up stuff you need after the sale was done. They don't care at all about if your upset I called to complaint and the person I spoke to said they can't do nothing. If they know that supposedly the bank can change the price on a down payment then they should wait till the price changes before they sale the car, cause they will wipe they're hands clean and not care about it. They will break their contracts like nothing, so what's the point of a contract if it means nothing. Let it be known that thru the process we were helped by 2-3 people but not one ever said anything about the bank changing the price, Never recommending anyone to this company if anything I'm going to make sure that this place be the last place they ever go to.

    3 years, 13 weeks and 2 days

    I am very upset with Ernest at your location 51st Ave Glendale Az. I called to get assistance for a single mom with three kids to help fix her car as a good deed. I advised Ernest that my daughter couldnot afford to pay to fix it.

    They call her with bad news that it will cost her 2700. I thought that Ernest would make it happen and fix her car. Big Company and can't help a single mom. Has a child autistic (EMAIL) gets up early am to catch bus to work. Sands Chevrolet ashamed of you.

    3 years, 45 weeks and 1 day

    Alice Renteria

    My friend and i have been loyal customer for years. I called to file a complaint against a customer service manage who smelt like alcohol, with that being said they did not address the issie and continued to allow her to work. If that particular dealship in Glendale, AZ could let a representative drink while on the clock i will take my business and the other 20+ customers that are family else where. Proof was provided and still nothing. Thank you Sands Chevrolet i will never recommend no one to your company due this problem that was never addressed!

    4 years, 1 week and 4 days

    I dropped off my car on Friday 04/15/2016 at the Sands Chevrolet in Surprise, AZ because my vehicle was leaking coolant. Marc Phillips scheduled my vehicle to be checked the same day. He was efficient and very friendly. He has wonderful customer service skills and made sure to keep me informed the whole time. Sands Chevrolet repaired my water pump in a timely manner. I am a very happy customer. Thank you very much. I also want to say thank you to shuttle driver Bob Benco, who was very polite and friendly. Keep up the great work!

    Michelle M.

    4 years, 29 weeks and 2 days