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    Hi my name is annette Swartz

    I am trying to get info on how do I go about getting a person's 401 k

    His name was Brian j.Segien. born june 7 1957

    He passed away August 17,2019

    He told me I am benefiterie

    So can u send me some info on how I can get this please

    My address is

    119 Russell st Waltham, mass 02453

    Thank you

    Annette Swartz

    32 weeks, 1 day and 22 hours

    Never Shaw again

    Tuesday June 5th., 2018 To: CEO or whomever SHAW FLOORING subject: warped VERSA Lock Our highly recommended, Beautiful floors have turned out to be The Ugly Duckling in our home. We had these floor installed (without looking it up) about 6 years ago. We asked for the most durable, maintenance free flooring available. Although it's just my wife and I we do have a large family, and wanted something we would not have to worry about when grandchildren visited. Well if you look at the attached photos, you can see it is Everything we Did Not Want. The slightest spill even though cleaned up immediately creates a nightmare. These floors are a disgrace. We paid $3200.00 for the flooring installed over the Best underpayment, over linoleum, over a slab. Thinking, in our mid 70's this would last our life time without worry. Cleaning is a nightmare... The only successful cleaning is using Shaw recommended cleaner, on hands and knees, spray, wipe followed by immediate clean dry wipe, otherwise they look smeared. Not easy maintenance at 78yrs. The company from whom the flooring was purchase and installed, had been in business some 35 years, but has since closed and retired. The flooring is VERSA LOCK STYLE 0228U COLOR. 00847 SHAW Laminates 25 year warranty What would you do if this mess was in your home?? Just How Far would you go to have SHAW Flooring correct the problem, if for no other reason but to save face in the Industry. Once I asked for Shaw to send a report to personally see our complaint, but was told The company we originally felt with was responsible ...they must file a report with Shaw after they examined the buckled product. That was not possible , as the owner of many years had retired, closed the business. Thank you. Jim & Mary

    2 years, 36 weeks and 18 hours