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    I was at the centerville Ohio, far hills rd & whipp dr. In Ohio we are now mandated to wear masks. Lady behind counter said shield up plus I have cops. Ok, after I paid for propane exchange, same lady started to come out & I said I'd like the lady with a mask thank you. Second one comes out, we do the exchange & her smartass says did you wash your hands.

    Also, the phone # listed for corporate is disconn, nice strike 3.

    24 weeks, 1 day and 2 hours


    I have been in the Shell Gas Station in Stockton illinois several times. That place is lucky to be open. I will be notifing the Illinois Health Department about this. Slices of pizza sitting in watet. Nats all around the food. Bathrooms not up to code. Regular customers dining in the booths not practicing social distancing. Disrespectful people working there.

    25 weeks, 1 day and 1 hour

    My name is George Rider and I was hit with a charge of $77.41 in Cabazon, CA. I live in WV and do not have Shell stations around here. I have no idea how someone could have used my card in CA from WV. I have a transaction #(PHONE2)5 that was used at the Shell station in Cabazon. I would like to have my money back. I can't afford this kind of thing. If you find who did this they need to be prosecuted.

    25 weeks, 3 days and 2 hours


    I have been a Shell Oil credit card customer for many years, paid my bills, never late. For a few months I have used Blue Oak Shell, 9151 Foothills Blvd., Roseville California. I now find my charge account is being charged with hundreds of dollars in fuel, I did not use.I would submit that you should check the facility, because I now have over $200.00 charged to my card that I did not authorize. This is absurd and creating a great deal of stress. I have a JD and although I do not currently practice law, I will do what is necessary to correct the fraud. I have requested that my card be cancelled. Now. I would rather walk a few miles if out of gas to avoid Shell. Shell can bite me!!

    29 weeks, 1 day and 20 hours


    You have a racist manager at shell, greenway and 7th, Phoenix AZ, get out social media for video.

    30 weeks, 5 days and 21 hours

    Gary H. Dunedin Fl.

    Shell Oil Company has some of the most unprofessional customer service I have ever experienced. Is there help out there anywhere???

    36 weeks, 1 day and 2 hours

    To whom it may concern my name is David Logan I live in Ball Ground there is a Shell station on Ball Ground Highway Food Mart there is never no receipts in the machines at the park never nothing to clean a window with always dirty and they're rude please do something about it for it's the only gas station around

    36 weeks, 3 days and 43 minutes


    In the 60s shell gas gave out a cookbook when you filled your car. I had a house fire and lost mine in the fire. Does anyone know the name of that book?

    37 weeks, 23 hours and 31 minutes

    Soon to be ex customer

    Have been trying to report a lost/stolen card for 2 weeks with a total of approximately 8 hours of hold time and still have not made contact with a human. Lost or stolen cards should be addressed in a timely fashion. Everyone else in the country is figuring out how to handle this pandemic, why can't Shell?

    39 weeks, 4 days and 2 hours

    Joel Dunnington

    I have been a customer for 41 years. I used to live down the street from your headquarters in Houston.

    I just got new cards from you in the mail. They have big stickers saying to "manage your account online today". So for the last 2.5 hours, I have been trying to do that.

    I have not had an online account before. I tried to register, but I get an error message that says I do not have an email linked to my account and tells me to get the primary account holder to provide one. Where???? I am the primary account holder. There is no way I can see to manage my account online without an existing online account. Catch 22.

    When I try to ask your non-human AI Help function it takes me around and around and around. It tells me to go to my "Card Profile" and add my email address. I cannot find the "card profile" anywhere on your website. When I do a search for "Card Profile", it takes me to your employee profiles and other not so useful junk. When I ask the non-intelligent Help function where the "Card Profile" is located, it takes me on more circles.

    I have been on hold for your customer service number in an attempt to get some help from a real human eventually for over 1.5 hours.

    I think I may have to go read Catch 22 after playing on your website for hours. You are about to have an ex-customer.

    39 weeks, 5 days and 3 hours

    John Louton

    60 years ago, when I was growing up in northern Illinois, I and everybody I knew, were committed customers of our local Shell station. Almost all competing gas stations were cheaper but, all of us believe Shell products were simply better for one's vehicle.

    Don't cheapen that model by the obvious hypocrisy of claiming a serious effort to join the fight against global warming while spending millions of dollars supporting the notoriously anti-environmental health American Petroleum Institute. API is arguably the single most corruptive influence among the anti-democratic K Street crowd of lobbyists.

    Good corporate citizen or supporter of API, which are you? You can't be both!

    40 weeks, 1 day and 3 hours


    I went to the Shell gas station on route 27 and Wood Avenue in iselin New Jersey, I asked the attendant to put $20 in my gas tank on my credit card and he told me it declined I told him it was impossible to please try again and again he told me declined I said he must be doing something wrong and I would go to another gas station. At the next gas station I called my credit card and there was a zero balance I went home called the credit card company listened to the transactions and he tried to take an outragous amount off the card which yes it would decline, he also put through a second amount which wiped out my card I called the gas station and was told that he left for the day and was given the managers number Mr. Benny I told him he was extremely rude and told me there was nothing he could do. Due to the coronavirus outbreak I have been on hold for an hour and a half with my credit card had to hang up and will try again tomorrow in the meantime please anyone do not use this gas station they will rip you off if you give a credit card

    40 weeks, 5 days and 22 hours

    L diaz

    Return full service during the pandemic

    I strongly believe that communication iand education s the first line of defense in prevention. I've notice elderly, diasabled and mom with kids should have a full service section. Since hundreds of people stop for refuel this will also prevent or slow down the outbreaks. I'm sharing this with you because I care about people and my family and this will be an great contribution towards making a stand against this virus.

    42 weeks, 4 days and 21 minutes

    someone to contact me

    I went to shell gas station ran by the Hindu community 21950 Southwest Freeway, Richmond, TX 77469, I am a black female went into the store purchase a couple drinks on my way to work, I work for the Fort Bend Sheriff Department I'm not a police officer but I was in uniform, I purchased 3 drinks, I notice that the cashier had overcharge me, and out off no where this man accuse me of selling drugs and made a racial comment, I tried to call and talk to the manager, I got one response and even this person was very rude,, he made various comments about my My race, and that I came from Africa, my inherited may be there but I am born in America which is not his business nor concern, I need someone to contact me. If Shell is going to have someone working for their company or franchising with their company why would they want someone there that's being racial in the community. Unless this company uphold this attitude and conduct, is it because they're making money off of the person, they allow this?

    42 weeks, 4 days and 6 hours

    why can't i talk to a live person when i call customer service instead i get a machine telling me to push numbers for information that i don't knead i knead a person to handle my problem

    44 weeks, 1 day and 20 hours


    I need to talk to some one about a Manager's behavior at one of the San Diego County store. Can someone please reach out to me?. I was just hired, they trained me for 2 days, I have been working alone since then, I can't ask questions because the manager gets upset and she said I can only text on emergencies. On a meeting she said that we are all enemies employees and her, that I should only contact her but gets mad if I text a question. On the meeting she said no more closing the store, they close the store when they take lunch and 10 minutes break. I suggested that we should not close the store when there are 2 employees working, she got upset and said I was changing her rules. I found 14 missing scratches on my first day, she got upset, cigarettes dispersing, I numbered them she got upset. I can't ask questions, how do I do my job? Help me please.

    45 weeks, 4 days and 21 hours


    Hello, can anybody help me find shell corporation information. I am an employee of one Shell corporate own and I want the owners to see the Managers text so they can see and direct me to the right path.

    45 weeks, 4 days and 21 hours

    Dee G.

    HELLO Moron, this forum is about Shell! Did you get kicked off of other Social Media? Not about your Toddler Trump! You must be a troll or a Nazi. WTF is wrong with you? Do you even no where Benghazi is located? I'm guessing you don't . Your as dumb as your statement. LOCK UP THE CRIMINAL TRUMP and you too for that matter. You disgust me TROLL! And YES a revolution is coming against you racists!

    46 weeks, 3 days and 22 hours

    Dee G.

    Sorry Old Geezer, I hope you get resolution soon. I am not and just posted my issue with the Shell credit card. I agree the problem is not the product, it's the credit division that has major problems. My concern is if Shell and or MasterCard is so inept with our accounts I for one can't trust them with my credit.

    46 weeks, 3 days and 22 hours

    Dee G.

    Our Shell Mastercards expired on 1/31/2020. It is now 2/18/2020 and we still haven't received the replacement cards. I've called 6 times! Each time (till today's call) I've been told replacements will arrive in 2 days, 7-10 days. Today's call I didn't get an answer. I was told by 3 different CS people that this is a wide spread problem with cards that expired in January. Our cards expired 19 days ago! But they issued a bill on 2/10/2020 they expect me to pay on time. But they can't issue cards that expired in a timely manner? I'm done with Shell and MasterCard!

    46 weeks, 3 days and 22 hours

    Rachel Schroeder

    I stopped at a Shell station in Summertown, TN recently, and was told by the clerk that it was "against food codes for me to 'refill' my polystyrene coffee cup". She charged me a refill price, in spite of the fact. I looked up the related codes and printed them out at home. They say NOTHING about not reusing a polystyrene coffee cup! Next time there, I refuted their claim, only to be told, "It,s just company policy." Really?! Because no other Shell station ANYWHERE has ever told me that? Only the one in Summertown, TN? I guess they just like charging extra for the cup and adding to undegradable waste in the landfill?

    47 weeks, 1 day and 1 hour

    Old Geezer

    I don't have a problem with the product, but I do have a problem with the "customer service dept" that deals with credit cards, statements (charges and payments). The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing, and nobody listens to your problem about statements not showing a payment, even though my bank shows payment and my bank statement shows payment, but for some unknown reason, the Shell credit card people have a problem finding it... still trying to get it resolved, but it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack regarding any resolution...

    48 weeks, 6 days and 19 hours



    49 weeks, 4 days and 22 hours

    Barbara Langer

    My company has been a Shell Gas Fleet customer for over 30 years. In recent years the Shell company switched its fleet gas card billing to WEX Bank. They had decided to charge customers ****.00 fee for the privilege of receiving a paper statement for gas purchases on the fleet card. We agreed to receive electronic billing via email. Unfortunately, they do not always email an invoice, yet expect the customer to somehow know when it is time to obtain an invoice and to find it on line. They also have an idea that even paid invoices should be considered "late", even though checks have been shown to have been cleared. Their phone staff admits that they hold check and only clear them after 10 days. They charge a ridiculous "late fee" of $39.00 plus interest. Because of this, we have deiced, after 30 years of being a Shell Fleet Customer, to cancel our card with them.

    50 weeks, 2 days and 7 hours

    not doing that

    I am a executive of my Corpestion. Past President of a Solids Control Corp. Dealt with Shell and other corporations like Shell in Exploration and Production .Land and Offshore.

    I respect others and always respectful to others. That's not the case with this Shell employees that are dressed in their Shell Provided Clothing. SHELL on his shirt and Jacket.At a large retail he went in front of me - saying he was at this location before myself- I stated that he was not. He offered a few words - showing his level of education and upbringing.

    I have Stock is Shell- I am so displeased that a member of Shell's Team- Here he is wearing Shells Provided Clothing - showing the poor class that discredits Shell.

    I am advising my stock broker to sell off Shell Holdings.

    Name Not Provided

    He did not take his turn -

    The lady that served us both said he was not correct. BAD SHELL - No longer dealing with any portion of SHELL CORP.

    1 year, 3 days and 22 hours