• Simmons First National Corp

    Pine Bluff
    Street Address
    PO Box 7009
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    J Thomas May
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    none. Mandrell

    This is the worst bank I have ever dealt with u can not talk to no one on the phone I drive to town the bank is closed I go thru drive thru n no help u would think yall would be out to help people at time like this instead yall dont bother helping nobody give you the run around n dont care. I would not recommend this bank to noone.

    22 weeks, 5 days and 18 hours


    I am writing to file a complaint on an employee at Simmons bank in lake village, ar. Susan is a black woman who works at Simmons bank in lake village. She caught an attitude with me and slammed a door n my face as I was trying to speak with her. I feel that the bank is treating me unfair. I am always discriminated against at this bank. They treated me like I was about to attack someone. They called the police on me because I needed a important bank statement 87 year old grandmother. Who is disabled and can't read or spell well. I am her power of attorney also. They give me a hard time with getting important documents I need for my grandmother. I get treated differently by the boss at the bank and employees because I do not have an account at their bank , and I have an old bill with them. I am not able to get any important documents unless I have my grandma present. I do that and still I am discriminated against by all of the staff. I think that they Dont like that I take care of my grandmother bills and balance her bank account for her. I also pay all of her bills for her also. I am in tears because it really hurt my feelings that they called the police on me. I was not violent at all. But they always treat me as a threat when I come in their bank. I will never do business with this bank again. I also plan on closing my grandmother account at that location.

    2 years, 8 weeks and 5 days