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    Siloam Springs
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    PO Box 430
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    Todd Simmons
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    Linda Mckinney

    Just a cocern aboute thesexaul herassment in southwest city mo simmons chicken plant my girlfriend syarted there a month agoe . a girl walked up to her and ask if she was marriend . she was asking for a qa guy that wanted to know.there needs to be something done aboute it plus my girl friend felt uncomfortable when walk threw a part of the plant and a bunch of guys wiser at her. It should be more professional. Then what it is dont you agree.plus she got yelled at from people she was doing her job and the other guy that was suposse to help her was else where.

    2 years, 46 weeks and 1 day

    Marie Knox

    Dear Sirs,

    I just bought and tried for the 1st time Simmon Sweet Barbecued flavor boneless Wyngz-No. on package 0 (PHONE) 3- I cooked them in the oven exactly as suggested on package. I was so disappointed with the product. The wings were dry and tasted as if they had been in the bag for months. The actual expiration date read 9/3/2017. Really so disappointed ---your quality control people should check this out---I would not buy this product again and would not recommend it to anyone. So sorry to be negative but when you spend good money and are so totally disappointed some should be told so that they can correct whatever this issue is.

    3 years, 39 weeks and 1 day