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    Barry Dixon

    Why can't we the Military buy OLED TVs in the military exchanges! Your representatives of sale for your company is poor! We the military want to do business but they are trying to sale us stuff we don't want!

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    38 weeks, 1 day and 23 hours



    38 weeks, 1 day and 23 hours

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    Consumer Affairs for Sony

    Bought a Sony Television 8 months ago. Picture tube went out on it a week ago. Called Sony repair...said repairman will be in touch within 3 to 5 days. Received an email from repairman.....part is backordered. Part probably being made in China...which means a delay probably up to a month before they receive replacement part. Now my problem is: 1. Sony send me a new 48" television .since you can't fix "rapid" fix or reimbursee me the $800.

    Believe so far Sony has left a bad taste for me.....no picture tube has been a problem since the early days of television.

    Beverly Polito.....(PHONE)

    39 weeks, 5 days and 22 hours


    I just bought 1080 receiver spent hours on the phone with your tech support, receiver does not work, I talked with Ryan on ****/19 told Sony would take of the issue, now can't reach Ryan, and having issues with help.

    Please contact me to resolve.


    Larry Phillips

    Case #04726355

    1 year, 17 weeks and 21 hours


    My tv stopped working 7 weeks ago. I have called every week with the same excuse that the part is still on back order. Who makes a tv and doesn't have parts readily available to be fixed. They refuse to let you speak to management and any phone number posted is a non working phone number. I would't take a Sony tv if someone gave it to me. NEVER again will I purchase anything from Sony.

    1 year, 18 weeks and 1 day

    Rachel Rivas

    I worked for Sony Micro Electronics in San Antonio, TX from (PHONE). I'm checking with fidelity if had any pension with Sony but they need confirmation I worked at Sony during that time. Who can help me with that? Any guidance will be greatly appreciated! My contact number is (PHONE) or email (EMAIL). Thank you!!!

    1 year, 20 weeks and 2 days

    same here, i bought Sony LED , and its having fault, gone three times at Sony Services Centre withing 10 months , i have sent emails so many times but there is no action and reply even my Sony LED is damaged at Sony Services Centre , but they are not taking any action on this. This Sadaf Niaz from Karachi Pakistan.since June I am sending emails, contacting them , but no response.

    Flat No. 501

    Silk Mall & Residency

    Plot No. 3, Block No. 3,

    Bahadur Yar Jang Cooperative Housing Society,

    Shaheed-e-Millat Road,

    Karachi - Pakistan

    Ph: 0092 (PHONE)

    1 year, 21 weeks and 1 day


    I have COMPLETELY agree with you!!!

    Their mobile devices are ****! Which is totally unacceptable for the amount of money they cost. AND, to top it all off. Their customer service and management team are ill informed about their repair process. Just a heads-up! If you ever have to send your mobile device to them...it's being shipped to Canada. Of course, I didn't discover this information, until AFTER they had my device, and repaired it. I guess, it depends on what day, or person you speak with...on whether or not you'll get any information that is a straight forward answer....SMH...All I can say is, "I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SONY PRODUCT, again!!! Not EVER!! And, I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau, and advising all of my family and friends NOT to purchase their products.

    1 year, 24 weeks and 14 hours


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    1 year, 26 weeks and 6 days

    Performed a SONY recommended update on my KDL65w850c 4 days ago and my tv hasnt worked since. Spoke to "support" who honestly isnt support because they only speak from script not from knowledge of issue. They say tv needs a part but couldnt tell me what part is needed and why. Then advise me 2 days later that part us out is stock and to wait an unspecified amount of time. TV is 2 yrs old and I have a Panasonic thats 15yrs old been thru hell and still works. I simply want someone to tell me exactly what happened as a result of this update and why my tv is now not working. Unacceptable for such a huge BRAND NAME.

    1 year, 30 weeks and 1 day


    This is about the 3rd tv purchased that died after a couple of years. Stick a fork in me because I'm done with Sony. Never again

    1 year, 30 weeks and 2 days


    purchased a sony tv two years ago and when we watch amazon, the tv shuts down stating that "internet browser will shut down due to internal error. we find that this is not our internet service but a defect with the 2,000.00 dollar tv we bought at best buy. this is very frustrating that sony does not take responsibility for their defective tv. we bought the sony only because my disabled husband has always liked sony and the tv was the most impressive one that we saw at best buy. to try to get someone to correct the problem or even a response from sony is totally frustrating at this point. even when we put on regular channels the tv flashes" internal problem" is this the way sony conducts business?? we also bought the extended warranties. if this problem cannot be fixed by sony I don't think that I will ever buy a sony product again

    1 year, 36 weeks and 4 days


    Purchased a Sony soundbar from Best Buy. No HDMI cords in the box, so Best Buy told us to bring the product back. At the store they told us the product in the box was not what we paid for...it was an older and cheaper model then what we paid for. They said, "we are not calling you liars, but..." Best Buy believed we had swapped products when we asked to just pick up cords for the ones they left out. It was a horribly, frustrating experience which has taught me to NEVER trust Sony.

    1 year, 36 weeks and 5 days

    Disappointed in sony

    I purchased a Sony TV about 2 years ago it worked fine for the first year a month after the factory warranty expired it went out why would anyone want to buy a tv that only last one year. I will never purchase second rate Sony products again.

    1 year, 41 weeks and 6 days

    We are on a PS4 someone hacked my son's account changed the password and then started stealing money from my bank account. Sony or Playstation has banned my son's account and holding it hostage until we pay them back all of the money we said was stolen from us. Seriously? Are you freaking kidding me you are holding an account hostage and extorting money that's it illegal as all get-out and I'm going to be blasting Sony or PlayStation or whoever the hell they think they are for the scam that they are running if I was you I would check my bank accounts make sure all your PlayStation purchases are from you. A major company like this employing people that instead of dealing directly with my bank about said charges you're going to try to be Scarface and call me up demanding that money back because you know employee of Sony what goes on in my house and telling me that someone in my house stole my credit card how dare you how dare you! We'll see how fun and talk to you are when the district attorney gets ahold of this and then gets ahold of you extortion is illegal and you can't interpret that any other way if you wanted to dispute the funds you should have did it with the bank and not calling me at 8 at night demanding the cash and then play actually said that will turn your account back active if you give us the money you said was stolen from you I've got it on recording. Good luck Sony guarantee you the legal fees alone will disrupt your mode of business because when this breaks open all hell's going to break loose! I would hate to work for Sony right now and trust me the district attorney is not going to stand for this to be drawn out for years and years and years this is going to be a quick short and sweet punch a reality for this corporation that thinks they own everything and do no wrong.

    1 year, 44 weeks and 2 days


    I own an XBR-55X 900E Model TV. CASE 04124676. Since November my TV has been turning itself on by itself erratically.I have called numerous times, spent hours on the phone. I have ruined a USB stick trying to download an update. I have bought an Ethercord which did not work. The last call, I was told the update wasn't available in my area until mid February.

    I have had it with Sony! When I had a power surge I replaced all my electronics with Sony products. NEVER AGAIN!!!

    1 year, 44 weeks and 3 days

    joanne leone

    i am so thoroughly disgusted with Sony I'm 60 years old and I have over a hundred Sony products the one time that I need help I have been trying for almost seven weeks to reach out to somebody and I can't speak to anybody they can speak English I've been given nine phone numbers every time I call the phone numbers they give me another phone number I have spent countless hours on the phone trying to reach somebody and nobody calls me back I called and emailed Lisa get part who she supposed to be Sony CEO well guess what she's not with the company anymore either and I wonder why can somebody please get back to me my number is (PHONE)

    1 year, 45 weeks and 18 hours

    It's like the bot gained sentience...

    1 year, 46 weeks and 6 days

    Geordano felix

    when you preorder a game or a digital content , sony refuse to cancel order and refund the mony, even i still have 3 monts to get the delivery, this is not ok, and this is abuse of power and a tacti tto collect money..

    1 year, 47 weeks and 2 days

    Steve Wozniak

    Sony PlayStation sux! They sell the worst game consoles they made sega stop selling consoles


    1 year, 48 weeks and 3 days


    It is an absolute disgrace for Sony to be using the Richard Rogers' sublime music as the jingle in a commercial hawking your corrupt Playstation. What next? You exploiting, ignorant pigs!

    1 year, 51 weeks and 1 day

    Hi, my name is curtis_ Whitehurst I don,t know Sony corporation of America new mailing address I sent some defectives cassettes to Sony 25 Madison avenue and my cassettes came back my replacements should have been 2 Sony Gf_x 90 min. Blank cassettes. How can I receive my 2 Sony gf_x 90 min. Cassettes. My address is curtis_whitehurst 514 Roanoke Avenue Elizabeth City N.c. 27909

    2 years, 8 weeks and 6 days

    this person name dave wheeler is avery very bad person,,

    2 years, 9 weeks and 21 hours