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    I placed a Teleflora order on Thursday for delivery on Saturday for my daughter's 16th birthday. I get an EMAIL Saturday telling me the delivery cannot by fulfilled due to the florist not having the flowers for the bouquet I selected...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! They had the nerve to ask me to select the next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for the delivery! First, WHY didn't they CALL me? WHY did they wait til Saturday, the day of the scheduled delivery? This was my daughter's 16th birthday! I had to scramble around to find a florist that did have the flowers I wanted for her at the last minute. I was so upset and frustrated. Totally unacceptable Teleflora. NOT COOL!

    16 weeks, 1 day and 8 hours

    John Nick

    I would like to communicate my "horrible" experience with TELEFLORA. I ordered flowers for my son's wedding & was assured three times that the delivery would be "on time"

    Not only wasn't the delivery on time --They told me via e-mail a day latter that they could not make the delivery.

    I was told it would be there Monday 2 days after the destination wedding.

    I would NOT recommend TELEFLORA to anyone!! There are too many reputable on line floral companies!

    On a scale of 1-10 --I would give them a zero. John Nick (EMAIL)

    32 weeks, 2 days and 7 hours


    Teleflora has failed me in May 2020 and June 2020 with flowers to be delivered on my grandmother birthday and my auntie in the hospital

    their flowers cost in deluxe was expensive and the flowers they received looked like a 10.00 bunch from the supermarket. I called and complained and received half of the money back but never was i told they could redeliver more flowers. I will no longer use Teleflora I used them for years I had the same problem one other time years ago but I see the problem is still there. The Florist they use take advantage of the fact they are requested from people out of state and now I have pictures to prove that they give you what they want. I am over it and over them !!!

    They give teleflora a bad name and Teleflora should check out the florists they use !!!!!!

    36 weeks, 3 days and 9 hours

    Flower blunder

    I ordered a gorgeous bouquet from Teleflora's on line website, I even upgraded it paying almost $100. They delivered, literally, a bunch of flowers in a vase! The recipient sent me a picture with her thanks, she was surprised and happy (First time GrandMom). I was so embarrassed! I emailed Teleflora a copy of the picture the recipient sent, expressing my dissatisfaction, and hoping that they would make things right by resending the bouquet I paid for. Instead they made it sound like I was dissatisfied with a perfectly good substitution! and they refunded me $19.59! Out of a $116 bill!!!!!!.

    I agree with those here who have complained about the company's dishonesty. I'm also emailing the CEO for whatever it's worth. I do not want the money back, I want what I paid for to be delivered.

    39 weeks, 4 days and 23 hours


    Teleflora uses false advertising to sell a product that doesn't exist, except for in a picture on their own website. They fool people by making you believe that you are buying a product that looks a certain way, then when it is delivered, you get something completely different. I called the local florist who delivered my mom's flowers. She told me that Teleflora has inaccurate descriptions and pictures of their flowers and they need to do something about it. I bought their "premium" flowers, what my mom got was a small bouquet of flowers that looks like a child handpicked it from a field of wildflowers. It was much smaller than what I was led to believe. They didn't have trouble filling the order. The florist was sent the price of the flowers and fulfilled the order accordingly. However, it wasn't as big, as lush, or as "premium" as the flowers in the pictures. So, Teleflora uses false advertising to lure customers in to buy a product that doesn't exist and has a florist deliver a product that is much smaller and much uglier than the flowers in the picture on their site. Read the many comments on this page. I can understand a mistake here or there, but to actually have this many people upset with Teleflora's deceitful and manipulative business practice is ridiculous and wrong. It is unconscionable that people buy flowers for their terminally-ill relatives, for anniversaries, birthdays, Mother's Day, special occasions, gifts, etc.. and their recipients receive much less than what was purchased. The CEO needs to resign or intervene and make this all right. But, SOMETHING needs to be done about this

    40 weeks, 3 days and 23 hours

    Jeffrey DeLong

    Very disappointed in the service. Promises on delivery not kept. Now I'm stuck getting a mother day gift.

    40 weeks, 5 days and 7 hours


    They just did the same thing to me.

    43 weeks, 5 days and 1 hour


    When did Teleflora get into the business of stealing money from their customers? Covid19 does not give you the right to take my money.

    I asked you guys to cancel my order if you could not honor the selection I made. The person on the line said she will put in the order no substitutions. Someone was supposed to contact me if they could not send the order as requested. This is stealing as far as I am concern. I want a refund.

    43 weeks, 5 days and 1 hour

    Sandra Love

    I placed an order with Teleflora to send to my sister because she had to put her dog to sleep . So I decided to send her some flowers and make her feel better I have used this service several times never had a problem .So this time my sister receive a bouquet that wasn't what I ordered I contact the company they told me they will have someone in that local area call me back which never happened .I got in contact with every florist in that area and they all told me that the order was rejected because they didn't have that particular flower to fulfill the order . I asked for a full refund or to complete the order what I asked for they first told me they will give me 15% back me while my order was $90 then they told me they would just give me 50% of my order I feel it was not right they made the error so they should give me back a full refund..

    43 weeks, 5 days and 5 hours

    D. A. Houser

    This is absolutely inexcusable at such a desolate time of mourning.. I am mortified and embarrassedthat my arrangement was not receivedat the venue. I have know idea who it was "hand delivered" to since the event was over. I should have just thrown the money in trash because that's exactly what has happened. What an absolute waste.The arrangement did not reach it's destination as promised. Abominable. Abysmal. Never again Teleflora.

    49 weeks, 2 days and 1 hour

    Really disappointed

    Obviously, Stuart Resnick is another rich fat old billionaire who doesn't give a $#!t if a grieving family's memorial is ruined. He got his big tax cut and too bad for the peons and their trivial little lives.

    Karma Stuart, Karma. If you're going to buy a company, you should be responsible that it works up to expectations.

    51 weeks, 1 day and 22 hours


    HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE experience!!!!

    I ordered flowers on 2/12 for a funeral on 2/15 and to my shock and embarrassment they were not delivered. If you couldn't handle a delivery the day after Valentines Day you should have told me when you took my money. What kind of floral company misses a funeral delivery? To make matters worse I wasn't even notified that the flowers weren't sent to the funeral...I had to ask a grieving family member if the flowers were at the service.

    I re-ordered something to be send to the bereaved family's home and was told I would get a 40% discount on the order. This was not sent either. I called again and was told my order would be comp'ed and still nothing was sent. Today I spent over an hour on the phone trying to get a supervisor to refund all of my money so I could take my business to reputable local florist. This supervisor didn't even try to appease me with any kind of additional offer. I would think that the 3 plus hours I spent trying to get these flowers delivered would generate some kind of formal apology and compensation.

    I will never, ever, ever do business at Teleflora again and I will sure be share to my horrible experience with my friends and family. Your poor service and despicable customer support has lost my business forever.

    51 weeks, 3 days and 22 hours


    I ordered flowers on Feb. 12 for delivery on Feb 14 for a funeral. Never prepared, never delivered. No notice. I understand it was Valentine's Day BUT a funeral should take precedence over a delivery of Valentine's Day flowers. They can arrive a day late, funeral you have one shot to get it right.

    I re-ordered to get something delivered to the person's home, again no notice of delivery. And I was promised that I would be comped for the order. All I got was $7.50, seriously?? I will be using a different company from now on. I've never had problems with any other flower company.

    51 weeks, 5 days and 5 hours


    Yes this also has been my experience.

    1 year, 2 days and 6 hours

    Teleflora is awful. Their customer service absolutely hates their customers and go to great lengths to show their disdain towards anyone unfortunate enough to use Teleflora services.

    They lie constantly about order delivery. They make up whatever nonsense they feel like telling you at the time.

    1 year, 4 days and 3 hours

    Terrie L Cole

    I would like to know how your company plans to reinverse me for the purchase I was unable to recieve?!?!?!? I explained in the previous rating that the intial purchase was on a unreloadable gift card. And since there apparently NO Florist in Carson City, Reno or Gardnerville, Nevada that could possibly fulfill the original or any order for delivery. The Telaflora should have indicated that when I put in the delivery ZIP CODE!!! For some giving up $60 is nothing, however for me its a HARDSHIP! All I wanted was to give my daughter her Birthday Wish. Flowers on her day and this company TOTALY DISAPPOINTED, me but most of all my Daughter. I am including my email address and look forward to hearing from

    1 year, 4 weeks and 12 hours

    Terrie L Cole

    Mr. Resnick,

    I would like to know how your company plans to reinverse me for the purchase I was unable to recieve?!?!?!? I explained in the previous rating that the intial purchase was on a unreloadable gift card. And since there apparently NO Florist in Carson City, Reno or Gardnerville, Nevada that could possibly fulfill the original or any order for delivery. The Telaflora should have indicated that when I put in the delivery ZIP CODE!!! For some giving up $60 is nothing, however for me its a HARDSHIP! All I wanted was to give my daughter her Birthday Wish. Flowers on her day and this company TOTALY DISAPPOINTED, me but most of all my Daughter. I am including my email address and look forward to hearing from (EMAIL2).

    1 year, 4 weeks and 23 hours

    Terrie L Cole

    Mr Resnick, Here is a copy of the email I sent to your customer service department. To Whom it May Concern, I have NEVER had such a negative experiene with any company as I have with this one. I started on January 15, 2020 to order flowers to be delivered the following day to my daughter, for her birthday. First arrangement I choice, unavailible at this time. Ok, I chose a different arrangement" BEAUTIFUL IN BLUE" . Everything looked fine. Day of delivery, I get an email, text, voicemail, unable to deliver!!!! I call, spoke with a young lady she said, There is a blizzard!!! There was snow NO BLIZZARD!!! I will except people are uneasy driving in snow. And she said, oh we are sorry there are no blue flowers in your area!!!!! I said, OK, please have the florist put the flowers in a blue vase with blue ribbon and bright colorful flowers. She said we can take care of that for you. Perfect, the delivery was delayed a day no problem, I understood. She was going to refund me a percentage of the cost for the flowers... I told her I had purchased these flowers with a gift card and there is no way to reload the card!!!! NEXT DAY!!!! MESSAGES, CANNOT DELIVER FLOWERS!!!! I call back again I spoke with Pamela, she tells me the florist didn't send the arrangement out because they thought I would be mad that the "Beautiful in Blue" could not be made, she even read the directions to the florist with my ok to use a blue vase, viverant flowers or wild flowers. Pamela assured me this will be taken care of for you. Pamela was going to again give me a refund in part for my payment, I explained to her as well can not reload the gift card. NEXT DAY AGAIN!!! CANNOT DELIVER FLOWERS!!!! January 19, 2020...Florest closed!!!! I am becoming VERY AGGITATED my Daughter's birthday has come and gone.....with no flowers. We are AGAIN getting messages CAN NOT DELIVER!!!! Here is todays lovely **** story. Spoke with Emm around 9:30 this morning,sorry for the delay, we will take care of it for you they will be delivered today. She offered to refund partial purchase price again I explained cannot be done. Confirmed blue vase viverant flowers. It will be delivered. A couple hours later ANOTHER MESSAGE: CANNOT DELIVER. This time I spoke with Vincent who disconnected me. Then I called back spoke with Emm again, asked to speak to a Supervisor was put on hold for 35 minutes. I called back got Cy and was put on hold for another 20 minutes. She finally came on to tell me she got me a Supervisor, I would be put on a short hold while he reviewed my order. I finally got Lawrence who after putting me agin on hold comes back to say AFTER 5 DAYS OF THIS ****, there is no florist in the area to deliver flowers. I will cancel your order and refund your money. Well after AGAIN EXPLAINING, there is no way to reload the card I used, I was AGAIN DISCONNECTED... no call back from Telaflora. And apparently I am out my purchase price for the arrangement. On top of feeling this is one of the most unproffessional companies I have EVER delt with. I cannot believe there is NO FLORIST in Carson City, NV that does not work with Telaflora. If it is true that there is NO LOCAL FLORIST in the area of zip code 89701, why are you advertising and taking orders in our area? I do know that I will NEVER use this company again and I intend to file a complaint the Better Business Bureau and with the State of Nevada, and anyone else I can think of. Respectfully, Terrie L . Cole

    1 year, 4 weeks and 2 days

    Rick Stoer

    Ordered center piece to be delivered Mon. 12/23. As of 12/26 it was still not delivered. Called customer service and they tried to track down!

    No help. Teleflora really sucks! Won't use them again.

    1 year, 7 weeks and 6 days


    Ordered two separate orders from Teleflora.com

    Me going to Alabama and the other to Connecticut, I got a email about the Connecticut order stating the item was no longer available and I called the call center and was advised the florist could just make something similar and I said that's fine. About 18:30 eastern time I called to check on both orders and was informed that the Ct. order was canceled because the florist were in there busy time of the year and couldn't get it delivered. Customer service had no answers as to how to resolve the issue and just kept repeating that it was canceled. I had to cal to find out it was canceled and they had no idea how to fix the issue. Apparently I spoke to a supervisor and they were clueless also. Very poor business practices with this place

    1 year, 8 weeks and 5 days


    I have used teleflora for years and never had a problem until this year. Ordered my usual Thomas Kincade premium piece and got a candle with some Holly berries! It was pityful! Sent a picture to customer service and never even got a response!

    1 year, 9 weeks and 3 days


    This company is nothing but a scam. The florists they contract with do not provide arrangements that look anything like the pictures on the website and they don't deliver when they say they will. My arrangement arrived at the recipient's house and was left on the doorstep in freezing weather....uncovered! Flowers were ruined. Recipient was never contacted. She found the flowers 14 hours after they were delivered....ruined. I paid almost $100 for NOTHING!

    1 year, 11 weeks and 1 day

    Lisa Moririson

    terrible! There is no customer service help no matter how many times you call. Ordered a arrangement for my sisters 60th Birthday....would have been better off buying a arrangement from the grocery store. The arrangement looked nothing like the photo. They arrived on the wrong date and no balloon. Calling the complaint in they were supposed to have sent a replacement . Still no resolution. I'll stop payment and never use Teleflora again....No wonder people just send gift cards,getting flowers from Teleflora is a scam! My next call Better business.

    1 year, 14 weeks and 1 day


    Gloria, I can wholly sympathize. Show my note here to your boss and he or she will understand. The same thing just happened to me. The arrangement was ordered on Thursday to be delivered on a Friday to the place of business of a young man whose sister had just died so that he would receive it before leaving town for the funeral. The arrangement was not delivered. Late on Monday afternoon the arrangement had still not been delivered though I was told hours earlier that "it was on the truck." When the arrangement finally did arrive, it bore no resemblance to the so-called Peaceful Zen Garden. It looked as if the florist had dumped a bunch of cactus in a box along with a dried out stick of bamboo. A small gesture at a time of great tragedy for this young man was completed obviated by the ineptitude of the Teleflora organization. I feel sorry for the customer service people who work for Teleflora. There seems to be no accountability for the ineptitude of this company.

    1 year, 16 weeks and 6 hours


    I placed an order the night before for a delivery for a funeral to be held the next day and the funeral has come and gone and no flowers. This was placed paying a priority fee to make sure with notes stating that the funeral was in the morning and that we would need them. It is now 3pm the funeral is over and the flowers never made it. What kinda of service is this no call no email absolutely nothing. I have now been on hold for over 25 mins being put on hold since they say the called the local florist and no one is answering???????? what type of service is this yet all I hear on hold is how my call is important to us. I am beyond upset as this was requested by my boss on behalf of my company.

    1 year, 16 weeks and 6 days