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    Appalling behavior, It's your responsibility/duty to defend your wife honor.

    You need to teach "James" a lesson by cutting his balls off and staple them to his forehead.

    1 year, 21 weeks and 5 days

    Appalling behavior

    Would like to have some feedback from management from the Wasilla Tesoro on parks highway next to Fred Meyer for the incident involving "James" employee of Tesoro on the evening of July 20th. He sexually harassed my wife to the point where a coworker was so upset she walked away saying she cannot believe what was said. This is inexcusable and appalling behavior. As a husband I would expect a appropriate disciplinary action.

    1 year, 21 weeks and 5 days


    What is wrong with america these days starts right here with good old fasioned courtesy and politeness. While some people went camping or just relaxed on memorial day, others including myself organized and paricipated in programs that honored and recognized the the service and sacrifice of those who've served. After a long weekend on our way home to Willow Ak, we stopped at the Tesoro near pitman rd. In Wasilla to get gas. While my wife payed and pumped i had fallen asleep accidently. Knowing we were both tired she allowed me to rest while she sent email thanking other volunteers for their help this weekend. Approx. 45 mins went by when there was what seemed to be a loud knock and i woke to find a rude TESORO employee telling me i had been there to long and if i didnt leave the state troopers would be called and i couldnt be at the pumps that long or she couldnt have me at the pumps that long. Spoken in the rudest most unprofesional manner i believe to be possible. There was no other costomers at the 12 pumps or inside as i could tell. The first question should have been is everything ok?. I will not support companies who put such unprofesional people in customer service rolls. So as unsafe as it may have been i was forced back onto the road. Luckily i made it home. Or i may have sued had i been involved in an accident.

    2 years, 29 weeks and 3 days