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    I think just cause your white had nothing to do with being asked to wait in car ,many restaurants ask people do so .the part were waiting inside while there sounds like it had people already waiting inside and may not been room as 6 feet rules most restaurants make you wait outside till they have a seat .its not there fault you couldn't park closer or dressed for the cold weather .be more understanding covid19 is real and restaurants are trying to do there part in making each person safe .

    3 years, 17 weeks and 6 days
    Chris Imler

    Chris Imler
    On the evening of November 2nd 2020 myself and 2 other people I work with entered the TGIF"s in Lithonia GA. Now I'm not wanting to sound like a racist even though that is exactly how it will sound. I ASSURE you I am not. Anyway, we entered the restaurant and spoke to the hostess. We told her there was a total of 3 in our party. She said there was a 15-20 minute wait. We told her that was fine and she took down a name for the waiting list. We asked where the restroom was located to wash our hands and such since we had been working on a jobsite and driving over the road. So after leaving the restroom we moved to the front of the store to the "waiting area". When the hostess returned from sitting some customers at their table she told us they would call us when our table was ready. We said ok and continued to wait. She then told us that we had to sit outside on the patio or in our vehicle. Now our vehicle is a dually pickup truck with a 28 foot trailer hooked to it that we use for work. There was little to no parking available in their lot so we walked a little distance to get to the restaurant. And the outdoor patio was outside and the temperature was 35 degrees so not exactly ideal to wait. Now here are a few key points to take note of....
    1) There were 4-5 customers waiting inside on to-go orders. And they were Black.
    2) All the customers that were seated were Black.
    3) All of the visible staff were Black.
    4) All of the customers that were walking out with to-go orders after we walked in, went to the restroom and started waiting for our table were Black.
    5) Myself and my coworkers are all White.
    6) There was nothing noted on any of the front doors or windows that stated anything about us NOT being able to wait inside.
    This is why I said earlier in this post that I did not want to be perceived as a racist, even though it looks that way. So we told her if we could not wait inside she could remove our name from the waiting list. And we left the restaurant and ate dinner at a different restaurant. We understand the restrictions placed upon restaurants during this pandemic as we work all along the East coast throughout the Southeastern part of the country, so we've experienced a lot of the different stages of the restrictions. This was the first time any of us had experienced any form of this treatment. And I DO NOT mean as White people, I mean as a paying customer. This is part of what has been wrong with our country for a longtime. Now we are back to segregation in restaurants. This casts a poor image of a corporate restaurant in my opinion. The only color that should matter should be GREEN!!!!

    3 years, 27 weeks and 3 days