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    I have been trying to reach someone at the TJ Maxx headquarters for 2 days now. Your automated system just loops you back to the "main menu". It seems as if you don't want to hear from your consumers. I'm frustrated with trying to speak to someone. I've even tried calling Carol Meyrowitz, but again, I was just looped back around to the "main menu".
    My concern is real. On Saturday, Feb 27th, at around 8:00 pm, my daughter was shopping at the TJ Maxx in Ramsey New Jersey. A woman came into the store telling customers that a man with a gun was outside. My daughter called her father and me, and was understandable panicked. She was give NO direction from your store employees. No announcements were made, and when asked, your employees said they did not know what was going on. From my daughters phone, we could hear all the sirens, and her panic was growing minute by minute. There was no place to hide, and there was no place to go. There was absolutely NOTHING that your store staff did or said. No lockdown procedures were performed, no doors were locked, no directions were given. NOTHING!
    It was me who called the Ramsey Police and told them where my daughter was. They informed me that she should go to her car and leave the shopping center as quickly as possible. I told her and thankfully she made it out of there safe but quite shaken.
    I feel that your employees did a horrible job. They should all be trained in lockdown procedures, and should have been in contact with the Ramsey Police Department from the moment of hearing about the gunman. Carol, if this message gets to you, I hope you will insist on crisis procedures for your employees to be trained on and those procedures to be followed....

    46 weeks, 4 days and 9 hours

    Poor management tactics many people upset and contacting DOL and OSHA about safety concerns poor training, and rude managers creating hostile work environment. Managers walk past security and loss prevention, remove the masks, cough less than two feet from you, and brag about it in the parking lot. This breach in OSHA and state mandated rules of social distancing, and wearing face masks in public and common areas is pathetic. I had to take time off and take the Covid-19 test. Some people including management think this is fake news. Luckily, my cold and flu-luke symptoms were from inconsiderate employees removing masks in lockers and sneezing, coughing, and farting nasty things from the restrooms by the office. Non-office slaves have to use the freezing cold water in back. Per cdc guidelines, vented masks are not encouraged. Having cloth face masks with inappropriate images and marijuana, hemp, and referring to nesters as "Stripper cages," and sneaking in ipod headphones, sexting and texting while on the job is common place. All you have to do is act like you are working. You intentionally DON'T work Friday so that you have OT for the weekend. Reverse discrimination where the majority of spanish speaking Latino American retaliation, white privilege, and so on. We have rights.... employee rights per DOL, OSHA, as well as laws on the books protecting hard working AMERICANS. [?][?][?][?]

    50 weeks, 1 day and 2 hours

    Why are worker's comp claims and OSHA violations so common place? I am one of many associates with safety concerns. During inclement weather we are forced to work in priority truck with water leaking through the roof. When I addressed issues with Shipping supervisor was told If I had any complaints or concerns he will call the union are replace my with a temporary employee. I thought safety was to be a concern. They perceived me as a whistleblower, and opted to IGNORE multiple OSHA violations. A co-worker got hurt. The unwritten rule in Bloomfield CT is black and brown lives matter. Reverse discrimination against non latinos is very high. You MUST be compliant and very accommodating to spanish speaking employees. They can work when and if they want. If you dare complaint about them they will harass and gang up on you. Many grievancey issues with union. Corporate, management, and disgruntled minorities vs. professional hard working AMERICANS who will protest and picket in front of Bloomfield, CT Distribution Center, and any and every HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc in the New England area. Social media posts the key union members, new hires, and innocent bystanders

    50 weeks, 1 day and 3 hours