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    Steve Lawrence

    I have a four ton unit twice the size that I need and it quit working it has a 10 year warranty which Trane refuses to honor I spent $10,000 on a unit where I could've spent $3000 on a cheaper unit that would still be cooling I have called Trane six times put in two formal complaints and emailed them 10 times with no response. This is poor company with bad equipment with poor workers that leave you hanging. my recommendation is do not buy a train air conditioning you will lose your money. Your time and your patience!

    23 weeks, 1 day and 6 hours


    I live in Ridgeland Mississippi and the biggest air conditioner company is Trane in the Jackson area. The owner of that company is destroying the environment with AC'S/Freon. Ford Terry that owns of Trane is sending air conditioners home with an employee to dispose of AC'S in a residential area. In this area many people are sick....I have endless pictures and video of Terry services employee taking guns out of the Terry services truck. Terry services is a very rich company and he's a member of the good ole boy system everyone is looking over these toxic air conditioners. Just an idea of how toxic this county is Madison County Mississippi is number one for breast and prostate cancer death in the US. Madison county is the second biggest cancer cluster in the US. There are autoimmune illnesses, brain tumors, lung and breathing disease, cats dogs and horses dying with tumors. I've been on Facebook for a year and a half telling the story about Madison county and this toxic air-conditioning company. Traine air-conditioning company has blood on their hands not being responsible with the most toxic chemical to our planet, Freon! I got 50 environmental reporters and documentaries following my story. Videos of cutting and grinding air conditioners/metal. Up to 50 air conditioners at a time and his yard. The county has wrote employee of Terry services up for hazardous-waste twice but told me he has a right to run a business from his home. Employee of Terry services has been in the city limits of Ridgeland for several years now. He has fences 20 foot tall, No trespassing signs plastered down his driveway and security cameras around his house like a compound. The employee has destroyed driveways taking others property been an outlaw and no one can do anything with him because he's in this good ole boy system. I feel like Trane corporation needs to be held accountable. If the company can't do it I will expose it through other means! I feel like this business needs to be held accountable. If the Trane company can't do it I will expose it through other means! I rate the responsibility of Trane as a zero for responsibilities to the planets our precious air!!! Lung and breathing issues off the chart in area from Freon!!! I'm asking everyone should boycott Trane air-conditioning because they're irresponsible behavior to the environment!!!

    23 weeks, 3 days and 6 hours


    The headquarters answered right away and are very helpful.

    27 weeks, 5 hours and 58 minutes


    We are having the same problem as Ricky, our dealer won't even speak to us anymore.

    28 weeks, 2 days and 6 hours


    Over priced products, Irish company spends millions advertising the product, NO money backing them up if they fail, and the only way to let them know that you work hard for your money and that it is difficult for those military families who reach out to buy "supposedly the best product, as they advertise them" and have children who needs AC in hot areas and is more of a necessity than a want -- is do NOT sponsor a foreign company who gets rich on someone else's pain and little bit of money, just do NOT buy this product, I am learning my lesson the hard way, and now my home is 97 degrees all the time during a virus, have called them, email them, they agree to replace the motor and other things that just quit -- and when I finally got someone who was kind enough to come and check the issues with me, and they saw it was their motor failure, they backed up what they promise to do "which is replace the parts at no cost" while my little girl sits at home, homeschooling with medical needs in a 97 degree home in Florida, what an unappreciative company.

    Read all these issues, do NOT throw your $10,000 investment to a company that does NOT care about your needs and sacrifice to buy it.

    35 weeks, 2 days and 17 hours

    Tesh Mohan

    don't buy TRANE products they are junk and they cost a lot compare to other products in market. First their system will not work with other thermostat like Nest and other in the market on top of it their thermostat are over priced and hard to find

    Plus if thermostat goes out u have to make service call to just replace thermostat which is easy to do it but they want to make money out of it too

    Trane Hvac will cost u around $12000 compare to other system around $3000

    this Company is a scam .Customer service is **** and if u call their corporate number its always busy

    I lost money behind this thugs you pls save ur money

    37 weeks, 2 days and 4 hours

    Ray Thacker

    I purchased what I was told was a top of the line heating system from Comfort Express in Delaware Ohio for over $12000.00 . It is around 6 years old and it's not working properly, sometime my wife and I go without heat for most of the night and a good part of the morning then it starts working a little. Comfort Express tried to fix the furnace around 8 different times without out success. Now they won't even return my voicemail , phone calls or texts messages. I don't know what I should do next. Can you please help me with my problem?

    41 weeks, 2 hours and 49 minutes


    I've had my Traine unit for just under six years and have replaced the compressor three times along with a condenser and expansion valve. Trying to deal with Customer Relations is difficult at best and waiting on hold was endless. It appears their main job is to make you just go away. The woman I spoke to even admitted, that we were both waiting each other's time. I then asked for a supervisor which I got and she too refused to help me so I asked speak to her supervisor and she said she was the end of the line.

    43 weeks, 2 days and 5 hours

    I will be filing a complaint with the BBB due to defective design of TAM Heat pump units. I Urge all that have one of these units to do so as well. The units have Copper,brass, and Aluminum touching which WILL Cause corrosion (Galvanic action). Its common knowledge in the mechanical field and this unit should not have been allowed to be sold or produced for that matter. They REFUSE to do anything for me when I called and told them the unit has and will continue fail for this reason. Now I'm stuck with having to pay for a new system since I keep loosing heat in the winter. Unit is 8 years old and I've had an average of a major repair every 18 months with it.

    48 weeks, 6 days and 20 hours

    This company is to much. Charge a fortune for products but wont stand behind them

    49 weeks, 3 days and 20 hours

    Maybe world news will do a story so everyone will know how bad trane is and don't stand behind their products.

    50 weeks, 3 days and 8 hours

    Dan H

    It could not be any worse. If it had just broke I would have a different brand. Purchased the heat pump in Feb 2011 have had 12 service calls, including a bad compressor, which was not covered under warranty, also 3 self repairs. My advice don't walk run as fast as your little will carry you from any trane products.

    50 weeks, 3 days and 22 hours

    Wow wish I would have read reviews as well before I purchased a trane. Never again and will tell people to read them before buying one!!!!!!!!

    50 weeks, 3 days and 23 hours

    When you call the corporate number it just rings busy!!!!

    50 weeks, 3 days and 23 hours


    I am so frustrated and disappointed. My HVAC compressor went out Last Friday and nobody seems to care. I can't get in touch with anybody. The house isn't even a year-and-a-half-old. And the compressor went out. Trane is telling me that I have to pay for labor and the mailing of the part and going to take at least a week. So I'm trying to get some help here. It's frustrating. I spent $13,000 on that the unit. So I'm feeling a little disappointed and frustrated about this whole thing.1200.00 is what I have been quoted

    50 weeks, 4 days and 36 minutes

    Dont need tech...need cover replacement

    50 weeks, 4 days and 4 hours


    I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with your home HVAC product. We purchased the Trane system through a dealer in Fort White, Fl. 31 months ago. Shortly after it was installed the trouble began. The system would cease running about every 1 to 2 weeks resulting in numerous service calls and expense. I eventually contacted another service company in Lake City, Fl. and was told improper repairs were made by the first servicer resulting in compounding problems. The Lake City service company has made 3 repairs to my system over the past 6 months resulting in great expense. Again the system is not working and my family is suffering during the cold weather. I cannot afford and didn't believe that a Trane system would need so many repairs in less than 3 years and continue to fail. Your slogan "nothing can stop a Trane" has not been my experience as anything and everything has keep the Trane I purchased from working. Please let me know what I can do to either get this system repaired properly or replaced entirely. Thank you.

    1 year, 3 weeks and 2 days

    Linda Ortiz

    Wish I had read these reviews before buying a Trane. Have had nothing but problems from the start. Will NEVER buy another!!!

    1 year, 9 weeks and 5 days


    I have been round and round with the warranty department and customer relation regarding the coastal trane unit by boss purchased that went bad and he had to pay out of his pocket because Trane wouldn't honor the warranty. I was told that I would have to contact corporate office to get my matter resolved. I have called everyday to get someone to call me back because all you can get is a voice message machine and to this day no return call. Please count me in on the band wagon if a class action lawsuit is filed.

    1 year, 12 weeks and 2 days


    On 11/17 I purchased a American Standard model S9V2C100U4PSBA, Serial # 17442YP43G). It worked fine during the first heating season. But when I turned on the heat for the first time this season it wouldn't go on. The service man found that the blast tubes or burners had corrosion that prevent the flame from the first burner traveling to the remaining burners and therefore to the flame sensor. As a result the heater would turn off almost immediately. The service man had to remove all the burners and remove the corrosion to get the heater working again. It cost me $300 to get the heater fixed. The heater is located in a DRY walkout basement. What kind of product would have this kind of corrosion program occur after one heating season and a warm one at that?

    1 year, 15 weeks and 6 days

    Sandra E.Graham

    We paid $10,000 for our Trane unit four years ago and I HATE it with a passion! I would love to see it in a trash dump somewhere that it belongs! We have had a repairman out here more often than I can keep track. NEVER THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY ON A TRANE!!!! It doesn't even rate a half star.

    1 year, 18 weeks and 2 days


    The product is garbage. I had a 4 ton unit and air handler (attic unit) installed in 2010 in my new home. I thought it all had a 10 year warranty. When the problems with the air handler started I found it only had 5. After 1 year the air handler started blowing fuses and leaking freon. I spent $345 over the next 2 summers on service calls and in 2018 the coil was bad and I had to pay the labor to replace it. This one lasted 3 years. Not only did the coil go bad, I had to replace the fan and module. The company I originally purchased it from tried to get Trane to extend the warranty because we had totally replaced the guts in it but they refused. 15 months later (Aug 2019) the new coil sprang a leak and I was out another $700 for coolant and service call. I have now replaced the entire air handler to the tune of $3500. When I opened a case (21696) with Trane and sent them all of the documentation their response was we are sorry for your frustration but we aren't going to do anything. I too asked for the CEO name and corporate headquarters address and they refused to give it to me. I have now spent over $8000 on repairs and replacements and their response is they feel my pain! I could have replaced the entire system for less. If anyone finds a class action suit against them count me in! I plan to send copies of all my receipts and a letter to Gary Michel, president of Trane and Michael Lamach, CEO of Ingersoll Rand (the parent company). Maybe if we all do this it will help. I checked on the BBB website and there are 121 complaints lodged. Mine will make 122.

    1 year, 18 weeks and 3 days

    Take your monies and run - screw the customer!

    recently installed _new_ 3.5 ton AC/ Heatpump by "reputable, professional, nationally certified and factory trained technicians with years of installation and service experience to get the job done right the first time" - end quote. Unit failed to maintain, leave alone lower temperatures in mild 80-85 F outside weather. In fact temperature climbing at the rate of 3 degrees in hour till sundown. Paid for service call by another, chosen by TRANE contractor to do Manual-J calculations (which never been done in the first place). According to the numbers in the report house require 5 ton unit, but TRANE flatly refuses to resolve the issue, nor provide any document substantiating the decision. so called

    Customer service is a joke. Bunch of semi-educated incompetent big-mouths from ghetto. So far I was unable to receive any explanation for the numbers received, nor any problem resolution. So as far as it goes - take your monies and run, and screw the customer. (Case #20529). Obviously most of us here because of the issues with TRANE equipment, but still at some point shafting customers will backfire. Hopefully sooner, than later, so Gary Michel will feel the pain of each and every screwed customer, hopefully the same way as Enron top echelon did.

    1 year, 19 weeks and 1 day


    Bought a 4 ton 16 seer Trane a/c unit on April 20, 2015 from a "reputable" Trane dealer. Recently, June 21, 2019 had problems with the unit (coils). Contacted a Trane repair company. Came out, fixed the problem and charged us $95.00 for the service call and $725.00 for the repair. We told them we were covered with a 10 year warranty. They called Trane and was told that the company we bought the unit from (Trane's certified representative) never filed the paperwork for the warranty! Trane is refusing to honor that warranty. I have supplied them with all the paperwork from the sale of the unit where it states they are selling us a 10 year warranty as well as the date if the sale. Ave asked for nothing from them except a refund on the parts that are covered under warranty and to honor my 10 year warranty that was promised. I have gotten NO satisfaction from their customers representatives, including holding on the phone for extended periods of time to be put through to their managers and eventually hung up on because I refused to cow tow when I asked for someone higher in the chain of management. They wouldn't provide a CEO name or address that I could write to. NO SATISFACTION AT ALL!! Does anyone have any other suggestions as to how I can get this taken care of?

    1 year, 24 weeks and 2 days

    Rich Lieberman

    Watch for the warranty game folks

    You have to transfer the warranty ...apparently they don't warranty the product...they warranty the purchaser...bought a house with a 18 mth old Trane HVAC... 10 yr warranty right...nope unlike a car where the warranty is on the vehicle...we never transferred the HVAC warranty ....and if we had the warranty goes from 10 yrs to 5yrs...bottom line it was done to increase the bottom line and I need to replace a baffle and motor for $ 569.00 ...

    I might add I was more then happy to pay for labor to install...not angry at my service company...the same company who installed the unit in 3/2013. They tried to order under warranty and were denied do to homes ownership changing in 2014.

    I would be happy to discuss with someone from corporate..I await contact. Rich Lieberman.

    1 year, 27 weeks and 4 days