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    I do not know where to start. This company has to be the absolute worst company out there. I am literally in tears over the frustrations and headaches this company has caused. We were due to have our U-Boxes delivered back in July here we are in August and just received them. After a number of times having times scheduled and only to be told that our times have been cancelled or no one knew what we were talking about. How can no one have a direct number for corporate. I will never use them again for moving state to state. I hope to never have to use them again period! I will be reporting them to BBB

    26 weeks, 4 days and 9 hours

    Ron metcalf

    just to let ya know u haul and there customer service suck reserved 20' truck & dolly three weeks ago was supposed to call at 6 to let me know never got a call so I tried to call was on phone waiting to talk to someone for half hour then tell me you need to call this # when a was speaking to someone get disconnected then couldn't connect again story short I need my truck tomorrow 4/15/20 have no idea where to get truck this well be the last time

    27 weeks, 4 days and 2 hours


    U-Haul.weekend rate scam....impossible one day charge...will charge you 2days to rent for one day..

    28 weeks, 12 hours and 55 minutes

    Carla Wilson

    This is the third time my husband has used Uhaul within a few months. Today he had a blow out and called roadside assistance and told them he needed a new tire because it was ruined. After a 2 hour wait, guy shows up but doesn't have a tire. Really? Now they have another hour wait for him to get back. We still have one more big load but Uhaul is not getting that $$.

    28 weeks, 3 days and 4 hours

    Very Very Dissatisfied

    Horrible.....Had a 9:00 a.m. appointment to get a hitch put on. At 3:30 I called to see if my vehicle was ready and was told that it would not be ready for a couple more hours. The individual said they were busy in the store today and they put hitches on in between customers when they have time. Are you kidding me? What is the purpose of an appointment? Virtually they said that the customers coming in to the store are more important than me. Unbelievable customer service. Still waiting on my vehicle and will never use Uhaul again.

    29 weeks, 5 hours and 49 minutes

    Chris mcfadden

    I am very disappointed with u haul. They canceled with me 131/2 hrs before my move. Have rented a rm. And storage rm. And can not get refund. And had guys lined up to help load. This was booked in advance. And to give really no notice not rite. Was getting out of a garage that I can not leave now. So I am out 415. One rooms and garage alone. Gave been calling this morning. And they give u a call back. Did 2 times. No call back. And called and waited and get hung up on. So. This is not the way u should treat ur customers

    29 weeks, 2 days and 12 hours

    Amanda Rhodes

    Uhaul continues to steal money out of my bank account. I cant get in touch with them in any way. I have been calling and emailing for over 2 weeks. The customer service is non existent. It has been nothing but a nightmare from the minute i went to pick up the truck. Now i am going to have to go to the bank to dispute all these charges and change my card just to stop uhaul from stealing from me!

    29 weeks, 3 days and 5 hours

    Ms. Unhappy

    U haul center of central ave in Maryland is the worst scamming u Haul in the country . Twice they have tried to scam me by saying i havent paid my bill and another time it worked and i paid twice for one month. This time in July of 2020 they sent a notice to a husbands relative saying i owed. Now they are ruining my credit. One more time and i will sue them. By the way i am a paralegal.

    29 weeks, 3 days and 8 hours

    Kim Kammann


    29 weeks, 3 days and 8 hours


    Have you gotten it back? It has been a month since my rental and I can't get in contact with anyone anymore!

    29 weeks, 4 days and 8 hours


    U-haul North Las Vegas is awful. Scheduled and paid for a hitch installation on the 19th. Appointment was on the 29th. Show up and they are missing a part. Brian, the manager, was rude and condescending. Every other part of this move was planned around getting this hitch installed. Nowhere while booking the appointment did it mention needing to pay for express shipping to make sure all parts are available. 3 hours after my appointment time they found the part they needed but now I have to sit and wait while they try to fit me back into the schedule. They made an already stressful move that has been in the planning for over a month even more stressful.

    29 weeks, 5 days and 9 hours


    I was overcharged on my credit card by the incompetent Manager at the Enchanted parkway uhaul in federal way Washington. And when I told him he overcharged me he replied " oops my bad". This is a manager talking to a customer. He needs to be trained again on customer service and not to illegally over charge people credit cards without authorization. Taking more then agreed to.

    30 weeks, 5 days and 5 hours

    Debby Casselberry

    No masks on employees at the Benner Pike location in State College, Pa. Two men behind the counter ... one behind plexiglass; the other with no protective shield. Both men came out from behind the counter to assist customers without masks. I've emailed UHAUL; no response. I complained on a live chat and was told the manager of this store would email me. He has not. Very disappointing both in respect to UHAUL's failure to communicate and their failure to insist that employees wear masks.

    30 weeks, 5 days and 14 hours

    Another pie

    I have called the U-Haul in Portland Maine 5+ times at different times of the day and have yet to make contact with anyone. 20+ minutes listening to the same recording of how they can help. Really!

    Vary disappointing service from a company of this size

    30 weeks, 6 days and 12 hours

    Victoria Brown

    My experience was horrible made reservations on 7/6/20 for a 26ft truck from Chealis Wa rec'd a phone call from U-haul on 7/9/20 saying that I would have to drive another 2hrs out of my way to longbeach Wa to pickup a truck. Called the Chehalis office directly and was told they had a 15 ft truck so I reserved it for 7/11/20 drove 3hrs to get there to be told they did not have a truck but I could go to onalaska wa and get one!!! drove another hour out of my way and picked it up. Reutned it on 7/12/20 to Mornroe wa and did the after hours drop off. Followed up with that store on 7/13 to make sure everything was okay, was told yes no problem that the truck had already been rented out again. My card was charged an additional $246 dollars all is said was there was a small dent. There was no dent!!! I have spent over 6 hrs on the phone trying to get through to them and keep getting cut off I was supposed to get a call back from Corporate which NEVER happened. I'm about ready to get an attorney on this! Don't rent from them they are terrible never again!

    31 weeks, 2 days and 23 hours

    Joyce, pissed in Texas

    My experience with uhaul was a HUGE disappointment. I rented a 15 ft truck, I did the 24/7 route & when my daughter and I got to the lot, that's when he'll on earth began. We used the video to get the key, low & behold the key isn't to the truck I was issued, & every time you call it's at least 30 minute wait for live person.

    I finally get someone & ive never had such poor customer service in my life. It was right at 100 degrees out & we were sitting there trying to figure out what the hell.so she finally has us check the other 2 slots for the right key, nope!!!! One was empty & the other was to another truck. So she says just use the truck that goes with that key, ok but unless your David copperfield how are we getting it out as it had trailers parked 2 feet behind it, mind you were now 1 hour into this process.

    So she then says she's getting someone else to help us get into a truck, the guy who answered was a HUGE jerk & couldn't have cared less. He proceeds to tell me we're going to have to go to a different location due to no key. 'Really' . I said omg this is a joke and I'm pissed, he said if you cuss I'm hanging up on you. I said you **** right I'm cussing, we're now 1 1/2 hrs into this **** show & I still have no truck then he hung up on me.

    We went home & my daughter called again to get help. I was paying guys to move me by the hr and we still had no truck. Finally we got one at different location 2 hours after we were supposed to. Again no one had a shred of apologies or sympathy that we were burning up waiting on that lot.

    We finally get finished & went to where told you return truck, only to find NO orange drop box. Again we sat on phone 25 minutes waiting for help. It was right at closing but they haven't locked the doors yet. My daughter asks one of them if he can help us and he just shrugged his shoulders and said, I'm off and kept walking.

    The other 3 employees literally ran to their cars. We got one to say, hey look at the video, incredibly rude, all of them. We finally found box inside a stall, not in plain site like it's supposed to be.

    We will NEVER USE Uhaul again. I've never seen such unprofessionalism & lack of concern in my life. Moving is stressful enough without the clown show we got. I'd never recommend uhaul eiether, what a joke.

    33 weeks, 11 minutes and 0.37 seconds


    U-Haul is the most unorganized, unhelpful, and just plain bad at their jobs. Customer service is a complete joke. Has everyone seen the episode of Seinfeld where the take the reservation, but don't hold it? This is an average day for the tools that own and operate U-Hauls. The schedule you and then when you show up nothing is happening like the reservation suggests. Complete waste of time and apparently no accountability.

    33 weeks, 2 days and 15 hours

    Unhappy in Boston

    I rented a van for 1 hour in Boston. There is a $12.00 city fee. It says on the Mass Gov it should be a max of $2.00 if you have it for more than 12 hours, which I did not. I have been on hold for 2 hours trying to resolve it. They will not remove it.


    33 weeks, 3 days and 10 hours

    Irritated with Uhaul

    I reserved a truck with Uhaul 3 weeks ago and the day before I'm supposed to pick it up I called to confirm my reservation and after being hung up on and put on hold 15 min I was informed my truck wouldn't be available until later afternoon the next day and I would have to pick it up at a different Uhaul facility in a different city. Moving is stressful and this delays my move 2 days. What good is a reservation if they can't guarantee they'll have your truck available?

    34 weeks, 1 day and 8 hours


    U-Haul is garbage, customer service in the Roswell GA area is the worst. I had several customer service agents hang up on me when I was asking questions about my reservation. That made me wait "10-15" each time to call them to get answers. Was transferred several times and now the closest location where my truck is available is over 30 miles away from me! I made the reservation almost a month ago! No one is willing to help me with this issue. Will be filing a BBB complaint very soon. U-Haul reps are rude and incompetent. When I asked them for their supervisors name they immediately hung up on me. I was placed on hold 3 times when talking to the last rep because their "system went down". I guess lying to customers is part of U-Haul's customer service training. Taking my business elsewhere in the future.

    34 weeks, 3 days and 10 hours


    I have been waiting for 6 months to get a response from a Corporate Executive who handles issues arising with microaggressive racist issues at Uhaul locations. I am not the only customer who is a minority that has been mistreated at the Middletown, N.Y. location. The General Manager John Stucco refused service to us because he stated he felt threatened by our response to unsatisfactory service. People who feel threatened by black and brown people just because we make a complaint are displaying microaggressive racist behaviors towards us. His manager and President of the lower Mid-Hudson valley area, Jamie Mapes, sided with John Stucco and never reviewed the recordings of when he said he felt threatened by us. I have pictures to prove that UHUAL did not clean the pick up drop of location when we needed to move and asked for additional time until they cleaned up their location. This is the accommodation that they couldn't make and started the issues we had. This is how long we have been waiting for a response and apology from John Stucco. My fiance threw out his back slipping from the ICE trying to move items. We were then told we needed to rent a truck at another location because John Stucco refused to rent to us, which was almost impossible the same day we needed to move out. Jamie Mapes the area marketing manager gave us the time that John Stucco didn't but wouldn't let us rent from this 211 location so she wouldn't go against John Stucco. We tried the mobile pick up option at another location but the app was not able to verify the driver's license info so we were forced to pick up back at the original location at 211. The 211 location charged me twice for the same rental, I have receipts to prove this as well. The mobile app technical issue and the double charge complaint caused by 211 location made the President of our area, Jamie Mapes put us on an e-alert making us unable to rent at any location. We did not know about this until today when we tried to pick up a truck rental I reserved 2 days earlier. We lost 2 hours of our time and was not allowed to get the rental because of this e-alert. I truly believe Jamie is treating us unfairly because we are minorities and totally vouched for John Stucco when we advised of his microaggressive and racist treatment. I want a Corporate executive that is able to investigate this situation, audit all the complaints against the Uhual Middletown location for the past 5 years, see if the trending complaints are from minorities, to test treatment have secret shoppers who are black or brown male minorities go to this location to see how they are being treated and I want a public apology from both John Stucco and Jamie Mapes for their retaliation and racist mis-treatment. They both need sensitivity training as Jamie Mapes does not believe placing me on e-alerts in retaliation to my complaints is a form of racism. My fiance and I have have suffered stress, embarrassment and have wasted so much of our time, money lost from our business, because of the aweful treatment of both John Stucco and Jamie Mapes. I will be posting this complaint throughout all social platforms as waiting more than 6 months for a response and the most recent insult of this e-alert is beyond degrading. All their complaints should be investigated for the past 5 years to see if this treatment of minorities has happened often.

    34 weeks, 4 days and 3 hours


    Terrible customer service and very unprofessional. I dropped my off to have a hitch put on at 7am. My appointment was at 745am. I called st 12pm to check the status of it. They told me it will be done by 3pm for sure. I get there at 530pm and my vehicle still wasn't complete. That very inconsiderate of the customer and the attitude of the service basically I don't care. Still waited another hour with covid going on and sitting in the rain. Absolutely ridiculous.

    34 weeks, 5 days and 3 hours

    Paul Robles

    Terrible customer service I had an appointment at 3pm and waited for hour and a half before they even told me that they were going to start on the hitch.

    Assistant Manager was rude to me and his Employees in front of Customers, I talked with the GM and the best he could give me was a $15 discount after waiting 3.5 to 4 hours to put a hitch on when I was told it would take 1.5 hour to do it. Uhaul in Fresno Ca on Blackstone & Bullard.

    35 weeks, 1 hour and 47 minutes

    very very bad service in garland texas location on walnut and glenbrook this morning

    lady there was in a bad mood

    no matters at all

    she needs to learn more about customer service

    35 weeks, 10 hours and 23 minutes

    Donna very unhappy

    I have had the worst time ever with your company,Made reservations for 20 ft truck which was to be in Hurley at JJ Quik Mart when I called you because nobody called me you said that I would have to go 30 miles into Wisc to pick up a truck How come the 1st reservation said you had it? The only truck was a 15 ft I asked about a trailer and was told they would give me a trailer 6 x 12 for $1.00 we go to pick truck up and the building was not open I was given phone #s that were no longer in service., spoke to a manager and he said go back at 2 and somebody would be there. Went back to new owners who were not even set up to do u hauls yet and found out we have no appliance dolly and the trailer is not 6 ft from ground it is 3 ft I did not get any discount for any of all the **** we have been dealing with I have had We are disabled and I will be contacting the BBB and an attorney this is total ****

    37 weeks, 4 days and 6 hours