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    Wouldntnt let you'll help my dog.p

    30 weeks, 4 days and 1 hour


    File a complaint with your State Board of Insurance and Medicare and the BBB. THAT' MIGHT GET THEM OFF THEIR GREEDY SELFISH ****

    31 weeks, 1 hour and 44 minutes


    United health care owes me over $5000.00. Inn overpayments from my mother's estate. I have been trying since February 2nd to get the money returned. Believe it or not Salt Lake City They have lost five sets of paperwork and death certificates.and one sets of papers got. Through they mailed a check to address on death certificate even though they had my information.When I got the check from my aunt they put a stop payment on the $5000.00 dollar check .that was sent there instead of to me.Then they said another check was printed and rejected because it had wrong information on it.Was told new check cut on April 16th and sent but as of April 24th still have not received it called at least three times a day and am being told check in mail. Was told letter was coming saying stop payment put on check April 10th haven't got that either run don't walk away from United health care they just want your money and don't want to return what's yours.

    43 weeks, 3 days and 16 hours

    United health care are crooks. they have been holding half my residual income checks for the past 11months. They own me lot's of money.

    44 weeks, 3 days and 23 hours

    Patricia a hardisty

    Omg!! The Philippines! The worst insurance company nowadays!! I had to hire a attorney to switch insurance! The health and wellness products, is a joke! Phillipines again!!! They won't send me the card! Can't order! They say no credits!! Constantly getting Bill's saying dr out of service! Have proof they are!! When you call costumer service their clueless! 1 lady was drunk, another was asleep! Takes hours just to get a supervisor who is also clueless!! Corporate said they would overnight me a new card for primary care dr! Never got it! Wow they are loosing business fast! I'm done!!

    50 weeks, 4 days and 23 hours


    I feel super bad for you. I work for optum uhg and it's not the employees its the company constantly changing things to the point we need to look at job aids daily for changes. If it makes you feel better I'm have ptsd and a permanent partial disability and was refused accommodating circumstances by the company. They are putting the cart infront of the horse and until that changes we are all suffering. The temps have it the worst tho. I don't feel they care about healthcare which is horrible. I wish I could find a true eoe employer. I would contact their licensing division. The attorney general in your state can guide you to where you need to contact.

    51 weeks, 1 day and 25 minutes


    United Healthcare do not know how to process Home Health claims. They denied claims and there is nothing wrong with claim. They rep's do not know how Home Health claims process, so when you call claims department all they say is I can send claim back for review. Then claims department upheld their decisions. We do not recommend our patients to take UHC insurances and UHC have a bad repetition in the Home Health field. UHC is horrible company. they do not pay their home health claims and keep denying them. I do not recommend to use UHC. I work for billing company and I tell all my agency not to take their patients and have their patients to switch insurance company

    51 weeks, 4 days and 21 hours


    United Healthcare do not know how to process Home Health claims. They denied claims and there is nothing wrong with claim. They rep's do not know how Home Health claims process, so when you call claims department all they say is I can send claim back for review. Then claims department upheld their decisions. We do not recommend our patients to take UHC insurances and UHC have a bad repetition in the Home Health field.

    51 weeks, 4 days and 21 hours

    Maynard Hicks

    Company employs rude and crude reps. We spent 1.5 hours on the phone about a billing issue today. We finally were refused to speak to a supervisor but refused.

    We were told that we were mad because we forgot to pay a bill. We tried to explain that we had a receipt but the rep was still a smart ****. We will try again another day. Going to call Social Security tomorrow. Will not talk to that rude AH ever again. That guy needs to be CEO because he knows everything. The company needs to clean house!

    1 year, 1 week and 6 days

    Karen Smith

    My husband and I have had United Healthcare for a number of years, this year five days after we could change insurance companies our Hospital does not take United Healthcare any more and soon our doctors will not either, i might have to put up with this for a year but then I will be dropping this insurance. I am very disgusted that this has happened, I do not want to change doctors or hospitals, but I sure will be changing insurance companies. I also will be contacting Medicare.

    1 year, 8 weeks and 6 days

    Stephen Wilhide

    I have contacted United Healthcare five times over the past three days after being informed by my dermatologist three days ago she would not be participating in Preferred Care Partners effective in less than two weeks. I was being followed for cancer. She is an employee of Cleveland Clinic, Weston, Florida. I called Member Services since I have 15 physicians of multiple specialties at Cleveland Clinic. I was given conflicting information regarding who is participating and who is not. Every representative refused to put the information I was provided in writing. I was told I could receive a directory but this directory is incorrect from the time of printing and unreliable. In addition, I was given conflicting information regarding how to continue with my ongoing treatment and scheduled tests for a newly diagnosed cancer. One representative told me my doctor would have to contact the medical department of United Healthcare. The consumer affairs advocate at the corporate headquarters told me this was not true but I could contact Member Services for this information. Again, no one would give me a transcript of the call or the stated information in writing. Tonight, I have spent almost three hours on the phone with varying supervisors with no resolution and only verbal commitments which I have found are not followed. In order to get me off the line I was transferred to a call center in the Philippines where there is no decision-making authority. When I asked to be transferred to the legal department I was transferred to Optimum Health which has nothing to do with my issues. For example, I was told someone would get back to me in 48 hours regarding my concerns.. This never happened. There is no accountability. I will be forwarding this complaint to Medicare.

    1 year, 9 weeks and 3 days

    Debra Wiley

    Hello Gail

    My name is Drbra Wiley. My sons name is Dton Wiley 3.14.1983 who had a stroke and is bed bound, I take care of him in my home and have to make all of his doctors appointments. I am having a problem with United Healthcare setting up his transportation. He has missed slot of doctors appoiand therapy because of this .I have spoken with the supervisor and that was no help the problem still is happening..he has now gotten excepted for out patient therapy again ..he has a neurology appointment for tomorrow thursday Dec 5th at 10 am..And I am having a very hard time getting him to his appointments. I give them at least 2 or 3 weeks to confirm these appointments I dont understand what is happening here.. I need someone to help me with this..this is not excepted at all..Debra Wiley (PHONE).

    Thank you!

    1 year, 11 weeks and 6 days


    this conpany are lie to evreone look the the phone ## for the CEO (PHONE) not in service

    1 year, 13 weeks and 2 hours

    Maryellen Roscoe

    Can you please send me both Medicaid and Medicare today

    1 year, 24 weeks and 3 hours

    I recently signed up as a new customer optumrx. Its been a nightmare to order some drugs that my doctors already sent via e subscription .I spoke to 7 of your employees for hours.member id (PHONE)

    1 year, 24 weeks and 1 day

    In Ohio

    Hello. I'm a longtime AARP member with the UHC Medicare supplement level F.

    I am proud of this plan.

    After sign up passed for 2019, that's when Silver Sneakers disappeared.

    Not only do I pay more than $200/month for the supplement, but I now have to pay half of a gym membership and have no possibilities of going to other gyms.

    Everyone I know still has Silver Sneakers from their plans such as Aetna.

    Please consider reinstating the program and taking care of your constituents who you profess to serve.

    1 year, 28 weeks and 4 days



    1 year, 31 weeks and 3 days


    @askUHC To you we're just another pair of angry customers. To us, we're a loving husband and wife who have been trying to conceive for 4 1/2 years. We tried an abundance of natural remedies, exercises, diet changes, and nothing worked. We then started taking prescribed medications that would help us to conceive. Nothing worked. It was after 1 1/2 years of being on Clomid, being told that IUI would more than likely not work for us, and another year of being told that our insurance did not cover IVF, and couldn't even afford the payment plan, that we finally caught a break. We had new insurance, a better insurance. So we thought. I called the insurance company on 6/3 and I spoke with a representative. I asked her specifically if IVF was covered and asked her to repeat herself (3 times at least). As soon as we heard that, we scheduled our consultation with a Reproductive Endocrinologist 9 days later. We acted immediately. We received a binder that went through every single step of our IVF process. I had to receive clearances from a cardiologist due to past health issues, we scheduled multiple appointments for multiple testings. We paid $30 per visit. We were only a couple weeks away from starting medications to prepare my ovaries for stimulation. The doctor even said we may be able to have our procedure in September. Just a short two months from now. But this morning, I received a message that said we would have an estimated out of pocket cost of $11,262 with additional incurred costs because IVF is not covered under my policy.

    There I was. Sitting on our bed. Staring at the wall with a billion thoughts in mind. I called the insurance company. I told her about my previous conversation with the representative who told us that IVF was covered. She placed me on hold. I could tell by the tone and speed of her voice that she was going to tell me something completely opposite than that I was told. She told me IVF was not covered. The moment she said those words, I felt the biggest lump in my throat spool out into tears on my face. And then she said the words that I have heard so often. Words that should comfort, but are more like a knife cutting you and a constant reminder that you and your husband are still no closer to having a baby of your own. Stammering with empathy, "she said "I'm so sorry. I'll pray that things get better for you".

    I asked to speak to a supervisor before I could no longer speak, hoping that maybe the representatives were wrong. Maybe the supervisor could tell me something different. By the time the supervisor came to the phone, I had calmed down. With my voice going from a shaky feeling to a rattle that you could barely understand, I asked her to verify if this information was correct and told her that it was not fair that we were provided this information, proceeded with the procedure, and are now being denied because the information we received was wrong. I told her how painful it was to continuously try month after month to conceive only to read a negative on a pregnancy test every month. To go from excitement to test every month, to not bothering to buy tests at all anymore. To have to hear someone say "we weren't even trying!" or tell us "just keep praying, it will happen". To hear your daughter tell you she wants a brother or sister.

    Her response was, "I'm sorry that this has happened, but it's not covered. We can give the representative a write-up if you would like".

    Our dreams of having a baby were given and taken by United Health Care Insurance, but she gets a write-up. And we walk away with nothing but more heartache.

    I expected more from United Health Care. I expected more compassion. More something. Instead, we're left trying to figure out where to go from here when we have no other options.

    I'm disgusted by you United Health Care.

    1 year, 31 weeks and 4 days


    AARP United Health Care has become the worst insurance co. For a supplemental insurance associated with Medicare. The benefits book you send Iout in full of lies. You pass your vision and dental ins. off to a company named SPECTRA who doesn't pay a reasonable amount to the Dr. So we are changing insurance co .s when we are eligible. Just because AARP United healthcare LIES about coverage in the benefits book. My eye Dr.Office sent a bill for my yearly eye exam and charged United healthcare THROUGH SPECTRA $140.00 and we're paid by spectra $20.00 for the service. So Gail Boudreaux can take United healthcare and put it where the sun doesn't shine along with her over $30 million dollar yearly schedule.

    1 year, 33 weeks and 22 hours

    San Mateo Medical Center

    UHC recoup payment for a Medicare HMO without explanation for claim that is over 1yr old. When I called provider line and ask for letter explaining the recoupment they kept saying it's with explanation of benefit. I advised that we need a letter explaining the recoupment. I asked if I can speak to manager and the rep said "let me see if one is available( which usually means no)". I advised her I can contact corporate office and all of sudden she was able to find the letter. I advised her the previous sent wrong patient information (HIPPA) so validate the correct name of the patient. The call took over 20minutes to resolve. Such bad customer services. Still waiting on line.

    1 year, 34 weeks and 6 days

    Ronda Bautista

    Inadquate service on medical transportation

    1 year, 35 weeks and 4 days

    Ronda Bautista

    giving me back and forth to the doctor via the vendors that use I have missed the last five appointments that I had since May they don't give me any notifications that I don't have a ride there and they wait till the last minute to call an emergency ride so I have missed 5 appointment since may also missed two appointments again today I'm very upset with United healthcare as far as the transportation to medical visits go I have missed a heart doctors appointment and mental health appointment prescription refilled appointment and now it all looks battle me at the office that I go to if anyone has a way to fix this issue here in Tennessee give me a call back my name is Ronda Bautista (PHONE)

    1 year, 35 weeks and 4 days

    Cynthia B. CADE & JESSIE CADE, Jr

    Cynthia B. CADE & JESSIE CADE Jr

    1 year, 36 weeks and 6 days

    We Are The CADE'S(Cynthia B. & JESSIE CADE, Jr) 6-04-19. We Did A Appeal for Spectera Vision On May 20 & May 21 It Was Closed & Today We Got A Letter From Ramon Dr La Garza Sr Appeal Rep That 2018 Coverage & Benefits. Case# ST004275RV- & I Need Replacement Glasses & Exclusion or Reconsideration? R. De La Garza Did Not Respond To My Husband Appeal Either I Guess He Closed It In ONE DAY. Jessie CADE, Jr #114107040/ 01-15-1959. Cynthia # 114069711/ 8-19-1958. We Have Been With UHC For Years & Found It To Be # 1 & GREAT BUT "SPECTERA VISION" IS THE VERY WORST & MOST HORRIBL E I HAVE EVER KNOWN TO BE!!!! WE WERE DISCRIMINATED AGAI NIST VERY BAD WITH THIS VISION PROVIDER GRAND VISIO N IN KATY, TX FOR GLASSES FOR 2 DIABETIC TYPE 2'S & DISABILITIES. His Letter Stated OTHER? Contacts That Can Help Us: MEDICARE Rights & Elder Care???? Can We Contact Our Texas Governor DISABILITIES Office & Maybe They Can Help Us. I Tried To Call We La Garza (PHONE). Thank You. The Cade's

    1 year, 37 weeks and 6 days

    Barbara F

    This company is totally dishonest. Every month I pay in full, then the next month I get a past due notice with an exhorbitant amount due. Every month I call and am told there is no overdue balance. I wonder how many people fall for this scam and overpay repeatedly.

    1 year, 39 weeks and 6 days