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    I used to be a fan of your brand, till I learned about how horrible your Leadership Team treats staff. Especially your Regional District Manager for the Collections Store in Oxnard, CA. Her and the Store Transfer Managers lead by belittling staff and creating undue stress. Things will not change till you change your leadership. People don't care what you know till they know you care. Lear to Train and Develop your people through respect and commitment to their development as opposed to chasing people out.

    27 weeks, 3 days and 19 hours


    I will NEVER shop at Yakima Victoria secret again. Talk about unprofessional and lazy!!!! They couldn't even pick up the **** phone to call and check on my credit card. She said that I had to call. She told me I don't have a card there and I would have to call customer service. I called and yes I do have a card and they said she should have called from the store. The only reason I wanted to use the card is I had a 30$ coupon but she didn't let me use it. I paid in cash but I will be returning all the items and canceling my card!!!!!! As much as they charge they should do better customer training.

    28 weeks, 4 days and 2 hours


    goodbye VC until you fire HADID for her disrespect for NYPD officers WE as in legion refuse to purchase your goods !

    29 weeks, 9 hours and 48 minutes

    Received the worst customer service ever, they hang on me 3 times I called to ask for a supervisor and he said there none available and hang up , very unprofessional and never had a problem before always received good customer service , now the last callers done made this company look bad and I will not be ordering again thanks for your horrible customer service . Then call the corporate office and they hang up .

    29 weeks, 3 days and 5 hours


    I've been a Vs card holder for many many years and spend thousands of dollars in this store. I had the worst experience today at the Traverse City mall location. I went to make a Bra return and they were absolutely awful to me. I said I would come back when I could get a proper fitting. I was not mad about it or rude but the lady working (not even the one helping me) had to chime in and was so rude. I understand the rules and was respecting them but was treated awful. I guess that's how they treat a long time customer. Very disappointed!

    30 weeks, 1 day and 2 hours

    Hurt customer

    Exact samething happened to me today at the Killeen mall in Killeen, TX. I only had to make a return and she kept saying it wouldn't be fair to other customers if she let me make the return. The mall was not busy, no one saw me go into the store, and I live 25 mins away from them, and a schedule that is so inconvenient with these new COVID-19 hours. I was shocked, and hurt. I actually left the store choking back tears, because I had a HORRIBLE day yesterday, and I've spent thousands in their store. They even know me by name. I felt her decision was irrational, since I only had a return to do. I got there at about 6:35-6:40.

    30 weeks, 1 day and 15 hours


    I went to store in Westmoreland mall Pa, yesterday. Bout 20 mins before closing. I kinda knew what I needed but wasn't 100%. I met an associate named BARBIE she was beyond helpful and amazing!, You are very lucky to have an energetic employees. I work in customer service. So I understand (especially in the world today) it's nice for people to get recognized for good work! Thank you....

    30 weeks, 5 days and 22 hours


    Horrible customer service and delivery , I literally had to call 3 different times to still get no help because non of the workers knew how to help me .. over a 31$ order they lost a great customer. They still don't know where my package is or what even happened... but the best part are you ready ?? They can't refund me my money because it's about to be shipt, it's not sent yet but about to be so nope can't help me again . I've been waiting a month just to be told that !!! I can't even believe it still .. they will take your money and not even care if you recieved the products you already paid for !! Asked to talk to a manager or someone who could actually help me and got out on hold for 30 min with nothing . I hung up .. I guess I'll just call every day or better yet how about you hire me so I can go to the warehouse and ship my own products so I actually get what I paid for !!! My advice shop at bath and body works , never had a problem not once

    30 weeks, 6 days and 2 hours



    30 weeks, 6 days and 20 hours


    I went into Victoria yesterday to purchase some bras. I seen that the pink had some on sale$19.99 so I grabbed a couple(honestly the sale grabbed my attention. I shouldn't be shopping on the pink side. I'm too old for that.lol) I got home and tried them on and they were too tight around the band so I went back to the mall (yesterday) to exchange them. The mall That I went to yesterday had the pink and VS in separate store across from each other. I went into the pink store and a young lady came up to me and asked if she could help. And I explained that I needed to exchange for a different size. She informed me that the pink section only went up to a certain size. BUT THIS PERSON WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND!!!!! She called the storeVS to see if they had the bras. SHE CHECKED ON LINE to see if Iit could be ordered and delivered to my house. She was helpful! She was so sweet! Came to find out that she was the manager. I mean great customer service. I wish I would have taken her name down. But she was an adorable tiny thing. She had dark hair , straight and down to the top of her shoulder. I believer she was spanish. She was young. I could see why she was the manager. So she advised me I could return the bras and then go shop across the floor. I went in.. looked around to try to see if I was able to find it on my own and for a while there was no one. After a while some one asked if they could help and I explained to her my situation and she lead me to what I was looking for and started to walk away. I began to ask her if they had cheaper bras and she said no.. sorry I cant justify paying so much for a bra especially since I returned ones that were 20.$

    She obviously did not want to go the extra mile! I had more questions. She wasn't happy. She seemed annoyed . Like I was bothering er. Maybe she works on commission? I felt bad about my self!

    Huge difference from the PINK STORE. She didn't offer extra help and it was obvious I was bothering her. Turned me off! I left the store . I was pissed. I should have asked to speak to the manager. I SHOULD HAVE GOT HER NAME TOO!I She was about 5.3 long blonde hair. I work in retail and I go above and beyond to help the customer. Hey, if you don't like your job and you don't help the customer then you know what You are in the wrong business!

    This incident was in the BRIDGEWATER MALL IN NEW JERSEY.



    30 weeks, 6 days and 20 hours


    I need to make a complaint against the employees handling calls at the Victoria secret credit card department. Since June 30th when I attempted to make a payment in full I was notified by Victoria secret that the payment did not go through about 1 week after June 30th because according to Victoria secret the bank said there was insufficient funds. I called the bank because I had way more than the amount I was paying you guys available and the bank said I do not have insufficient funds and that there must be a miscommunication. On July 13th I called you guys back to tell them this information and ran the payment through again. I received email confirmation again like the first time that payment has been received and had a zero balance. More than 1 week since than I receive a missed call from commenity bank so I called back this morning and the person who spoke to me which is who I want to make a complaint against as well stated that the bank said insufficient funds again. I was looking at my account while telling her its not possible and the bank keeps confirming this as well and that I do not understand how this keeps occurring. In the past I had no issue making payments and I just wanted to pay the balance in full because I am on maternity leave and will not be working for awhile and don't want to owe money to you guys so I want to pay it off in full to not have the extra stress of another bill. The representative said I can try to pay again. I told her I do not want to try again that this is my 2nd time and it takes over 1 week for you guys to tell me the bank said insufficient funds and the bank says otherwise so there must be some miscommunication . The customer service rep than made a rude comment to me saying that this is happening because every time I try to make a payment I keep using the card and spending money and I told her that is not the case because on 6/14 was my last purchase and twice after that day I tried to pay the full balance but you keep saying the bank says insufficient funds and the bank denies that claim. She went on to tell me yes you did shop multiple times and thats why your payments don't go through and then she rudely transferred me to a department that had nothing to do with my issue and I did not even get to respond to her. Once I was transferred I explained to that person everything and they said they will connect me to a manager to complain about that person because now my issue was what and how she said what she said to me. I was transferred once again and not to a manager like promised but to an account specialist and he said he can assist me with my balance I told him at this point I am trying to file a complaint and was told I would speak to the manager and he as well said he would transfer me. Once he transferred me I ended up with someone that said they were a supervisor which I did not believe was a supervisor because the way she answered my call was "hello" and I said "yes? Is this a manager?" She took time to respond and said "no like a supervisor but she did not act like a supervisor nor speak like one. At this point I was transferred 4 times total with no help and I feel no one wanted to connect me to a manager so that no one gets in trouble. I am highly upset and frustrated and just hung up the last call and said I am contacting corporate. While typing this email to you I received a call from a customer service agent saying I owe money. I was so angry to hear this after all that just happened and told her everything. She said I can file a complaint and corporate can listen and trace all the calls I had this morning with each representative . I told her is there another way to pay because there seems to be a miscommunication between the bank and you guys and she said she can process it through my debit card number and it will go through right away. So I ended up doing that when no one else offered me that option and she said it went through and my balance is zero. As of right now I do not see a zero balance and I am frustrated even more that I was told it would go through and she told me it did and it looks like it is not. Please assist me and have someone from corporate contact me. I just want you to take the money I owe you that has been sitting in my account since June 30th and at this point close the account because of all the negative experiences I have with you guys as well as file a complaint on the person whom made that comment to me and everyone I spoke to after her that kept saying they would transfer me to a manger and never did. The phone call was made today July 24TH at 9:14AM and my name is Roxana Bogosel.

    31 weeks, 8 hours and 55 minutes

    Martina B

    WOW! I've just been shopping with my teen and I see you are now sporting PINK merchandise with marijuana leaves on them? Really? Truly I expected more off VS than this. I've spent my adulthood wearing nothing but VS and now my teenager and her friends shop at PINK. I'm honestly horrified and have forwarded what I've found on to my fellow moms, who are equally disgusted. With all the pressures that coming into adulthood brings these days, teens don't need you adding to it. Do better VS!

    31 weeks, 3 days and 4 hours


    As a longtime customer and Angel card holder, I've made the decision not to do business with your company in the future. I find it abhorrent that you've decided to market merchandise with marijuana leaves to our adolescent girls. Our children are facing unprecedented challenges in these trying times! I simply cannot wrap my mind around the fact that VS has chosen to intensify their challenges by promoting drug use to our children! It is my intention to share this information with as many people as I can until you remove these items from your inventory! You should be ashamed!

    31 weeks, 3 days and 4 hours

    Kimberley Dietz

    I am shocked & disgusted, a Facebook ad for Victoria's Secret PINK selling a trinket dish with a marijuana leaf on it...PINK is geared towards teen girls! You should be ashamed, no wonder stores are closing!!! I am cutting up my Angel credit card, I will never purchase from VS again!!!

    31 weeks, 3 days and 7 hours


    I experienced horrible service at the store located at The Paddock in Louisville, Kentucky. The manager, Angel Bennet, was extremely rude and unprofessional. There were several employees standing around while there was only one cash register opened. The employee working the register was new and really needed help. Several customers asked if another register could be opened. The manager came up to the new employee and questioned her saying what is going on. She did not open a register to get the waiting customers taking care of. When I asked her why she would not, she replied rudely that the store was about to close. When I told her that she was rude and unprofessional she blew me off as if she didn't care. I asked for the name of her district manager and she said she didn't care if I complained. I will never shop at that location again and I will make sure I tell my friends as well about my horrible experience.

    32 weeks, 3 days and 4 hours

    Evresa Abdic

    I was just at Shopping mall Woodfield at 6:45 pm everything was open so I just walked in so 2 employee females were so rude told me to get you because they are closed so I told her how can u be closed it's only 6:45 pm they answer back we are close at 7 pm but no more Customers after 630pm

    So I think all this was Acceptable not professional at all to be rude like that number one number 2 if you guys are closed at 7 pm I think the signs should be on the door or something like that

    Which I asked where ur signs that ur close at 6:30 pm for Customer to walking .

    They told me that they have it .

    So someone should take care of this because that's unbelievable the way you guys work at VS

    I been shopping with you guys for 20 years never had this badExperience like I had today.

    I spend so much $$$ at your store And I get Treated like an animal.

    34 weeks, 19 hours and 24 minutes

    Your clothes and underwear used to be really good quality now your just making any and everything please bring back the good quality clothes and yoga pants

    34 weeks, 19 hours and 53 minutes

    Norridge Illinois horrible waiting time

    34 weeks, 4 days and 6 hours


    Horrible. Gave me the wrong size, couldn't try it on, acted like I had a disease, rushed out of store, forgot to remove security tag. When I went bck told me I had to wait in line again outside the store. Still in line. Rude and stuck up store manager no help.

    35 weeks, 5 days and 54 minutes

    Pia Prince

    I closed my account after 10 years being a good client of Victoria secret and because I paid a payment of 30 minutes later they charged me a fee of 40 dollars and I call to see if they take it away and they tell me that in September 2019 they took me away a charge and that now I don't even qualify to remove the charge, when at this time they are not supposed to charge for this pandemic covid 19. they lost. A customer now I will not have the card and I will buy more in their stores.

    38 weeks, 2 days and 21 hours

    Why do you make masks

    38 weeks, 6 days and 22 hours

    How did you make out calling they did that to em as well

    39 weeks, 2 hours and 52 minutes

    Same thing happens to me here in Connecticut that's all they do is laugh and talk about people

    39 weeks, 2 hours and 52 minutes


    Placed an order over a week ago which got sent to the wrong address. I have been told by two representatives that it would be fixed and sent to the correct address and yet my package continues to be shipped to the wrong one. I've talked to 4 different representatives and no one has managed to send a replacement to the correct address. Instead I keep getting told to call back later for yet another person to send a replacement and no one will put me on the phone with a supervisor to get it done correctly.

    39 weeks, 2 days and 37 minutes


    I'm so disappointed that victory stopped all body by Victoria perfume, body spray, talcum powder, and skin lotions, I have asthma and the only perfume as all its products that i would be able to use was that one I would bye large quantity to no run out, but when I when back looking for it they told me you guys canceled all its products I been looking for it on line and the sale the small bottle for 79 dlls and used please consider on re-making that perfume and all its products, I know you guys sold it a lot I know lots of women that loved it and bought it. ever since i cant use any other perfume, my asthma wont allow me to just that one.

    39 weeks, 5 days and 14 hours