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    I purchased a brand new Whirlpool refrigerator from Lowes here in Venice Florida in November 19, 2019. It is now August 10, 2020.

    I have had a few technical questions regarding this refrigerator since it's purchase and believe it or not, I have yet to be able to talk to anyone in the Whirlpool service department since my purchase in November 2019!

    I quit counting how many times I have called to get what should be a simple answer from one of their technicians.

    The average wait time on most every call I have made exceeds one hour and I have called on various days of the week and at various hours thinking I may one day get a human being on the line. It is unacceptable that one should have to wait for that length of time. Not to mention, that many months and still not reach a human being.

    Here I thought Whirlpool was supposed to be a top of the line made in America company. When one has a simple tech questions for supposedly this top of the line company and can not reach them since the end of 2019 there is something terribly wrong with their communications system.

    I wish I would have read the many negative reviews prior to this purchase. I don't care how good I've been told their products are, as far as I'm concerned your products are only as good as their service is.

    They absolutely SUCK in their communication abilities. I rate them ZERO in my experience with their company! I would hope one of their executive's would read this and the many negative reviews to understand what they are lacking in their communication skills to all of their customers. These reviews speaks volumes as to how much they DON'T care! WAKE UP WHIRLPOOL!!!

    23 weeks, 2 days and 18 hours

    I bought a refrigerato r2017 from Home Depot and have had the same problem with a fan motor each year. This last time they would not replace and the rep said she had one that was louder. REALLY!! I could care less what she has. The reason you will not replace is because it is a lemon and replacing this fan for a 3rd time gives me credibility. I am disgusted that Whirlpool knows of this problem. I understand a fridge is not quiet forever but to hear what sounds like a truck throughout the house is ridiculous. I would like you to contact me to discuss. I want it fixed because Whirlpool is very aware of this problem.

    34 weeks, 14 hours and 33 minutes

    Phone number above dont work wish I could get s upper whirlpool manager to help me if you read this please call info in this message

    Hello my name is Lewis Lorraine I am a customer for world pool with a 4 month old kitchenaid dishwasher that has 12 problems and has not worked since day one and I really need to talk to someone 3 service people came out they refuse to fix said and 1 said they don't service low income families my number is (PHONE) If you could get ahold of me and let me know what I should do its going on almost 4 months now we couldn't use the dishwasher the 1st 6 weeks because they went and exchange it came with 4 broken parts one part has not arrived we had to get at work in bed it has multiple problems and now it's dead my name is Louis Lorraine

    48 weeks, 6 days and 22 hours

    I really like my appliance. As I was cleaning, I kept turning everything thing on...the light, fan, Microwave 30second button, etc. With all the bells and whistles, I'd like to suggest a cleaning button... As I clean smudges off,this button would allow me to turn all buttons off. I could push hard and polish in one swipe. Happy me Sincerely, Kathy Bradshaw Russell Springs, KY (EMAIL)

    1 year, 10 weeks and 3 days


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    1 year, 47 weeks and 5 days


    Terrible product and customer service. Washer doesn't wash laundry and customer care couldn't care less. In fact, they put you on hold just to hang up on you 10 min later.

    1 year, 47 weeks and 5 days


    I am with Laurie Atkinson this outfit is horrible been on hold for 30 min and no response.

    1 year, 50 weeks and 1 day


    Absolutely terrible. As bad as Comcast service is Whirlpool is much much worse. $3,400 for new fridge and 4 months ice maker broke and still 5 more months and not repaired.

    1 year, 51 weeks and 3 days


    I had a horrible experience with Whirlpool. I purchased a refrigerator through Home Depot. Whirlpool simply could not deliver a good-conditioned unit for three times. Each time the unit is damaged ... I called and talked to supervisor and called again to ensure they check the product before shipping out. Still, a damaged product was shipped. All they did is ask me if I want another replacement. Whirlpool should be ashamed for itself !!! Clearly, they DON'T care. They also didn't haul away the old refrigerator even though the order clearly stated so. STAY AWAY from this brand and bring it to court if necessary!

    2 years, 4 weeks and 5 days

    Mr. and Mrs. Bob Griggs

    We purchased a new refrigerator in 2012. It started making noise, not cooling. and ice maker quiet within the first year. We registered the problem and got serviced got a service number...repairman came the very next day and solved the problem. Then n two short years later same issue our warranty at that time had passed and we serviced ourselves as instruct by site. Now here we are AGAIN OUT of service completely totaly unresponsive dead unit . Nothing but extreme grief , stress and financial hardships with EXPENSIVE our dream appliance a total

    lose of food and confidence in the whirlpool product line. such a heart break. Formally life long Whirlpool appliance owners. Our unit was purchased at LOWES in Defuniak Springs, Florida we bought warranty and store has records we paid CASH so very proudly at the time of purchase because of our absolute confidence in Whirlpool. Model Number G16sa S/N k22315950. Our name Bobby Griggs of 152 Jack Rd. Ponce De Leon, Florida32455. He retired and disabled , served miltary..

    2 years, 17 weeks and 1 day

    Laurie Atkinson

    I am currently having a horrible experience with Whirlpool product replacement. I recently purchased an expensive refrigerator in September 2017 which I found out has a known defect (leaking) and should be replaced, however, I am unable to reach the product replacement team at (PHONE). I have tried day after day for weeks and have been on hold for hours at a time with no response.

    2 years, 23 weeks and 2 days


    We purchased a new refrigerator in March 2018. It started making noise, not cooling. We registered the problem on line, got a service number...repairman came the very next day and solved the problem. To me, very good system and responsive repair facility. I had LG products and could NEVER get them fixed...way to go Whirlpool!

    2 years, 26 weeks and 5 days