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    Concerned friend

    Morning, you all have an employee that goes by the nick name squeeze. In the stone mountain location Last night Sunday night he put his hands on Lauren Reid an ex employee of you all and messed up her eye. As of right now I am sending photos to the office in Arizona to inform them of the womanizer u all have hired thankyou

    1 year, 46 weeks and 5 days

    jimmie failing (PHONE) (EMAIL)

    My name is jimmie failing. I have been an employee of wincup in higginsville,mo for almost 5 years. During this past week I was terminated by Doug Smith over the phone. I asked hi. Why and he told me that 3 people Had told him that I was throwing boxes and yelling at people this past tuesday. My supervisor Richard Lynn didn't not even know anything about my termination. The following day he texted me and he said his opinion was not needed and not wanted. I have not missed a day in quite some time. By the rule book there is a code of conduct which employees are suppose to follow. Which in my case they did not follow and I was terminated. I had received a written warning which I had signed for the wrongful suspension of my husband funston king. I was inquiring with some concerns I had with Chuck McDonnell the safety manager and he also does the meeting. Which I was told the leave that morning. During my conversation with Chuck. I was wondering if this is right and by the handbook you are suppose to get a verbal warning, a written warning, suspended and then terminated. And if so wincup in higginsville,mo is not following company policy. I would like to hear your point of view

    2 years, 13 weeks and 6 days