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    I read that Xerox drums are made of selenium, germanium or silicon ((URL)). The wikipedia lists selenium as a fissionable radioactive element ((URL)). It states "Selenium-79 is a radioisotope of selenium present in spent nuclear fuel and the wastes resulting from reprocessing this fuel. It is one of only 7 long-lived fission products. Its yield is low (about 0.04%), as it is near the lower end of the mass range for fission products. Its half-life has been variously reported as 650,000 years, 65,000 years, 1.13 million years, 480,000 years, 295,000 years, 377,000 years and most recently with best current precision, 327,000 years."

    How does that work where people interacting with Xerox machines on a daily basic and with many different materials in their environment and person may present a situation where this element may enter into a more critical or supercritical state even just for a brief period of time?

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    Laurence Segal

    Do you work for Xerox?

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    Dan Carpenter

    Hello, I need someone to get a hold of me.

    I am extremely disappointed with my pair of 3100s.

    I can't keep enough drums on the shelf, so many are bad right from the box.

    I can't ship product, I will surely lose this business if something is not done.

    Serial #s are as follows 8AA146375 and 8AA146674

    Research service records.

    I want these units replaced under 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, if they are truly "worn out" after less than 2 years, I may have to go in a different direction as this is a growth area in my business, if Xerox cannot perform, I will surely switch brands.

    Please acknowledge this has been seen, I will still be looking at other options to escalate this.

    Thank You, Dan Carpenter

    Digital Printing Manager Quick Tab II

    (PHONE) ext #318


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    Laurence C. Segall, LCSW

    Always a rewarding experience supporting staff, management,families, children, teens, adults, couples, parents, community, elder adults and XEROX Nationwide in my roles of CISD/PTSD Specialist, EAP Consultant, and Marriage & Family Therapist... Yes, I accept most EAP Choices, HMO's, PPO's, FSA, HSA, Indemnity Choices, Husky, Medicare Laurence C. Segall, LCSW, (PHONE) Trumbull, Ct

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    Fred Fortier

    Your encounter with the "Rude" service technician was one of the several reasons Xerox lost it's position in the American business world. I was with the "Big X" in its heyday from 1966 to 1983. Left for reasons similar to the same apathy at the Corporate level. Of which, the original corporate founders had retired or passed away. I felt there was an unacceptable attitude from corporate leaders towards field sales and service staff along with it's customers.

    1 year, 24 weeks and 16 hours

    Konstanze Hollingsworth

    After being a Xerox customer for over 30 years, we have usually had wonderful service and pleasant phone conversations when we needed to call for assistance. Today was the first time ever that I had RUDE service!!!! I was shocked when the technician constantly interrupted me, then told me that "we are a business and run it like a business...just because you want something doesn't mean you will get it!" I began to speak again and she interrupted yet again. I then said, I have listened to you without interrupting you and I would like the same from - she interrupted me before I could finish. She raised her voice saying she "NEVER" interrupted me. I said you just did and she began to repeat that Xerox is a business. This time I interrupted her and said that the solution presented, even though I took it (from the metered supplies department, who also did not listen when he said he would transfer me to Tech Support and I told him that that department had transferred me to him - he transferred me anyway), was going to create a hardship for us. I was trying to find some other solution/option.

    Based on a couple of times over the years when we have had critical, time constraints coincide with a Xerox problem, Xerox had been able to send a technician and they had carried spare parts that helped us. One even brought toner (several years ago). The woman in tech support said Technicians are just that, and they don't carry supplies. I tried to explain that I was looking for options but she continued to cut me off. Suddenly, she said, even if I could get a technician to come to you, it would not be tomorrow and besides, the system will not let me schedule one for you. She said she was going to find out why and placed me on hold. I hung up and called a Canon representative I know. He will be coming to meet with my husband and me tomorrow. While that will not solve our immediate problem, which began because the toner cartridge I ordered in January and just tried to use today does not fit (the first time in 30 years I have had this problem), I was extremely disappointed in the customer service provided in both my first and second discussions with tech support. Other than not being "heard" by the man in metered supplies, at least he was polite. I am very disappointed in Xerox customer service! A little change in the tone of her voice, a simple statement such as "I wish I could figure out a way to help..." or even, "since it is after 5 here, and I can't seem to find a better solution for you, would you call tomorrow no later than **** to see if we can redirect a technician who might be able to figure out what is wrong with the toner cartridge and fix it for you" would have mollified me. Instead, I am angry and disappointed with Xerox customer service.

    Konstanze Hollingsworth

    1 year, 30 weeks and 5 days

    Thank you. Totally frustrating. I am a spouse of a retired employee and can't get to talk with anyone because I don't have an employee number blah blah blah. Very very frustrating.

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    Who is CarLa Harris?

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    Lucy medaglia

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    Lucia ann medaglia

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    2 years, 18 weeks and 4 days

    Charles Simmons

    These people are complete idiots. No one knows anything and referred me to 20 numbers of other people that know nothing. Completely worthless. They have my benefits and know nothing.

    2 years, 23 weeks and 5 days

    Jill M

    THANK YOU!!!!!

    2 years, 39 weeks and 6 days

    CrossCountry Mortgage

    (PHONE) hit option 1. DO NOT hit anything else. let it go through the prompts about 4 times and it will finally forward to HR rep

    3 years, 1 week and 1 day

    As a former XEROX sales employee... I have tried approximately twenty (20) '800' numbers and can not seems to get a warm voice.

    I finally had to call Ursula's number by googling Xerox Corp to get a number (PHONE) but was told by an operator that they could not "national switchboard" provide phone number for former retirement plans.

    I finally got through... To get a warm voice for Employee Benefits Services simply call (PHONE) and do not select any options and wait until the voice messages cycle out and you will be transferred to a REAL LIVE VOICE!!! WOW!

    3 years, 4 weeks and 14 hours

    Any customer

    I have been on the phone since 8am and have not been able to resolve my issue. I have been given 4 different numbers and transferred to 11 different people and not ONE person has helped. I am being told by EVERYONE that they cannot assist me because it is not the right department. If 11 people cannot assist me who can???? Why is it that no one know who can assist me including a SUPERVISOR. This is the WORST customer service experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3 years, 6 weeks and 4 days

    Kirk Chisholm

    Good morning Fred. I want you to understand my journey to this point, this Monday morning. Last Friday I called service because my machine has no toner and is DOWN. I contacted service when your number: (PHONE), at 2 PM, provided NO ASSISTANCE, no one was there to speak to and I was caught in an endless loop pressing ZERO to speak with an operator. Service did a remote in to see if the XDA CDS software was functioning. The service representative was able to determine that it is working, I should have received toner except that auto-replenish dropped the ball--his words. I have no idea which one of your many, many layers of bureaucracy is responsible. He transferred me to the supplies number (PHONE) who told me I needed to contact 'Page Back'. Page back, (PHONE), informed me that my account was almost like Page Back--not quite--and I needed to contact XPPS, (PHONE). Of course XPPS was unable to help me and gave me the number to Mallory: (PHONE). Mallory essentially hung up on me when I expressed displeasure about the journey I have described. As I have personally shared with you her behavior was deplorable, and is she isn't terminated she should at the very least HAVE NO CONTACT with customers. HOW DARE YOU ALLOW YOUR EMPLOYEES TO TREAT A CUSTOMER LIKE SHE DID!! HOW DARE YOU!! As the saga continued, you, Fred, promised me delivery of the toner on Saturday. THAT, AS EXPECTED, DIDN'T HAPPEN. So here I am a VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY DISSATISFIED customer. What are you going to do to correct this situation? Kirk Chisholm, MSW, CASAC Clinical Director NYCATS a RevCore Recovery Center 598 Broadway 2nd Floor New York, N.Y. 10012 (PHONE)

    3 years, 10 weeks and 1 day

    Nancy J. Maurer Puzek

    Being an ex-employee I cannot get any cooperation for the information that my Attorneys' office needs. Many many times I have been direct to the Benefit services web site and complied w/ all questions asked. I finally reached contactme and I left my request. I called yesterday and was told I have to go back to the web site. Why??? I complied w/everything. I need my info and I am sure there is a way that this info can be sent to me w/o all this hassel. This info is very necessary.

    3 years, 12 weeks and 6 days

    Jean Renoir jr

    This comment was posted in Amazon area and should be on theXerox section. Here is the comment :

    Have you ever done business with XEROX ? I experienced a disgracefull fact concerning one of their product ; The Workcenter M118i, but no longer in their radar. No service available. Discontinued product. No more part nore service. I might try to fix it with a proper tech book but... they also mentionned that the tech guide does'nt exist anymore. The investment was important to acquire this model in 2006 and, I'm being told that the legal guarantee has end. You wan't it darker?

    3 years, 47 weeks and 5 days


    @XeroxCorp: Are you ready for the #USOpen? We're counting down the days, follow us from 8/27-9/9 for live updates from Xerox onsite #emp

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    "@Habitatedm: TY @XeroxCorp for your volunteers on our St. Albert buildsite."

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    TY @XeroxCorp for your volunteers on our St. Albert buildsite.

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    RT @XeroxCorp: Are you ready for the #USOpen? We're counting down the days - follow our handle from 8/27-9/9 for live updates from Xerox onsite!

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    I'll b there! MT @XeroxCorp: Are you ready for the #USOpen? Follow our handle from 8/27-9/9 for live updates from Xerox onsite! #emp

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    RT @XeroxCorp: So who is going to #GartnerSYM in Barcelona, nov 5th-8th?

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