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    Sign me up I've worked through covid in the number two worst state in the US putting myself at risk so others don't have to. I had to have a replacement card I ordered on the 22 of Jan and the guy tells me because of covid they didn't mail it and didn't inform me. They now day their going to mail it. I've also now explained to over5 chat ppl my phone broke I'm two way locked outta my Google I can't get a code to change anything. They don't listen they don't care current status homeless hungry and at my wits end . I hope their kids are eating tonight I truly hope they never go through this

    3 years, 15 weeks and 1 day
    Judy C.

    Coming from an instacart employee don't do it. Worst company I have ever worked for. Not only do you sit around waiting for batches, but there is no getting a hold of them. There is no talking to a live person. They handle all their employees through text messaging. Through the Instacart app. When you're done with corraspondence they erase the text on my phone somehow so there is no proof showing their lies. I don't recommend this company for anyone seeking a job. Once in a while I'll do a couple batches just for extra money to help out. Im a single mom but I'm very picky in what I choose from them. I have learned how to work it a little what to accept and not to. It's not a good place to work. Also they rip off the customers. When you go to shop for a batch they tell you don't give the receipt to the customer. You take a picture of it and send it to instacart. So for example if the customer orders cheese, watermelon, green beans and steak, let's say the cheese is $6.99 the Watermelons $3.99 their steak is $12.99 and the steak is on sale for $6.00 the cheese is $4.99 the savings will not go back to the customer. Instacart keeps it then will charged the custoner full price. Just imagine Nationwide how many hundreds of thousands of dollars they're making off their customers in just an hour, let alone their employees. They have taken several bonuses they promised me. Said they were going to add it to my account, then never did. They won't send me the text messages they have on file. Telling me I need to get legal representation to obtain copies. Bah humbug Instacart. I hope your company folds because you deserve it.

    3 years, 16 weeks and 6 days

    How does one go about obtaining a job as a customer service agent for Instacart. As a customer who has corresponded with various Instacart customer service representatives, it appears to me that it ought to be an easy task getting hired. Obviously, the applicant need not have any skills with spelling, grammar, or communicating effectively. Must one be a resident of India to apply?

    3 years, 29 weeks and 2 hours