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    Typical American response, SUE. Instead of using common sense to resolve issues everyone wants to file a lawsuit and we complain about why we have to pay so much for certain products and services. It's because of these sue happy idiots in our country who want something for nothing. Sure there's legitimate issues that should be resolved, but you have to follow certain procedures to resolve the problem. Many don't like to hear that, they want immediate results.

    18 weeks, 1 day and 1 hour

    I also can't get in touch with anyone from either Busch Gardens or Seaworld...this must be brought up to the BBB, as I see this is a common theme among many reviewers.

    27 weeks, 2 days and 22 hours


    i think at this time based on the below comments we may need to sue...

    28 weeks, 1 day and 16 hours


    You can't get a response from any executive at Sea World. IT is very sad that they are not responsive to customer's needs and requests.

    I know it has been hard on all businesses with Covid 19 , but it is extremely hard on the consumer.

    28 weeks, 2 days and 1 hour


    I ordered tickets for our family and then I found out shortly after that we have to wear mask, and mt son is 2 and breathing issues and won't wear one..was told I would get a refund..but never did..they take it out quick but don't seem to want to give it back...this is so ridiculous taking from a single mother..we didn't even go to the park and they took my money

    28 weeks, 4 days and 19 hours

    Luz Lopez

    I been waiting 5 months from today for my 5 tickets refund. They had no problem taking it out of my bank account in seconds...sea world is making money "why " can't I get my money!!!!!! 4th time calling and was told that at the end of july my refund was going to be added to my account.. August and still waiting.. sea world you are not the only people/business hurt by this epidemic, we the non working people are hurting too!!!! Refund what's ours we not asking for a hand out!!! Customer service support don't know anything, why have them on payed roll..never again will I step on sea world, aquatica!! Beyond mad!!!!

    28 weeks, 6 days and 20 hours


    Im going on 3 months waiting for a refund.

    29 weeks, 3 days and 6 hours


    One word, PATHETIC! Real quick to take our money but won't issue a refund! Purchased season pass and couldn't even make a reservation for weeks! Called to cancel and had two idiot's tell me they going to refund me. Well 2 months later, still nothing. I called AGAIN and this time was told I cant get a refund.

    30 weeks, 22 hours and 31 minutes


    Sea world are nothing but thieves!!! I can't even imagine the hundreds of thousands of dollars that they have stolen from their passholders. I hope nobody expects to get any of their money back because we aren't I have been waiting for months. Nothing but a bunch of scum that stole money from hard-working Americans in a time of extreme uncertainty for people's jobs.

    30 weeks, 1 day and 4 hours

    I want a refund for my premium membership ezpay. 5 months paying for 2 memberships. call me back!!!! Having my attorney son red the contract. Class Action.

    30 weeks, 1 day and 17 hours


    I purchase the Platinum pass for SeaWorld Parks entertainment because the customer service agent told me on a recorded line that I could get my three guests in every time I visit the parks. That was the wrong information and now SeaWorld Park entertainment do not want to rectify the situation or honor their word. The only thing I was able to do was cancel my tickets. I have been trying to reach somebody to fix the situation for over a week now with no response from emails and no response from calls. This is absolutely ridiculous that I cannot reach anybody to help fix this problem. It is not my fault that the employees were not trained on what to say or do and if an employee gives a customer the wrong information they should have to honor what they said. SeaWorld Park entertainment is a multi-million dollar if not billion dollar Corporation, and it is not like they cannot put out the money to fix what they told me. If they will not provide the three Platinum passes for my three guests my kids then they should at least honor one more Park visit with three free guests and upgrade to a FastPass. That is the least I can do for the frustration I have been going through for the past week over this.

    30 weeks, 3 days and 2 hours


    I am having the same issue with them. I have contacted my Credit Card company and they stated because it is a subscription they can not cancel either. I would suggest everyone contact BBB.

    30 weeks, 4 days and 1 hour


    I have been purchasing passes for years, and this year due to the pandemic I want a refund. They have giving me the run around for two months, but not my money back. Just as fast as they took the money from my account that's how fast it should be refunded. Simple.

    30 weeks, 4 days and 3 hours


    Seaworld needs to be honest. The fact that airlines can refund people but Seaworld can not during this time and expect that people can make it to the park next year because they extended the deadline is assuming a lot. We have no idea what a year from now will look like. And keeping people on hold for hours and not responding to emails for weeks as in my case, is not okay. Truly Seaworld needs to be honest and do the right thing. Seaworld, your poor management and scripted employees just sucked the fun out of any experience you can offer because customer service matters that much and it starts in the corporate office and you are failing.

    31 weeks, 48 minutes and 53.97 seconds

    Omg this is the same thing happening to me absolutely terrible

    32 weeks, 1 day and 1 hour


    They told me they would not do any refund. And when I mentioned wanting to talk to somebody higher they refuse and then when I said I wanted it in writing and that I would be contacting a lawyer they told me they would not put nothing in writing and hung up on me.

    33 weeks, 22 hours and 36.68 seconds


    Horrible are used to think very highly of Seaworld they just change that. They will not do anything for people that just bought a pass and are not able to use it due to medical health and restrictions at the park. I did get them to cancel my contract but they would not compensate for the months that I've already been paying. They would not even offer a one day pass. I asked to talk to somebody other than the supervisor she informed me that her boss told her not to forward any calls. When I asked for it in writing that they were canceling my contract and would not offer any compensation for what I've already paid they refused to put it in writing and I said I would be contacting somebody else and they disconnected me from the phone.

    33 weeks, 22 hours and 2 minutes


    Horrible. No refund for over 3 months. Won't answer the phone or return calls or emails. Refund has been "in processing" since 4/1. They are holding peoples money hostage. Terrible.

    33 weeks, 2 days and 15 hours

    Susan Jordan

    I cannot reach anyone about the passes I purchased that are not able to be used due to virus.

    This is ridiculous

    33 weeks, 2 days and 22 hours


    I've been on hold for nearly 1 HOUR. I was transferred to supervisor and again placed on HOLD for an additional 30 MINUTES. Sea World has decided NOT to refund single day tickets when they REQUIRE guest to purchase tickets in advance. What a SCAM against families that are struggling to adjust to restrictions of Coronavirus.

    Sea World's website is MISLEADING about the cancellation and refund policy, it appeared as though cancellations up to 72 hours would be refunded, that is not the case.

    33 weeks, 6 days and 22 hours


    I am extremely frustrated!!! I call every month asking to cancel my membership due to the Covid. I keep getting charged every month and can't even go because they are still closed. They tell me I have to call every month to defer my payment and every time I am on hold for Hours!!! I cannot get through to anyone!! And when I call in the middle of the month and so finally get ahold of someone they tell me to call closer to the date I get charged. And here I am once again on hold for hours not getting through to anyone and once again I will be charged! For such a huge company this is unacceptable!!!

    34 weeks, 21 hours and 16 minutes

    Omg I have also it's been 4 weeks and I still haven't received my refund I call and call no information

    34 weeks, 2 days and 6 hours


    I tried to cancel and get refunded for our year passes, we never even had the chance to go, not once. And they are refusing to refund me or give us an extension for whatever time frame they're requiring masks! Even tho I have a special needs child that CANT wear a mask!

    34 weeks, 2 days and 16 hours


    I was just on hold for 5 hours and 32 minutes. Nobody answered. I finally hung up. SeaWorld customer service is the worst.

    35 weeks, 18 hours and 28 minutes

    I requested a refund on April 3rd. I have called several times to inquire about the refund and I have sent several emails. Each time I'm told I will receive a refund but there is no timeline as to when. That is absolutely ridiculous and unaccounted!!! They are quick to take tour money and extremely slow to return it! Today I read an article that SeaWorld may be filing for Bankruptcy... where does that leave the ones of us waiting for a refund?

    35 weeks, 1 day and 17 hours