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    United Services Automobile Association
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    San Antonio
    Adams, K.

    USAA has a real problem.
    *The problem USAA has is an obstructive, inaccessible mechanism to
    solve problems USAA customers have.
    * This problem USAA has of failing to providing immediate effective support to USAA customers is widely known.
    * USAA customers are NOT able to protect THEIR money and good names.
    USAA may be good, but they are BAD if you have a problem with your USAA

    3 years, 12 weeks and 2 days
    Adams, K.

    USAA unbelievably, has not shown any interest in correcting an error of their making.
    * document ALL contact with USAA,
    or attempts to contact USAA. Keep an
    accurate detailed log. *Screenshots of dates and times on hold or a detailed log entry.
    *Waiting for USAA to do the right thing is futile. Find out what your options are to
    protect your money and good name.
    Contact your States Attorney General Office for information on businesses operating in bad faith.

    3 years, 12 weeks and 2 days